Questions That Will Help You Decide Whether to Invest in a Magento Product Designer Tool or Not

Questioning before investing in anything is a must, especially when it’s something that affects your business. Even investing in a small tool like Magento product designer is a big thing; hence to decide whether to go for it or not, there’s nothing wrong in popping up a few questions. 

The evolution of the printing industry is no less than a marvel. People today are no longer needed to be dependent upon the physical stores to get something printed. Thanks to the digitalization, print services are now online providing a bundle of benefits to both customers and the store owner. More than the convenience of getting things printed online, customers are enjoying the freedom of customization and personalization the online print services are providing with it. After all, who doesn’t love to add their personal touch to the products they are buying? 

Magento product designer extension is an excellent addition that a print store owner must not miss because it comes with what every customer needs today – the customization feature to modify any product as they want. 

But for store owners, the question arises whether it is worth to invest in it or not. Hence, to help them come to a decision, we have curated a list of a few questions every store owner must ask before investing in a Magento web to print solution. 

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Question 1: What customization features can my customers enjoy with Magento product configurator?

The Magento product designer tool must justify its name i.e. it must allow the customer to design any product as they want; hence it is very important to know before integrating it to your store whether it is offering enough customization features that customers can enjoy or not. It must enable customers to create and design their own choice of products by altering their shape, size, material, colour, pattern, text, images, etc. and must come with editable custom design templates, clipart gallery, and so on using which a customer can personalize a product as they wish. 

Question 2: Will it give a fully responsive mobile experience to my customers?

One of the very important questions to be asked is to ensure whether the Magento 2 product designer is mobile-friendly or not. Since smartphones and people have become inseparable, the traffic of customers via mobile is more than anything else in the present times. Hence, whatever you are offering has to be mobile-friendly today. Ask your web to print software vendors before investing whether Magento 2 product designer will offer a mobile-first experience for your users or not as a majority of your customers will come via mobile-only and you don’t want to miss such an incredibly huge number, right? 

Question 3: Can my customers save, share, upload or download designs?

Not everyone is a designer by profession and Magento product configurator is for all. Hence, if a layman wants to personalize a product, he/she may want to save it for the future or share them on their social media accounts or upload any particular image to personalize it even more, and lastly download the final file. If none of this feature is there for customers, your store will nothing but become a big turn-off for customers. Therefore, it is important to get an answer to this question before investing your time, money, and resources behind the Magento product designer. 

Question 4: What controls does an admin get in it?

For customers, there would be enough feature but for you as a store admin, some features have to be there like order management, general web-to-print settings, design area and studio management, pricing control, product settings, and other necessary configurations which makes store management nice and easy.  

Question 5: Does my store support SEO Features?

SEO is an important matter to survive the competition and to get your store placed in the top position in Google, SEO is necessary. Hence, confirm whether your store will be SEO-friendly with the integration of the product designer tool. Don’t forget to include targeted keywords, SEO title, meta descriptions, and other SEO practices to enhance your digital presence and make your store more appealing.


We have pointed out just a few basic questions that you as a store owner must ask before investing in a Magento product designer extension, however, you can and you must clear all your doubts with your web-to-print software provider before investing in any tool for your store. 

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