Nine Must-Haves For Your Custom Uniform Ecommerce Website

It doesn’t matter what you sell or where you sell, the competition is fierce across industries. If you don’t have the right tech support for your business, it gets harder to sell your offerings. Your custom uniform builder eCommerce website is no exception. In this article, we bring you nine must-haves for your online store:

1. Standard and Customized Uniforms

If the focus of your web-to-print eCommerce website is to sell custom uniforms, you should have a feature on your store that allows consumers to not only order standardized uniforms but also customize them.

The thing is most online uniform sellers offer standard uniforms to their customers, but not many offer personalization.

Therefore, you can offer ready-to-order uniforms along with editable uniform designs that can be tailored to suit customer needs. Choose a custom uniform builder that can enable them to build their uniforms from scratch. By doing so, you will create a niche market for yourself.

2. A Dynamic Storefront

dynamic storefront

Your website selling uniform designs online must be a responsive one that works on devices of all sizes, i.e., mobiles, laptops, desktops, and tablets. That is a must-have feature for your online store because it allows the users to view and navigate their way through the website on any device. That’s a plus, trust us!

Besides, you should make sure that your online store runs conveniently on all types of browsers. Most customers exit a website if they find that it is not mobile-responsive.

Another necessary storefront features your eCommerce website should have the integration of your website or the Content Management System (CMS) with any language and currency. That means the website should incorporate multiple currencies and enable language localization.

It should also have an SEO-friendly URL so that it appears on the top in the search engines, thus making it easily visible to your customers.

3. All-inclusive Design Studio

Your custom uniform builder eCommerce website should have a design studio that allows your customers to design and personalize their uniforms. The website should be fully responsive.

The uniform designer software must allow your customers complete control over personalization settings such as choosing from already existing designs and templates as well as designing their uniforms.

Further, customers should be given the option to select colors, materials, and artwork of their choice while customizing the uniform.

4. Robust Back-office Administration

Your custom uniform builder eCommerce website should include a comprehensive admin panel to manage all the aspects of your business.

The admin panel should give you complete control over the order and delivery management, uniform design maker layouts and templates, inventory management, push notifications, and so on. Choose software that can give you a bird’s eye view of every order, customer, and vendor.

5. A Fascinating Live 3D Preview

Although some might consider this a nice feature to have, the live 3D preview option has become an increasingly popular option on several eCommerce websites. The feature offers an enhanced personalization experience to the customers with a 360-degree view of their designs.

Customers can use this facility to make an informed decision by looking at their design in a three-dimensional format before they decide to place an order. The thing is that it may look good in 2D may not look great in 3D. That’s why the feature works!

6. Simplify Your Order-to-delivery Process

Timely delivery is a huge factor in customer retention and satisfaction, especially for online businesses. As an entrepreneur yourself, if you do all the right things but don’t take care of delivering to your customers on time, then your efforts will be in vain.

That is why the order-to-delivery process is so important. You can partner with shipping vendors such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS to take care of the delivery and shipping processes. Once your customer places an order, they would wish to see the status of order processing.

You can either provide your customers with a way to see the status of their delivery on your eCommerce website or the website of the shipping vendor. A uniform designing software can help you with this.

7. Eliminate Manual and Repetitive Tasks

Technology has made it possible to automate repetitive manual tasks. Especially with printing, there are a few processes that, if automated, will bring down you and your team’s manual time and effort significantly.

Remember that your customers are looking for speed and quality of work. With automation, you not only increase the speed of the process by eliminating manual tasks but also remove any room for manual errors.

8. Display Customer Reviews and Ratings

In eCommerce, customers rely on reviews from other customers while deciding to purchase an item or take up a service. Your custom uniform builder eCommerce website is not exempt from this. While it could go either way, reviews and ratings are essential to improve your sales.

Reviews from your customers also increase credibility for your custom uniform builder eCommerce website. Positive reviews bring you more customers. Negative reviews allow you to identify the problem and find a solution for it.

Trust us – your customers will appreciate your effort in taking care of a problem more than anything else. Therefore, whether it is a positive review or a negative one, you can use both to your advantage.

9. Show Related and Recommended Products

That is an excellent way for your custom uniform builder eCommerce website to increase sales of its products. Displaying recommended or related products to those that the customer is viewing is a great way to cross-sell other products on the website.

Another benefit of this is that your customers now have more than a few options to select from and choose the product of their liking.

Over to you

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