DesignNBuy vs. Infigo (2024) – Which Web To Print Solution is for You?

infigo comparision with designnbuy

If you are in the printing business you must be aware of all the complex and time-consuming operations involved in it. Have you ever wondered if there was a more effective and efficient way to accomplish all your tasks?

It is at this point that web-to-print comes into play. Not only does it streamline your print business operations, but it also expands its scope. There are several benefits associated with this, including the ability to break geographical boundaries, the systematic management of operations, and the ability to provide an excellent user experience.

Due to the advancement of technology, printers today have a wide variety of choices when determining what web2print solution is right for them. Among the most attractive solutions on the market are Design’N’Buy and Infigo. As with any solution, each has its strengths and shortcomings.

To assist one in making an informed decision, let’s take a closer look at both of these options and make an analytical comparison between them.

About Design'N'Buy

Design’N’Buy don’t have any proprietary eCommerce technology, It integrates with eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce or any custom ecommerce which gives more flexibility to its clients to scale it as per their business requirement, also pre-developed plugins by the community can be used to develop new functionalities which make development faster and cost effective.

Design’N’Buy offers two Web2Print Solutions, One is All-in-one Web2Print which is an end-to-end web2print solution that is for clients who doesn’t have any digital presence yet. 

For clients already having digital presence and ecommerce website and they want to continue using the same because of investment they made in marketing and happy with their digital presence in that scenario we offer DesignO

DesignO is a web-to-print platform which can be easily plug with any eCommerce technology comes with Design Tool, Order Management, Job and Print Workflow Management and many more…

Another strength of Design’N’Buy is in its online design tool, industry’s only a tool which supports all kind of product i.e Merchandise, Photo Book, Packaging, Commercial Print Product, Custom-made products and many more which you can imagine.

About Infigo

It provides user-friendly, easy-integration web-to-print and variable data software solutions for businesses in the print, retail, corporate, and creative industries. Infigo delivers innovative online services that improve clients’ B2B and B2C offerings.

Let’s see who’s best?




Minimum Initial Investment

Basic will start at £5k

Starts at $120/month paid annually Excl. Set up fees

Recurring Fee

Starts at £1,250 a month

Zero until next 12 months after paying the Initial subscription and set-up fees

On-boarding Support

Not Available

Available. Easily migrate from subscription to license anytime

Support & Training

 Live Online
 In Person

24*7 online support help desk, self training videos, webinars, support in your time zone, dedicated live training sessions 

eCommerce Technology


Can be integrated with all any ecommerce platforms  Magento, Shopify, WordPress,Opencart & more 

Support for Print Products

Supports packaging, Gifting, Commercial printing, Large format printing.

Supports all verticals of printing such as merchandise, commercial, textile, apparel as well as packaging


Not Available

1500+ layered vector graphics, 500+ Tshirt designs, 500+ templates available 

3D preview


Yes, It is available

Multi-language and Multi-currency support

Information not availble

Yes, Design studio and ecommerce both supports multi language and multi currency

Workflow and Order Management


Very extensive order and job management with the facility to define custom workflow as per the nature of the product. Job sheets are having QR codes to update the status right from the production house.

Responsive Design Studio



3rd Party Integration


3rd Party Integration available on demand 


In light of the above-detailed comparison, it can be concluded that Design’n’Buy is more versatile in terms of web-to-print features and functions. An easy-to-use, highly adaptable solution backed by a team of experts in the w2p industry.

One of the most appealing aspects of Design’n’Buy is its ability to accommodate different levels of creativity in the printing industry. As part of their commitment to bringing the printing industry into the digital age, they have developed an innovative approach.

Why DesignNBuy?

Joining us entails the following:

  • Bringing in new customers every day
  • Cost savings through the reduction of operational expenses
  • Retaining and increasing customers’ satisfaction
  • Reduce errors and wasteful printing
  • Providing a seamless ordering experience for customers
  • Optimizing operations from the point of order to the point of shipping

Our offerings

Using our All-In-One Web2Print software solution, your print business can grow multifold thanks to the combination of technology, people, and processes. Print brokers, distributors, digital and wide format printers, as well as speciality printers, can take their business online with this solution. This option is ideal for commercial printers and B2B printers, trade printers, marketing organizations, graphics designers, in-plants, print brokers, distributors, digital and wide format printers, as well as speciality printers.

API First Online design tool with built-in order management and print workflow. DesignO is easy to use, works everywhere and manages all your design projects in one place. If you already have an eCommerce store, adding DesignO, an online graphics designer powered by printing management software, will not only integrate with any eCommerce platform but will also work for any business, whether it be business-to-business or business-to-consumer.

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