Easy Deployment: How Our AIOW2P 4.0 Will Be A Game-Changer

easy deployment of web to print

Our All-In-One Web2Print (AIOW2P) software solution is not only for the printers but also for the printers’ customers.

Naturally, we endeavor to offer a product that simplifies the ordering process for end customers, helping them purchase prints and personalize merchandise online. On the other hand, it enables you to keep track of the orders and ensure the print jobs get completed efficiently.

Every online printer’s dream is to have an online designer studio that is easy to deploy, configure, and scale (when necessary). We have tried long and hard to give you all the support you need to run your eCommerce business like a pro.

But we also knew there were so many things we could do for you other than the usual. So here we are with our AIOW2P 4.0, which is faster, more efficient, and glitch-free. More importantly, we bring to you three fantastic deployment benefits you can enjoy with the latest version.

1. Leverage module-based installation

module based deployment

The latest version of AIOW2P uses GraphQL for all kinds of data manipulation tasks and APIs. That means we can load the Design Studio panel and send any requests to the backend to edit anything on the frontend. It would not bring about any change in the core files.

You see, when we did projects on Magento Cloud, we had to pick up a lot of manual rework for a few of our clients’ online web-to-print editors  for the same reason.

For instance, if they upgraded their frontend codebase, our core would also get changed. With our Magento module-based installation, we have eliminated the problem once and for all.

2. Benefit from auto-deployment using Docker

Auto deployment

Now there is a new game-changing feature on AIOW2P 4.0, and it is called “auto-deployment. For example, if you give a designated server location, the QA scripts would do a health check and then auto-deploy the code on the server.

Basically, on automating the QA testing process, Docker will run the QA scripts and give you a PDF at the end of the installation progress to tell if the deployment happened hassle-free or if any glitches need to be immediately rectified.

The result of this functionality is that you will not require the support of our developers for deployment of the web-to-print online designer. Your team can manage it on their own quite easily. Automation is indeed a giant leap forward in this process.

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3. Refer to API guidelines for solution installation and configuration

API guide

We have created API guidelines that will help you in the end-to-end deployment process. Moreover, if you use an eCommerce platform other than Magento, such as Shopify or WooCommerce, you can quickly implement the online design tool.

We are in the process of building a parallel web-to-print admin panel for AIOW2P, which will be ready by shortly for installing modules on other platforms. We want to deliver a seamless experience to printers — irrespective of their eCommerce foundation.

Over to you

You might find the most amazing product design software for yourself, but if its deployment is tedious and you cannot customize it to suit your business needs, it is not worth it at all. That is what we have tried to do with the latest version of our web to print software.

We are 100% confident you will not be disappointed with what we have to share with you. In fact, we are thrilled to explain its features through a personalized demo. Interested? Sign up for a free consultation today!

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