Brand Managers Love Web-To-Print Solutions For These 10 Reasons

While social media is undoubtedly a top branding priority for companies today, brand managers still attach a lot of importance to having the right printed content in-hand. From sales meetings and event promotions – offline marketing materials are still in demand.

For the same reason, brand managers are always on the lookout for printing solutions that score on design accuracy, print quality and of course, cost-effectiveness. In this regard, web-to-print software solutions are an excellent option. Here’s why brand managers love them so much:

1. Quicker production through automation

Printer ink machine
The faster branding materials can be printed, the faster they can be distributed wherever needed. That is where web2print software solutions come in handy. The technology provides a streamlined, automated process to get printed content ready.

The right software reduces the scope for human error and also shortens the marketing cycle – both of which is a big win for brand managers!

2. Uniformity in branding content

When it comes to branding, consistency is crucial to success. Every piece of branding content must have the same logo, headline, and design in the same font and colors. In this regard, web to print software solutions provide a platform for brand managers to store, access and print company creatives from anywhere.

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That ensures uniformity in branding materials, regardless of location or time. Web-to-print experts such as Design’N’Buy not just allow accessibility on desktop but also on mobile.

3. Easy customization through templates

While brand uniformity is essential, it is also useful to make accurate customizations to appeal to different local markets. A brand manager can set in place customizable templates where certain elements (such as the logo and headline) cannot be modified, but the rest can be tweaked. That flexibility enables local teams to promote local events or discounts as needed while maintaining consistency in the branding material.

4. Ease of digital asset management

Digital asset management (DAM) platforms are cloud-based, web-accessible storage solutions where brands can keep a selection of images, designs, audio, and video clips, and other files – in a central location.

A web-to-print software solution allows brands to benefit from a DAM platform’s functionality which stores all the pre-approved images and templates needed to create branding materials. This way, different teams can select what they need without wasting time searching through hundreds of files and sent them to print.

5. Cost-effective

Web to print software makes it extremely easy and inexpensive to get the exact branding materials a business needs. Once the design is in place, it is possible to enter different sizes and dimension specifications to get different types of materials printed.

The technology is far more cost-efficient than relying on different printers to get each item printed. Moreover, with this flexibility, different teams can get materials printed to suit their local needs rather than having to rely on the same set of creatives.

The process reduces waste and also saves time, as every team gets the exact number and type of printouts they need.

6. Time-saving and waste-reducing

The web 2 print software solutions are useful because a company need only print what is needed when it is required. That reduces waste as there is no scope for printing redundant materials, while the automated process ensures that the printouts are free of errors.

Moreover, a web-to-print software solution makes submitting the specifications and getting the printouts a much faster process as compared to the traditional route wherein a company would approach multiple graphic designers for quotes. That saves the marketing team a lot of valuable time.

7. The one-stop-shop for all printing requirements

order management

A web-to-print software solution makes it easy for everyone on the authorized team to submit designs and collect printouts whenever needed.

Different teams can easily place their orders, pay online, and manage their materials as they need to, while the central management team can track the records of different transactions and thus, maintain control.

That further decreases wasted time, as different teams need not wait for the central management to mail printouts to them. The solution enables everyone to track the status of the orders rather easily.

8. API integration possible

APIs allow for data communication to take place across different software systems. A web to print software solution employs API integration —using API management solutions in its development— to enable seamless production options with multiple print vendors.

That also allows a company to connect with multiple company-owned applications such as the purchasing department, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and Identity Management (IdM) controls.

The technology enables smooth coordination among the various departments as well as transparent administration of collateral production. Moreover, a web-to-print software solution is easily scalable to suit the needs of a growing brand.

9. Comprehensive reporting

A web-to-print software solution allows managers to keep track of different orders, production volumes, rates of usage, and delivery status. Compiled across the various teams that are using the web-to-print software solutions, this information gives the brand manager valuable insights into how different marketing efforts are performing.

The process further enables the manager to streamline future marketing efforts, which wouldn’t have been possible in a traditional setup.

10. Easy-to-use software

Efficient web-to-print software solutions, such as Design’N’Buy, are simple to use even for those who have no programming experience. They are designed to be intuitive so that anyone can submit designs and order printouts on desktop and mobile.

Having an easy-to-use solution in place saves valuable time as there is no need to separately train team members on how to use it ever.

Over to you

With the increased focus of companies on marketing and branding, many printers have now realized that targeting brand managers, in constant of printed materials, is a good idea.

Therefore, by investing in the right web to print software solution, you can give that potential customer base exactly what they want – reliability, cost-effectiveness and hassle-free order management.

Design’N’Buy is one of the leading web-to-print experts in the world. If you are considering deploying the W2P technology, look no further for we can set up one for you as per your business requirements. Email us at [email protected] for more information.

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