AIl-in-One Web2Print or DesignO: Top Differences Between Our Two Most Sought-After Products

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Unless you live under a rock, you will agree that creating and selling custom print products online is possible thanks to web-to-print technology. Research shows that the total value of the said industry is expected to touch $343 billion by next year.

This is not surprising given how web-to-print helps printers engage a more extensive and diverse target audience online and have a greater chance of driving higher profits.

The thing is, web-to-print has conveniently eliminated the complicated process of physically meeting the graphic designer, discussing the artwork concept, and frequently communicating until the final version of the artwork is ready and approved.

We wanted to achieve convenience when we first launched our flagship solution All-In-One Web2Print (AIOW2P), almost a decade ago. Since then, we have made considerable progress in the technology, releasing its fourth version in September 2021.

Latching onto AIOW2P’s success, we rolled out a pure plug-and-play graphic design tool called DesignO early this year that can integrate with any eCommerce platform using an installable extension or directly through APIs.

Don’t worry, we’ve got the solution.

In this post, we’ll help you understand:

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A sneak peek into All-in-One Web2Print

Our web to print software caters to all types of B2B and B2C product demands and is apt for trade printers, commercial designers, and manufacturers alike. It has simplified the ordering process for end customers to purchase prints and personalized merchandise online.

A few noteworthy UI features of the online print shop software include:

  • 3D design previews
  • An app-like mobile interface
  • A quick editing toolbar
  • Multi-language support with RTL functionality
  • Variable data printing

The web to print online designer is spectacular and comes loaded with Canva-like features such as easy image uploading/importing, an extensive stock photo and clipart library, social media integration, QR codes, and so on.

The checkout process is also simple. Those who want to find out how much the print job will cost them can use the real-time calculator on the storefront. This eliminates the need for intermediaries and enables end customers to make a purchase decision faster.

A sneak peek into DesignO

DesignO helps print service providers add an online design editor to their website to provide product customization facilities to end customers and enjoy print workflow management and job processing capabilities.

With an easy-to-use admin panel, it is possible to send automated push notifications and emails for approvals and updates to and from customers in real-time. There is also a library of editable design templates, vectors, clipart, and fonts for the end customers can use.

What is more — you can easily migrate and integrate DesignO with any other front-end system without losing any custom orders, SEO work, and other web2print assets.

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AIOW2P vs. DesignO: The top differences between our most sought-after products

If you are convinced that Design’N’Buy will play an integral part of your online print business growth journey but unsure about which product you must go ahead with, here is a comparative analysis of the two to help you make a sound decision:




Storefront foundation

It is built on Magento and supports both open-source and commerce versions. It comes with a swift and smooth storefront and offers a feature-rich admin panel. However, AIOW2P can integrate with existing Magento websites only because it is tightly coupled with the Magento eCommerce platform.

It is an independent plug-and-play online design tool equipped with an excellent design studio, a web2print admin panel, and an entire set of APIs for easy integration with any eCommerce platform, not just Magento. Enjoy a powerful backend system for processing orders and managing print jobs.

File uploading feature

AIOW2P has its own file uploading feature. That means you do not need to rely on your Magento storefront to enable this scalability on the backend.


DesignO does not support this feature at this moment. However, you can use the default file upload feature offered by the eCommerce platform you use.

Ecommerce platform support

As mentioned previously, AIOW2P supports only Magento, Magento Cloud, and Magento Commerce.

DesignO comes with ready-to-use extensions for integration with any eCommerce platform you can think of — Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, and so on. You can also integrate APIs with any standard or custom-built app.

Form-based editor

Yes, this fully integrates with your Magento storefront.

Unfortunately, DesignO does not support the form-based editor at this moment.

Multi-store support

Whether you run multiple B2B, B2C, or reseller storefronts on Magento, AIOW2P can offer you the support you need to run your businesses smoothly.

Setting up multiple stores on DesignO is not a problem — regardless of the eCommerce platform you use, such as Shopify, PrestaShop or WP.

Pricing logic

Magento’s pricing engine allows you to customize pricing for custom size products (as per variable height and width) and the printing cost based on different printing methods on the backend itself.

Pricing on DesignO totally depends on the eCommerce platform you use. However, it supports defining various printing methods and related print pricing for apparel and merchandise products.

Ideal target audience

AIOW2P is perfect for B2B, B2C, resellers, graphic designers, dropship vendors, and so on.

Commercial and wide-format printers, packaging manufacturers, marketers, brand managers, real estate companies, promotional product suppliers, and book publishers can centralize print management with DesignO.

Production management software

Setting up your print workflow for each type of product you sell on your storefront and the entire job management process is easy and straightforward.

Besides utilizing AIOW2P’s features, you can enjoy “job calendar, “live job dashboard, “messaging system,” and “user logging” on DesignO.

Print products to sell

You can sell any product under the sun with AIOW2P — whether it is apparel and merchandise or photo books and photo prints or labels and stickers or boxes and labels.

DesignO offers the same product printing flexibility. It supports all the printing, merchandise, packaging as well as apparel products. 

However, there are certain similarities between the two solutions as well. For instance, receive multilingual and multi-currency support with AIOW2P and DesignO. The design studio is the same for both. Whatever you choose, you get to enjoy our extensive library of design templates, clipart, and stock photos

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AIOW2P vs. DesignO: What to choose?

In our conclusion, we must add that both our solutions are superior and serve different purposes for different business or end customer requirements. It is up to you to conduct thorough research about the two solutions and decide accordingly.

All-in-One Web2Print

The Turnkey, End-to-End Solution for Your New Ecommerce Website

Use All-in-One Web2Print to launch your online print business from start to finish. You’ll get a storefront, Web to Print designer for product personalization, complete order and print workflow management, and so much more!


Online Design Tool and Web2Print Solution for Your Existing Website

Already running a website? Use DesignO to add an online design tool and complete web2print functionality to your current site. You’ll get everything you need to sell personalized merchandise and print products!

At the end of the day, Design’N’Buy is committed to helping you turn your end customers’ ideas into premium print products that leave a lasting impression. If you would like to know how deploying either AIOW2P or DesignO can help you, please contact us at [email protected].

Empower your print business with the right technology. Capture a larger target market. Drive higher profits with Design’N’Buy.

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