A Comprehensive Guide to Getting a Paper Bag Manufacturing Business up and Running

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With the worldwide ban on using single-use plastic bags on the grounds of toxicity and pollution levels in the environment becoming strong and effective, the substantial demand for the alternative – Paper Bags, is skyrocketing which is why if offering a paper bag to your clients is on your mind, now is the time to set into motion.

The Era of Eco-friendly Products

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People today have started realizing the seriousness of climate change and the destruction that pollution is causing to the environment.

The massive amount of plastic waste that we humans are creating every nano-second has crossed limits way back, the price of which we are now paying in the name of health issues that are arising due to it.

Thankfully, people are becoming environmentally conscious and are now switching to eco-friendly products slowly and steadily which we hope soon becomes the new normal.

Shocking Facts About Plastic Pollution

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Did you know? The highest amount of plastic waste that is getting accumulated is due to single-use plastic which are objects made of plastic that are intended to be used “only once” before being disposed of or recycled, under which comes the plastic packaging along with food and beverages containers, cutleries, etc.

E-commerce is definitely booming and all but are you aware of the dark side of it? The more packages that arrive on our doorsteps, the more packaging and plastic waste are ending up in landfills – and in the ocean.

Try not to faint but the global e-commerce industry generated approximately 2.1 billion pounds of plastic packaging in 2019 which is expanding such that it is projected to reach an estimated 4.5 billion pounds by 2025.

In fact, about 65 percent of our household trash comprises packaging material which although ends up in landfill, 91% of it has never been recycled.

So, instead of dumping plastic into the environment, it’s high time we start dumping the usage of plastic itself.

The Emergence, Evolution, and Need for Paper Bags

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E-commerce packaging is already filling up our recycling bins and trash but realizing its harmful effects of it, many companies have started switching to eco-friendly packaging which includes the use of paper bags.

Governments and various companies worldwide are finally discouraging the use of plastics.

They are supporting paper bag businesses to meet the great demand for them due to their recyclable and sustainable features.

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Paper bags are nothing but an eco-friendly and biodegradable alternative to plastic carry bags – which are non-biodegradable, cause soil pollution and also take millions of years to decompose naturally.

They are packaging and storage bags either made out of paper, usually created with the chemical pulp that is manufactured with the help of the kraft pulping process, or from recycled paper, sometimes from old newspapers.

Paper bags have evolved beautifully and smartly with time.

From envelope-styled bags which lacked handles, the flat-bottomed bags with handles, to paper bags with even zipper and button closures today, paper bags come in various shapes, styles, and sizes and have found replacements for single-use plastic bags in almost all sectors such as

General paper bags

General-Purpose Packaging

food paper bags

Restaurants & Food Delivery

retail paper bags


general store paper bags

General stores

jwellery paper bags (1)

Jewelry Outlets

medicine paper bags


gift paper bags

Gift and Novelty

shopping paper bags

Shopping Malls

cosmetic paper bags


Unlike the two main categories of paper bags – white and brown, today due to the customization technology in paper making business, anyone can customize paper bags in terms of quality, texture, color, and print which is the main reason why paper bag manufacturing business is booming all over the world.

Benefits of Shifting to Paper Bags

benefits of paper bags

Ditching plastic bags and embracing paper bags, bring in a lot more advantages to all – sellers, buyers, and largely our planet Earth because they:

  • Are biodegradable and recyclable
  • Don’t harm the environment
  • Pose less risk of suffocation, especially for marine life
  • Are easy to dispose of
  • Quickly decompose
  • Are sustainable
  • Save energy
  • Are cheaper than plastic bags
  • Are easy and efficient to make
  • Can be customized as per one’s requirements
  • Are cost-effective
  • Cause less wastage
  • Are efficient marketing tools

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The Present and the Future of the Paper Bag Industry

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Paper bags have started replacing the nasty plastic which was used as packaging and promotional materials by many companies due to which the paper bag manufacturing sector has grown rapidly over the past few years and is now one of the most profitable manufacturing business ideas across the globe.

Unlike in earlier times, today paper bags are available according to the needs such as –

  • Capacity (less than 1 kg, 1 kg -5 kg, 5 kg -10 kg, and more than 10 kg)
  • Products (flat paper bag, multi-wall paper sacks, open mouth, pasted valve)
  • Size (small, medium, large, extra-large)
  • Sealing and Handle (heat seal, hand length handle, ziplock, twisted handle, flat handle, and others)
  • Shape (rectangle, square, circular, and others)
  • End-user (food and beverages, animal feed, cosmetic products, agriculture, construction, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and others)
  • Distribution channel (convenience stores, supermarkets/hypermarkets, specialty stores, e-commerce, and others).

Guess what, they can also be customized as per one’s requirements which is what revolutionized the sector of paper bag manufacturing so vividly.

The global market size of paper bags that amounts to $5.2 bn in 2022 is estimated to grow at a steady CAGR of 4.1% between 2022-2030 and is to reach $7.3 bn during this period.

Thus, as far as the future of the paper bag industry is considered, it is safe, will face no hardcore competition, and hence is a booming opportunity for new and aspiring entrepreneurs thinking of a startup.

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How to Set Up Your Paper Bags Making Business?

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Just like any online business, to establish your paper bag-making business you will have to follow the below-mentioned step-by-step process to be successful;

Step 1 – Study the market

Before stepping into the market, you must first understand the current competition, your competitors, and the customer’s demands and needs to survive well and ahead of your rivals. Always do the groundwork and then begin your journey to avoid any hiccups later.

Step 2 – Frame your business plan

Offline or online, for any business you need to have a plan that includes everything from your operations, strategies, finances, to recoveries so that you can work your way accordingly. 

Starting with a business plan will help you have a clear path to where you want your business to lead and how, as well as it will also help you to stay prepared for any challenge that may come your way.

Step 3 – Acquire all necessary licenses and registration

No battle is longer than a legal one and if you wish to stay away from it, make sure to gather all required licenses and get your business registered before you start announcing your presence online and all over.

Step 4 - Invest in effective tools and technologies

You might not need space but you definitely need 100% smart and safe tools and technologies to run your online custom paper bag-making business. 

Get your online store built on a functional platform and don’t forget to integrate one of the most simple yet effective – custom packaging design software through which you will be able to cater to wider audiences to meet their customized paper bag requirements.

Step 5 – Launch and market your presence

Even if you are online don’t be in the notion that people will notice and come around. 

After launching your online store, you must shout out about your business in order to grab the attention of the customers because the competition is tough and with every other business getting online, you need to have a unique presence or do or offer something different to be noticeable.

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Why Custom Paper Bag Business is Trending? What Tools Do You Need to Make it Different?

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As we said before, customization is on the rise and people are looking for this feature in almost all businesses. Then why not the paper bag business? After all, who doesn’t love to receive a product in an attractive and customized paper bag?

As far as tools are considered, you do not have to invest in a lot of solutions. 

Just incorporating a custom packaging design tool would be enough for your paper bag manufacturing business because, with it, you can allow your customers to customize their packaging solutions as they want. 

This is why, in order to meet the expectation of customers, brands today are investing a lot in custom packaging software to offer personalized packing solutions to their customers.

The bottom line

Paper is the future and the way people are now making the switch to eco-friendly solutions, we hope that plastic may soon take an exit from our lives.

Although paper bag manufacturing is a small business idea, paper bags are an essential part of our everyday life and hence the demand for them is not going to extinguish anytime soon. Either you can start paper bag business or add it to your packaging business. 

So, if executed well, you can enjoy huge profits than imagined for which we have curated this guide for you.

Hope it will help and if you are wondering where to get the required tool for it to get started, worry not, Design’N’Buy is your answer to all web to print solution requirements.

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