Design’N’Buy Web2Print review from Jonas Frisk- Malaysia’s All Inclusive Digital Printing Business

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“Our company made the decision to expand into online services with a web to print platform in 2018 we decided to go with Design’N’Buy as their Magento outsource platform was a good fit for our products and their designer module was a good selling point for our personalized prints. The technical support has been good and the traffic it’s generating is amazing. Thanks to the staff for their continuous and phenomenal support even during the Covid-19 while the staff has been working from home.” ~ Jonas Frisk- Founder and owner of the Pixio MY

Print Industry is rapidly transitioning towards Online Platforms as people tend to get customized and personalized products and as businesses can expand their reach with minimal preliminary expenses. Jonas and his team identified the potential well in advance and made a transition from Brick and Mortar to Brick and Click back proactively right in the year of 2018. They wished to capitalize on the trend of a customized product business model and they also required a personalized Magento platform along with magento product designer that aligns with their products and business vision. With this vision, they chose Design’N’Buy as their Web-to-Print implementation partner.

Our journey so far:

Jonas had a clear vision about Pixio My and wanted to create an all inclusive online digital printing platform that can help his company reach new heights of success. The company was looking for a technology partner that can create a Magento based website integrated with magento web-to-print software that can cater to all their requirements and a Web-to-print platform that can help them deliver a range of customized products. They required an industry expert as they catered to a wide range of Digital Printing services such as Canvas prints, fridge magnets, photo blocks, frames, wall art, wallpaper, stickers, billboards, standees, signages, 3D product prints, vehicle wrap and many other such printing services.

The Outcome:

pixio web to print

Design’N’Buy collaborated with Pixio MY and delivered end-to-end Web to Print implementation services as their technology partner. Right from the technical consultancy for the digital transformation to the development and maintenance of their Magento print commerce platform to integration of Design Studio, Design‘N’Buy has successfully catered to all of our client’s requirements and is still working relentlessly to keep their platform and business, ahead in the virtual world.

A Note of Gratitude:

We the team of Design’N’Buy thank and express our gratitude to Jonas Frisk for acknowledging our efforts, appreciating our product and providing an honest review about Design’N’Buy Web to Print solution. Being an industry expert, we are always pleased when we could collaborate with our clients right from the start and deliver them all inclusive services that lead to long-term mutually beneficial business relationships. It is because of such recommendations and reviews of our customers like Jonas that pushes us to work relentlessly and keep Design’N’Buy, a market leader in the Print Solutions industry.

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