“Design’N’Buy’s help speed up our order management workflow by 70%” Says a Successful Client from USA

At Design’N’Buy, it is always our endeavor to serve our clients to the best of our abilities. We have consistently worked harder all these years and utilized our hands to deliver the best possible technical support to our customers.

Sure, improving our proprietary web-to-print technology has always been our numero uno priority but offering excellent customer service is at the helm of everything we do. We do not just say this, but our clients do.

A very loyal and satisfied customer recently dropped in at our webinar on “Automate Your Print Business With Web-To-Print” to share his experiences about using our technology. It was none other than SilkLetter’s Hanwey Shieh.

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SilkLetter and Design’N’Buy go back in time.

SilkLetter, a New York-based custom promotional products seller, was launched in 2008 to sell personalized promotional products in bulk to both individuals and businesses. Value and service are the two main components of the company.

Hanwey Shieh is one of the founding members of SilkLetter, and under his tutelage, the business went on to be recognized in INC 500 — The Fastest Growing Companies In America. Mr. Shieh currently serves as the Founder and President of the company.

SilkLetter started its web-to-print implementation with Design’N’Buy in 2011. We deployed a bespoke design studio and workflow integrated with Magento 1 eCommerce site for them. We very recently also migrated their site to Magento 2.

What did Mr. Sheih say about us? Only the best…

Speaking about how Design’N’Buy’s bespoke web-to-print solution helped his business, he revealed that after two-to-three years of starting SilkLetter, they realized they did not have a design solution that could get easily integrated with their website.

They wanted a solution wherein their customers could see their designs in real-time and use SilkLetter’s site and not their competitors. Given this technology was slowly being accepted in this industry, the company wanted to have the first mover’s advantage.

Silkletter design studio

SilkLetter wanted their customers to benefit significantly from seeing their designs in real-time and also started to enjoy some more benefits on implementing Design’N’Buy web-to-print solution:

  1. The W2P technology reduced conversion path friction because the customers could see what they were going to get from SilkLetter through the real-time preview of the designs.
  2. The feature mentioned-above increased site stickiness as customers could play with design options, be more satisfied with the end-product, and increase SilkLetter’s conversions.
  3. More importantly, Design’N’Buy helped them improve the core backend processing efficiency. It reduced the need for the SilkLetter team to create designs per client.
  4. The technology streamlined the workflow and minimized the admin costs related to having in-house designers who were with the company back in the day.
  5. SilkLetter also improved the design approval process because the customers could upload their designs or personalize the print-ready templates available in the design studio. This sped up the order management workflow by about 70%. Mr. Shieh was surprised to find out this process often resulted in unnecessary back-and-forth communication between the in-house designers and customers.
  1. The technology reduced the time and cost for their team to redraw or make the output files print-ready. Now their customers upload the file or make customizations on the storefront itself.

The output file, a vector file, on the design solution is already a print-ready vector file and can instantly go for printing and does not need any backend work.

Do you want to watch the full webinar? View the recording here.

Print eCommerce: what the future holds

The eCommerce industry has grown exponentially in the past few years, more so due to the pandemic. Mr. Shieh pointed out how important it is to have an online design solution for the customers. It is so much more convenient.

This is especially true in the printed products industry, where there is a significant decline in traditional sales channels. Mr. Shieh revealed that people represent fewer sales due to the pandemic, and more buyers are now comfortable with online shopping.

Moving a printing business from offline to online mediums is easy with a powerful web-to-print design solution and makes them technologically stronger.

Happy customer, happy us

We have been working with SilkLetter for over eight years now, helping them with upgrades and maintaining the platform. Mr. Shieh ended his speech by appreciating all the hard work and support that the Design’N’Buy team has given all these years.

The feedback we received from the attendees was also positive, and they lauded Mr. Shieh for sharing his two cents on the support he has received from us. It was indeed refreshing to have a client share his success story.

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