10 Reasons Why Your Advertising Agency Must Deploy A Web-To-Print Solution

Web-to-print offers so much more than just the flexibility to place an order on any imagery with a print company for printing into a brochure.

The technology is a comprehensive and user-friendly way for businesses and individuals to design their creatives in a print-ready file and then farm it out at once to a printing vendor for execution — from the same platform.

Web-to-print has also captured the interest of consumers looking to own personalized apparel and accessories. From t-shirts and uniforms to footwear and buttons — there is nothing that cannot be personalized and sent for printing on a W2P storefront.

However, it can also be a powerful tool in an advertiser’s arsenal, and for good reasons. Here is why you should consider deploying a web-to-print solution for your advertising agency:

1. Maintain brand consistency for yourself and your clients

branding for market

For a brand to stick in the customer’s mind, you need to make it easy for them with a consistent palette of colors, fonts, and logos.

With a web-to-print solution, you can design one master creative for each campaign and then tweak or resize it as needed for different types of creatives, such as posters, flyers, lapel pins, mugs, banners, t-shirts, trophies, and so on.

You can follow the approach for all clients and make accounts for all your clients, complete with their branding style. This enables customers to recognize the brand better and better control how the brand is being portrayed. 

2. Show all of your clients’ past and present creatives in a structured way

Any time someone from another team or your senior manager, or the clients themselves wishes to check up on ad progress, you can redirect them to your account page on the web-to-print portal rather than scouring through hundreds of files and Excel sheets.

On the dashboard, all your past orders, pending orders, and WIP designs are collated for easy reference, giving your team much more clarity on what is yet to be done.

Plus, everyone who works on your dashboard can have a different role depending on what they need to work on. For instance, you could give your clients access only to view the print-ready artworks, rather than the full access.

3. Place orders on customized, print-ready items anytime and from anywhere

web to print

When it comes to advertising, inspiration can strike at any time, and new creatives often need to be sent out at a moment’s notice.

With web-to-print online marketing solutions, you can place orders at any time of the day or night. Plus, the designs you create are stored as print-ready files so that you can directly send the order to the print company without wasting time on file conversion.

Design’N’Buys self-service artwork creation platform will enable you to choose a relevant template and personalize it so that the print-ready files are sent directly to the local printer from the backend.

As mentioned previously, time is of the essence. The sooner you can turn around things in your agency, the happier your clients (and team members) will be.

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4. Share files across teams and functions with ease

Web-to-print solution for your advertising and marketing agency allows you to share an editable file easily and quickly with other members of your team, who can then make changes as needed.

Particularly in the current work-from-home scenario, sitting together to work on an ad is difficult for most, which is the next best solution. Plus, your clients can also give their approvals easily.

5. Centralize your purchasing, billing, shipping process

When you work with a web-to-print solution, you can buy the materials you need, contact an appropriate shipping vendor and take charge of your invoices all at the same time. This is because web-to-print gives you complete clarity on all the designs you have in progress at any time.

You not only speed up your orders this way, but you also avoid any purchase errors. Your clients are banking on your support for their marketing initiatives. Time is of the essence. Web-to-print will help you win the race against time. 

6. Never print anything without deciding the budget

While you can certainly design every one of your ad creatives from scratch, a web-to-print solution comes with its extensive library of templates and images to make your job easier. For requirements where it is more about sending out something neat and tidy, these can save you a lot of time and reduce the costs of hiring an extra designer.

Plus, with the live quotation feature on the web-to-print portal, you can ensure that everything you design is within the allocated budget. No more overshooting the budget for ad campaigns — thanks to web-to-print solutions for your marketing company.

7. Recreate previous designs of clients for future campaigns

If you would like to reuse a previously successful template for your client’s current campaign, you no longer need to sift through multiple JPEG versions for the final one. A web-to-print solution securely saves an editable version of all your templates, so you can simply pull up the file and make tweaks as needed.

8. No need to maintain an inventory

With the order-on-demand facility that web-to-print services offer, you can order exactly the number of creatives you need at any given time without wasting money on minimum order quantities and having hoards of extra posters or banners lying around.

Printing is often associated with bulk orders. Thanks to web-to-print, you can place orders on print-ready items in quantities you actually require. Nothing more or less. That saves unnecessary hoarding of products.

Plus, even if you fall short, you can quickly place an order to make up the deficit and receive it within a short period.

9. Access the files from any device, on-the-go

As an advertising agency owner, you are always on your toes because your clients constantly need updates. You also need to follow up with vendors, team members, and freelancers to ensure that the campaigns are carried out on time. There is one thing that web-to-print for an advertising and marketing agency simplifies!

High-quality web-to-print solutions allow you to access the design library and creator on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

The layout and functionality work equally well regardless of your browser or operating system so that you can keep editing designs on the go. You can also manage purchases remotely as needed. Everything happens on the fly.

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10. Increase ROI for your clients’ campaigns


In today’s digital-driven world, where customers are bombarded with advertisements and have extremely short attention spans, making an excellent first impression is critical.

A web-to-print solution allows you to design top-notch creatives at highly competitive rates and quickly deploy them across the offline and online channels where they need to be.

This has a clear and positive impact on an ad campaign, as customers are much likelier to respond to more attractive ads, which translates into more sales for the brand and a better ROI on their advertising outlay.

That boosts your reputation as a top-notch advertiser, and your clients can enjoy success through the campaigns. Everyone wins in this scenario!

Give your agency a boost with web-to-print

An advertiser’s job is a tough one. You have to look after many clients, run multiple campaigns simultaneously, and ensure that every business under your wing yields a high ROI. Web-to-print can certainly take out the pain from running offline marketing campaigns and help you meet the branding standards for all your clients.

If you are searching for the best web-to-print solutions for your agency, Design’N’Buy can help you.

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