The Custom Uniform Market: 2020 Predictions, Top Players and Best Opportunities For Online Printers

Uniforms have been long used to display loyalty and a sense of purpose across public groups, such as schools, corporate houses, and defense. They help remove distinctions when people are working together towards a common goal.

In terms of business, custom uniforms form a part of a broader marketing and branding efforts, whereby the focus is placed on the consistency in terms of color schemes or logos. They are designed to promote the corporate identity of the organization and ensure the safety of employees as and when needed.

As a custom uniform builder solution platform, we understand that uniforms are in great demand despite the age of hyper-personalization. Did you know that during the period 2018-2025, the global custom uniform and workwear market will grow by a CAGR of 5 percent?

The study shows the potential is enormous and ready to be tapped – whether you have a uniform design software or not. Without further ado, let us sketch a quick industry overview for the custom uniform market:

Uniform Market By End User

End-users can subdivide the uniform market into many application industries such as manufacturing, mining, agriculture, healthcare, hospitality, education, and transportation, among others.

Some of these applications are for aesthetic purposes, and others are to guard against safety hazards. In particular, the manufacturing segment is expected to reach a global value of USD 13 billion by 2025.

Uniform Market By Distribution Channel

Distribution channels can subdivide the uniform market into direct, indirect, and rental channels along with others. Overall, direct channels account for the biggest share in the distribution of workwear and uniforms worldwide.

Uniform Market By Region

The uniform market can be subdivided by region into Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa. In particular, the North American market is expected to cross a value of USD 12 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 6 percent during 2018-2025.

The second in line is the region, Asia Pacific, followed by developing countries such as India and China. The main factors for such a surge in these regions include readiness among people to wear stylish attire at work, high demand for custom workwear, and strict policies regarding the implementation of safe dress codes in the industrial sectors among others.

Critical reasons for a high demand for custom uniforms

There are several reasons why uniforms and corporate apparel are in increasing demand across the globe:

1. The first, of course, is the growth in the size of the workforce itself, as well as a growing consciousness about the need for fashion to merge with function. In certain industries that involve occupational hazards, such as mining or manufacturing, special protective garments can guard against workplace accidents and are thus in high demand.

2. Further, stylish and functional uniforms can promote a sense of professionalism among employees and encourage them to all do their best.

3. Other factors include the growth of more innovative fabrics and designs, an increase in the number of women in the workforce as well as the growing enterprise and business sectors – all of which demand that employees wear appropriate custom uniform clothing.

Custom Uniform Market Segments

The custom uniform market can be divided broadly into three segments – general workwear, corporate workwear, and uniforms:

1. General workwear includes the overalls and safety garments worn by people in the manufacturing, mining, and healthcare industries. Such garments are worn primarily for functional reasons.

2. Corporate workwear includes the suits and uniforms worn by employees of an office. They are designed to be both stylish and functional and to enhance a sense of professionalism at work.

3. Uniforms are worn by military members, law enforcement, or any other organization that serves as a symbol of pride and belonging.

Top Players In The Custom Uniform Market

The above-mentioned market is booming. Some of the key players in the global custom uniform market include the following names:

1. Williamson-Dickie

The US-based brand offers garments ranging from staple work shirts and pants to women’s workwear, denim jeans, and chore coats. Williamson-Dickie currently sells across the United States and other countries including, Iceland, Canada, Mexico, Chile, and Russia.

2. Aramark

Aramark believes that clean environments and uniformed employees directly impact business performance. They offer high-quality uniforms for sale, rent, and lease. Aramark currently sells to over 300,000 clients across the US.

3. Superior Uniform Group

Their focus is mostly on supplying custom uniforms and image apparel to numerous industries such as food service, transportation, retail, hospitality, and security sectors. Superior Uniform Group specializes in a diverse and innovative retail offering that is apt for all professionals belonging to their target industries.

4. Alexandra Workwear

UK-based Alexandra has been in business since 1854. Their USP lies in offering comprehensive workwear solutions, thus protecting workforces from head to toe. They also organize wearer trials, detailed forecasting, and on-site sizing events to support all workwear needs.

Select trends in the uniform market

Like the rest of the apparel world, the uniform industry is witnessing several dominant trends, including:

1. Utilitarian patterns

Uniforms that convey a committed work ethic with minimum fuss and maximum functionality are coming back into fashion. That leads to massive opportunities for online printers as uniforms with utilitarian patterns are easy to mass-produce.

2. Soft-hand prints

Rather than going for bold prints in loud colors, many businesses are adding soft-hand prints to employee uniforms for a more subtle but equally significant impact.

3. Bright colors

Uniforms in a vibrant shade that flatters everyone while also conveying a sense of strength and energy are favorite. The shades most in demand are earthy tones with some pastel hues – yellow, tangerine, turquoise, magenta is hot favourites. Look up leading brand designs, and you will find that bright colors are indeed back in vogue.

4. Accessories

Wristbands, scarfs, and socks all add a quirky touch to any uniform and are in high demand among brands that want to portray a cool, edgy personality. More designs for socks means more choices.

5. Headgear

Caps that feature cool patterns and allow employees across industries and workplaces to breathe are very much in fashion.

The importance of selling custom uniforms and corporate apparel on your printing website

What employees wear to work can make a tremendous difference in how they feel and perform at work. Here are some reasons why you should consider selling custom corporate attire:

1. Eliminate guesswork for end-customers

Uniforms make it easy for end-customers to identify and approach members of your clients’ staff. By removing the guesswork involved, your clients can improve the buying experience for their brand. Uniforms also help brand image and colors stand out in the end-customer’s mind – which is a huge reason why you must sell them in your store.

2. Help employees feel like a team.

Uniforms help to increase the feeling of solidarity that employees have with their team. This improves their work morale and also fosters better interpersonal work relations. They also experience an extra sense of pride and responsibility as an employee of the brand.

3. Help make employees’ lives easier.

When there are uniforms, employees do not need to worry about what to wear to work every day. This reduces stress and lets them focus on their jobs instead of whether or not they are following a dress code. Mark Zuckerberg’s staple uniform, for example, is a pair of denim and a t-shirt.

4. Boost safety

Uniforms with flame-resistant and chemical-resistant properties can protect the lives of employees engaged in hazardous work lines. Besides, high-visibility jackets and overalls allow employees to be spotted easily, thus keeping them safe from incoming transport or machinery. There is a lot of scope of selling custom uniforms in industrial workplaces – it might be worth supplying the same on your online printing website.

How a web-to-print solution will help

1. Standard uniforms with customizing options

A web-to-print solution allows a uniform seller to offer not only standardized patterns but also customizations such as name tags, colors, and brand logos. Your customers will love it if you provide plentiful customization options.

2. Dynamic storefront

Having a responsive online storefront that runs equally well across all devices is a big plus. It should also incorporate language localization and display prices in multiple currencies. Why stick to just one region? If your logistics are sorted, you can sell to various countries or states – and offer a localized experience, wherever possible.

3. Comprehensive design studio

A web-to-print solution offers customers the option to personalize their uniforms with the help of custom templates.

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4. Comprehensive back-office

Online sellers can benefit from a robust admin panel that will give them full control over all orders, tickets, and inventories. Treat your business as an eCommerce business – keep a watch over all orders, vendor activities, and more.

5. 3D Preview

Web-to-print solutions often come with live 3D previews of the design so that customers can see what their uniforms will look like. You don’t want your customers to be taken aback with the end-products. With a uniform designer, the opportunities are endless.

6. Simple order-to-delivery process

With web-to-print solutions, sellers can partner with shipping vendors and allow customers to track their order status. Plus, the customers can get back to you in case there are any concerns regarding the order from the backend itself.

7. Eliminate repetitive tasks

Customers can easily make changes and order in bulk with a web-to-print solution, reducing manual effort and the need for repetitive work. Every customer loves an easy re-ordering option. Design’N’Buy offers a unique uniform designer software that takes care of everything.

Over to you

Custom uniforms will forever stay in demand, irrespective of location, industry, and gender. If you are convinced that selling custom uniforms is your calling, you must have the right tech support to realize your dreams. Design’N’Buy can help you with that! Contact us at [email protected] for a FREE custom demo.

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