What Are The Core eCommerce Features Printing Service Providers Need to Know?

Although the Digital Transformation drive had already initiated in the printing industry, with factors like the global pandemic and business trends like customized product offerings and amazing web-to-print solution offerings, the industry is experiencing a huge paradigm shift from the Brick and Mortar business model to “Brick and Click” business model or complete Online print shop business model.

The reason printing agencies are opting for online printing business models is not because of the affordable e-commerce packages that are available in the market, but the future of the printing industry is on virtual platforms and to establish a strong virtual presence, printing agencies are transitioning towards these online platforms. But to ensure that your e-commerce platform can help you establish a strong brand presence and that your business grows eventually, it is essential that when you choose your Web to print eCommerce website development package, ensure that not only the package is an affordable e-commerce package, but it also empowers you with following three capabilities that will ensure your online success:

Three defining capabilities of an effective e-commerce website solution for printers:

A. Refined Customer journeys

B. Personalized customer experiences

C. Automation of Business processes

While the first two capabilities will help you establish a strong brand presence and help you get an optimum lead conversion ratio and ensure delightful user experiences, the third capability of automation will help you get the required scalability that is required for extensive market reach and thus, ensure increased bottom line. But, how can a printing agency ensure that the e-commerce website package that they are choosing for their printing agency has all these capabilities? Well, ask your web to print e-commerce solution provider what will be the features that would be included in their web to print e-commerce website development package and if it has the following features, you can ensure online success!

Must-have Features for an effective and efficient e-commerce website solution for printers:

A. Features that ensure refined customer Journey:

1. Responsive Design:

For so long the world is shifting from desktops and laptops to smartphones, tablets and iPads. Also, with the increasing number of handheld devices and their various screen sizes, it is essential that the e-commerce platform that you build for your brand includes all these devices and ensures a completely responsive design that runs effectively on all types of screen sizes and devices.

2. Effective website navigation and fast loading:

What good are the products and their qualities if the product is not in front of the customer? Based on market trends and customer expectations, printing organizations not only have to introduce new products on their e-commerce platform, but they also have to ensure that customers can easily and quickly reach those products. Thus, when you choose an e-commerce package for your printing business, make sure that they have refined website navigation and fast loading capabilities.

3. Painless payment integration:

These are really small things whose presence might not make much difference to the customers, but their absence surely affects a lot. Small things such as save my card, billing address same as the delivery address, integration of multiple payment options and other such things will help you reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate that happens due to complex checkout processes.

4. Smooth Order placement:

easy order

One of the biggest problems of conventional printing business models is the long and tiring ordering process. Steps such as design alterations, manual quotations, approval cycle and others make the process lengthy and tedious. When you choose an e-commerce solution for your business, make sure that the development service provider can deliver automation and tool integration services that can make this process as smooth and small as possible.

B. Features that ensure personalized customer experiences:

1. Push Notification:

Personalization employment and personalized customer experiences are the latest e-commerce market trends. Not only do marketers have better opportunities to provide better product offerings with push notifications, they can also ensure that their customers do not miss out on amazing deals and thus ensure increased sales and campaign success.

2. Customer account management:

To make sure that your customers are informed and that you could better track their activities and purchases for future references and personalized product offerings, your e-commerce platform must enable your customers to create a centralized customer account that aggregates all their information.

3. Personalized quotations:

One of the biggest lead conversion tactics in the printing business is when you deliver personalized discount notifications and cross-selling offers to customers. Especially if you have bulk order discounts or if you have a B2B business model where you offer printing solutions to corporate enterprises, providing individual quotation is essential.

C. Features that ensure automation of business processes:

1. Live pricing:

When we talk about customer pain points, one of the biggest pain points will be them chasing sales representatives for customized product quotations. To ensure that you can completely eliminate this process, make sure that your print e-commerce package includes integration of a web-to-print tool that allows customers to design their customized products and get instant quotes for the customizations that they have chosen.

2. File uploading capabilities:

While inclusion of web-to-print solutions in your print e-commerce package will allow you to create virtual designs and design templates, ensure that the development service provider also allows you to bulk upload your existing product design for faster go-to-market and hassle-free product file uploads.

3. Email marketing automation capabilities:

Whether it is about sending order confirmation mail or follow-up email or it is about order shipment emails, your e-commerce platform must allow marketers to set up a marketing automation campaign with email tool integrations.

Gain a competitive edge in the market with an affordable and effective ECommerce Web to print Package:

The success mantra of any online web-to-print printing business is simple; it is all about adapting a customer-centric approach while designing the website, creating a website User Experience that aligns with your customer expectations and business goals and employing automation for required business scalability. These capabilities will help you get a seamless transition towards the online business model and also help you create a strong and impeccable brand image in the long run.

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