Product Personalization- The Organic Marketing Masterstroke for the Printing Industry

There are broadly two types of marketing strategies, one is organic marketing and the other is paid marketing. Organic marketing can be defined as the marketing efforts that are put by the marketers to ensure that the customers come to the brand willingly over time without any influence. On the other hand, paid marketing is a way of marketing where marketers spend money to bring a customer on board as a lead without any assurance of conversion.

Although both these concepts are widely used in the market and a perfect strategy consists of a perfect mix of both, if you as an enterprise had to choose between the two, organic marketing will always be the top priority especially for a Print e-commerce business. The reason for that is an online print store can have thousands of products and creating a paid budget for each product might not be financially possible for start-ups and medium scale businesses! Apart from that, the print industry is a price-competitive market and even though you might have the required funds to promote your products, the paid marketing cost might add to your product cost heavily and thus create a price gap.

Product Personalization- the perfect organic marketing tactic for a print e-commerce

While organic marketing is all about creating a Brand Image that can attract customers towards the product and that it takes a lot of efforts and time to execute, but there is now a way for online print stores to create great traction towards their platform without much organic or paid efforts and that is Product Personalization! On the other hand, if you do it right, there is a chance that you might be able to charge more from the customers and create a competitive edge!

Unlike other tactics that are just passing clouds, product personalization is not just a trend in the print industry but a revolution that is here to stay! This can be said as according to a study conducted by Deloitte, every 1 in 4 customers are willing to pay more for a personalized product or service! It is even found that Millennials and Gen Z value customizations in e-commerce as they value products that are customized and are hard to find in a retail offline store. (Source)

While product personalization is tough to implement for other business verticals, when we talk about product personalization in the printing industry, all you have to do is get an ideal and customized Product Configurator Tool that works the best for your products and is easy to use for your customers.

To help you make an informed decision, when you integrate Product Configuration software on your e-commerce platform, it will ensure the following benefits for your business:

Benefits of integrating a product configurator tool on your print e-commerce:

1. A perfect product offering for all your customers:

Every person has their own set of choices and when you have a Product configurator solution at your side, you can deliver a desired product to all those people. Regardless of what age group or what location your customer belongs to, when you provide complete product customizations, people can design their own product the way they like it and then it all comes down to the price that they are willing to offer for it!

For appropriate pricing clarity, when you integrate product configurator software just ensure that they provide you pricing module where you can set pricing for each customization and that when a customer chooses the customization; they get a real-time pricing so that they can make an informed decision and get a product in their defined budget.

2. Ever growing product list without the R&D cost:

There can be literally ‘n’ number of customizations and combinations that your customers can try with the product configurator tool right from product color to shape to design to text to image customizations, the customers will always have something new to explore and get a fresh product that you can offer without any cost of product development!

For an open market, you can provide customized products such as customized apparel, customized gifts, customized calendars, customized phonebooks and many other such products. For corporate clients and businesses, you can provide them customized flyers, stickers, awards, signs, banners, posters and many other such products.

3. Increase in customer engagement and customer satisfaction ratio:

Personalized products ensure that your customers get their desired product and if you manage to deliver what you promise on screen, and then you will witness a definite hike in the customer satisfaction ratio. Also, when you integrate a user-friendly product configurator tool, customers would love to interact with it and that will boost your customer engagement. Apart from that, with the rise of new customers and rising customer satisfaction ratio, you will be able to cross-sell your other products along with customized products and thus, the overall business will eventually grow in the longer run.

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4. Premium pricing can lead to increased revenues and profit:

As Deloitte found in its survey that every 1 in 4 customers are willing to pay more for customized products, you can employ price differentiation strategies on your print store and create premium customization options to get a better price from the customers. Create a good pricing strategy along with some free customizations and you can definitely attract more customers and provide them quality products at a higher price.

5. Organic branding at its best:

When you succeed in the Product Customization department with the help of your product configurator software, you will have high customer satisfaction ratio, you will have increased customer engagement and you will also create brand recognition with the help of positive word of mouth. To ensure you make the most out of it, provide easy product sharing options right from your product configurator tool and get good customer insights.

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E-commerce is the future of the Printing Industry and if you wish to make your online print store future-proof an ideal web-to-print solution with optimum product customization capabilities is a must-have.

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