Top 8 Challenges Faced by Running a WooCommerce Print Shop and How to Overcome Them

Challenges Print Businesses Face on woocommerce - designnbuy

Having trouble with your WooCommerce web to print store? But don’t know how to solve it? There’s no doubt that WooCommerce is a free and flexible e-commerce platform that lots of medium to smaller print business owners like to use.

Right now in 2024, about 6.6 million websites are using WooCommerce. While 5 million stores have added free WooCommerce plugins to make their websites even better. Among this number, there are 228,000 web to print stores worldwide. Many of them use WooCommerce because the printing industry is brimming with on-demand e-commerce sales.

But even though WooCommerce is great, your web to print store can still run into some difficulties. In this article, we’ll share 8 common challenges a Woocommerce print shop might face and present a solution: “DesignNBuy” to resolve them successfully. So, let’s start!

Top 8 Challenges of Print Businesses Running on WooCommerce & How To Fix Them

Top Challenges for Print Businesses Running on WooCommerce - designnbuy - designo - woocommerce product designer

1. Streamlining Checkout Process


Your web to print WooCommerce stores might struggle with its checkout process, which can lead to abandoned carts and lost sales. If checkout takes too long or has lots of forms to fill out, people might get frustrated and give up. 

Surprise fees showing up at the end of the checkout process can also make people change their minds. Besides, if there aren’t many options to customize products during checkout, people might not get exactly what they want.


With DesignNBuy web to print solution, customers can order standard products or upload artwork files, then add multiple items to cart at once. They can also order different products in bulk without browsing each item individually. 

DesignO, a WooCommerce product designer plugin by DesignNBuy simplifies checkout with a one-page option, remembers addresses from past orders, and allows guest checkout. It shows upfront shipping costs and taxes and also lets customers personalize products in the design studio when with images, colors, fonts, and custom text, enhancing buying experience.

2. Handling International Orders


Shipping costs for different places can be tricky to figure out and dealing with taxes in other countries can be confusing. Besides, customers might want to see prices in their own currency. 


The DesignO product designer plugin for WooCommerce has a built-in feature for different languages and currencies, letting customers see prices in their preferred currency. 

It automatically handles conversions using current exchange rates. Moreover, it calculates and collects taxes based on the customer’s location and product type, ensuring compliance with international tax laws.

Make International Sales Easy with DesignO!

Enable your customers to shop in their preferred language and currency, with
automatic conversions and tax calculations for seamless transactions worldwide.

3. Managing Shipping and Logistics


For WooCommerce print shop owners, custom products with different sizes and designs can complicate shipping cost calculations, especially for oversized or fragile items. 


DesignNBuy web to print solution records product dimensions and weight based on customer choices and integrates this with your WooCommerce shipping settings. It shows estimated shipping costs during checkout and alerts customers about any extra charges for large or delicate items.

4. Understanding Print Job Management


Manually tracking print jobs for your WooCommerce online store is time-consuming and error-prone. Without a central system, both your store and customers will struggle to get real-time updates on print jobs.


The DesignNBuy print job scheduling software lets you set start and due dates, with default statuses like “Job Start” and “Ready For Delivery” created automatically. A “Job Calendar” feature also provides a daily, weekly, or monthly overview to prevent missed jobs and shows upcoming jobs by due date. 

You can see the status of all jobs with color-coded updates, track progress, and take necessary actions from the dashboard. The software displays essential reports like Delayed Jobs and Completed Jobs to manage operations smoothly. 

PDF job sheet with QR codes allows real-time status updates by scanning. You can also create and manage job statuses for each production step, including artwork review and client approvals.

5. Managing File Formats


Customers may upload files in various formats (e.g., JPG, PNG, PSD, AI), causing compatibility issues and poor print quality. Large files can slow design process and overload servers, while unverified uploads pose security risks. Customers might also upload multiple versions, complicating tracking.


The DesignO tool accepts formats like JPG, PNG, and SVG, and can convert PSD or AI files to ready-to-print PDF and CMYK files. It automatically resizes, optimizes, and checks image quality, and sets file size limits to prevent server issues.

The product designer tool ensures security by scanning uploaded files for viruses, restricting allowable file types, and securely storing data. It also tracks different versions of customer uploads, clearly identifying the latest version for printing and allowing customers to revert to previous versions if needed.

6. Woocommerce Product Designer Plugin Integration


Integrating a basic product designer plugin with your WooCommerce print store might limit design options. If it has low-quality previews it can also increase customer disappointment. 

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The DesignO WooCommerce web to print plugin simplifies integration with WooCommerce, making setup easier. It offers various design features like image uploads, text with different fonts and styles, color and pattern choices, and positioning of design elements. Furthermore, it provides realistic 3D previews with real-time customization updates, and zoom functionality for detailed inspection.

7. Multistore Management


Tracking stock across multiple WooCommerce print stores is challenging and updating product info for each store by hand is time-consuming. Custom orders further complicate fulfillment. Not to mention, maintaining branding consistency across multiple stores is hard and delays in inventory updates frustrate customers. 

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DesignNBuy web to print solution integrates with your inventory system, providing real-time stock levels and automating alerts for low inventory. It also tracks orders and provides automated updates, efficiently handling increased order volumes across multiple stores without compromising on inventory management or order fulfillment.

Simplify managing your WooCommerce print stores with DesignNBuy!

Keep track of stock levels in real-time, receive alerts for low inventory, and efficiently
handle orders across all your stores. Simplify your inventory processes starting today!

8. Managing Inventory and Product Stock


Managing inventory for various product options like size, color, and design in your Woocommerce print shop can be overwhelming. It’s tough to keep track of all different variations and know when to restock. Besides, handling custom orders adds another layer of complexity.


With DesignO, managing your WooCommerce online print store becomes simpler. It syncs with product variations feature, allowing you to create one product with multiple options. 

This lets you track and manage stock separately for each version, limit choices if stock is low, and display real-time availability to customers. The plugin also automatically updates stock when custom products are purchased and sends alerts for low stock, streamlining inventory management.


Running a WooCommerce web to print store comes with its fair share of hurdles. From managing inventory across stores to ensuring a smooth checkout process, these challenges can slow down your progress. Luckily, Design N’ Buy offers DesignO, a feature-rich web to print solution that grows with your business, ensuring your printing needs are met smoothly. 

It comes with a mobile-friendly design, featuring 3D previews, instant pricing, and infinite customization options to make your workflow smoother and keep customers satisfied. Don’t wait. Integrate DesignO today and see your WooCommerce store thrive!

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