Banner Printing Industry Trends – What Can You Expect in 2020?

Finally, 2020 is here and we are looking forward to a lot many changes in every field with digitalization growing every second. The print industry is already digitized but with every New Year, the excitement doubles thinking what’s next?

With everything around turning paperless or digital, the one question that keeps bugging us all the time is whether we need the print industry in today’s time? But the answer surprisingly keeps on becoming more and more solid – Yes, definitely! No matter how digitized we all become, printing is still a critical part of our everyday working lives.

The common thought people still have about the print industry is that it is still the same. Well, not anymore. Thanks to technological advances, print businesses are evolving. From increased security, the cloud-based service approach to easy-to-use software and customization features, the printing industry is expected to raise the value of the market considerably.

Banner printing is one among another printing types which was, is, and will remain in demand as far the businesses are considered. Banners are still in fashion and people are now taking to a new level with digitization and customization in it. So, let’s see what to expect in the banner printing trends in the year 2020.

More digitalization

Digital printing has eliminated the need for printing plates and other heavy setups which a traditional offset printing required. The ease of digitalization has made it easier for both the printers and the customers to get printed products without any headaches. Getting a banner designed which was a mammoth task in earlier days can now be printed within a blink of an eye. Such speed and versatility in banner printing can more be seen in 2020 because digital printing is gaining popularity day-by-day.

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On-demand printing 

Gone are the days of the traditional printing method where printing just one copy or a few were expensive and time-consuming. Today, with print-on-demand things have changed. The on-demand printing will see a significant rise in 2020 even more since they are cost-effective and efficient.

Increased personalization and customization


One feature that is making any online business a success today is personalization. With the invention of effective banner design software, a customer can not only personalize a banner by making the necessary changes on his own but can also customize it in terms of size, material, finish, creating editable templates, configuring, and bulk pricing and processing the orders too, which, is going to only increase further in 2020.

The trend of personalization and customization has given online printing business a thrust like never before; hence what more this trend has to offer will be worth waiting.

Flexibility and sustainability

You need not wait for the print shop to open up to place your order. Online printing comes with flexibility. Banner printing can be done by anyone, anytime, and even on the go which is much needed in 2020 and so on. Also, unlike the traditional prints which lasted only a few years along with huge wastage of materials while making them, banner printing today and in the coming years will be much more sustainable. The digital prints will be more durable, causing hardly any wastage of materials.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is slowly getting into everywhere around us. The much-awaited trend will be the growing use of AI in the print industry. It will be interesting to see how the facial and voice recognition features of AI will aid in banner printing. Its real-time data and production alerts, press automation, suggestions for equipment maintenance, and high protection against security breaches, all will make printing job much easier and secure in 2020. Mobile printing will increase, and we can enjoy automatic software updates or patches with AI integrated into the banner design tool. The entire process of printing and communication will improve with artificial intelligence, and that is why AI is one of the biggest trends emerging for the year 2020 and beyond.

Wrapping up 

It will be worth a wait to see how these emerging trends of 2020 in the printing industry will improve company productivity, increase revenue, and bring about a significant change as a whole. However, new tools like banner creation software, advanced technologies, cost-effective approach, all are already making printing management easier and print production streamlined.

Therefore, 2020 looks brighter for the banner printing industry and the future would be even more if we continue to explore the technologies more and more.

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