4 Things to Automate with Web-To-Print for Rapid Sales Growth

So, your printing company has invested in a web2print solution. Congrats! It is a sophisticated platform armed with seamless integration with enterprise systems, online document composition, and robust workflow automation. The investment is enormous, and your goal is to achieve a high ROI.

An Epicomm report states web printing software help boost sales of businesses by 58%. Therefore, there is no doubt the technology will help you thrive in the printing industry – provided you leverage its potential to the maximum, including automating key back-end processes.

What is the first thing to come to your mind when you heard the word ‘automation’? Robots? No, not really. But it does refer to the technology by which a specific process, mostly a menial and time-consuming one, can be performed with minimum human interaction.

And, to be honest – the most significant benefits of web-to-print solutions increased efficiencies and cost savings, all thanks to automation. The W2P technology generates business 24/7, centralizes administration, expands market reach, and more importantly, gives printers the space to focus on an excellent customer care service.

Without further ado, let us take a look at four things to automate with web-to-print for rapid sales growth:

Quotation Gets Received Quickly

A massive pet peeve for consumers shopping personalized goods is relying on the sales reps for a quotation. The extra step in the purchase cycle bothers them so much that they often bounce off the website before placing their order!

The provides an instant quotation feature that lets the prospective customers type in the details of their order, such as the quantity to print, size of the artwork, material to use, expected delivery date and more to get an estimated price.

The web-to-print solution eliminates the irritating “price talk” by automating the process.

The Artwork Approval Process is Swift

If the customer has a ready-to-print artwork with them, then all they have to do is upload it on the online store itself to be reviewed by the printer’s design team and sent for print. Today, thanks to automation, it is possible for the printers to get a thumbs-up quickly from the customers, and get the prints turned around faster.

Alternatively, if the customers want to make use of the pre-designed templates available on the storefront, it is possible to do so. All they need to do is personalize and place the order without relying on any design support – which adds another layer in the sales process.

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Online Print Orders are Easily Placed

Online Print Orders

Three most prominent advantages of the web-to-print software for your customers are:

● Easy-to-browse storefront
● Instant quotation system
● Pre-designed templates

The features, as mentioned above, enable them to possess all the details they need to place an order. There is no unnecessary back-and-forth for neither the printing company like yourself nor the customers who want to place a print order eagerly.

And if they need help from you, your sales reps are just a call away. Their queries can be resolved, which will enable them to finalize the purchase faster.

Managing Order, Inventory, and Shipments are Smooth

As soon as an order is placed and processed, it automatically gets added to the production queue with minimum human assistance. You can view and track the orders to ensure they are delivered on time. The job gets done faster and shipped promptly.

Alternatively, you have the flexibility to analyze your inventory and place reorders; you’ll save time by automating many aspects of the inventory management system. The level of smooth operations increases customer satisfaction, which ultimately boosts sales.

Focus on building long-lasting customer relationships

long-lasting customer relationships

A web2print solution transforms the printing company into an indispensable part of the customers’ workflow. You don’t have to take care of their artwork or getting them the quotation on time.

All you have to make sure is the end-product is of top-notch quality, and the orders are delivered on time. More importantly, you must try to keep a tab on their future requirements and find ways to retain them organically.

A web printing software can enable your sales reps to deliver excellent customer care service. After all – it is essential to show your customers that you are more than just a printing company. And automation can help you position like that.

Partner with Design’N’Buy

Buying a web-to-print software that fulfills the automation demands, as mentioned above, is not as easy as it sounds. We get that! That is why we offer customized online print solutions to printing companies like yourself who want the platform to function in a certain way.

Design’N’Buy is a leading web-to-print solutions provider that can develop a web-to-print solutions software with handy features such as multi-vendor, one-click checkout, print MIS, design studio, and more for the storefront.

It does not matter whether you want to sell mobile covers, greeting cards, banners, t-shirts or photo frames – we have the perfect solution for you which will let you automate everything you require and enable you to focus on customer care service.

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