What’s All The Buzz About Printeriors?

If we are asked to define it, printeriors or printed interiors refer to everything from custom wall art, murals, and wallpapers to personalized decor knick-knacks printed digitally with the latest technologies available.

Printeriors first gained popularity in Europe back in 2015 when leading substrate manufacturers and digital printers joined hands to showcase a new range of applications targeted at the interior design communities in the region.

That opened up doors to new creative possibilities in Europe where digital print technology could realize innovative interior design concepts in multiple domains such as commercial and residential real estate, retail, and hospitality.

Materials commonly used in such type of printing include metal, woods, glass, ceramic tiles, and Perspex. Don’t be surprised when we tell you that the room interiors in some European hotels are now entirely digital printed. Isn’t that interesting?

It is only in 2018 that printeriors started to get traction in North America, with designers leveraging the advances of digital textile printing to develop on-demand, bespoke cushions, furniture upholstery, carpets, table covers, drapes and more – without minimum meterage.

Interested to know more? Let us take a look at four innovations led by printeriors:

In with Mass Customization, Out with Mass Production

Mass Production

Printeriors have made personalization in interior spaces, not just possible but also easy to attain. Be it designs, colors, or fabrics – today, consumers seeking decor items that reflect their personality know where to go, and can place an order on precisely what they want.

Moreover, the onset of digital printing technology has lowered the barriers for local manufacturers and printers to develop on-demand prints without worrying about substantial minimum order volumes.

Additionally, printeriors technology carries out short and medium-run printing without any significant startup costs, which is a win for printing companies. In printeriors, any material can be printed, which means designers are not limited by their imagination anymore.

Printeriors is a win-win for not just designers and printers but also consumers who are always on the lookout for easily accessible and affordable bespoke printed decor products. The good part is now they can have that even in their offices and homes.

Expansion of Product Offerings by Printers

The print is indeed revolutionizing the way industry works and has inspired a digitally-driven production era where designers get to experiment and let their creative juices flow. However, that’s not the only community that benefits from printeriors.

That offers a valuable opportunity for printers like yourself to expand their product offerings in digital full-format and textile printing. Printeriors demonstrate an extensive range of printed applications – from 3D printed furniture and printed fabrics for sofas to printed wallpaper.

On-Demand Digitally-Printed Textiles

Digitally-Printed Textiles

The fast turnarounds, no minimum order placements, over 20 million colors at the push of a button, the digital textile printing technology is revitalizing the industry in North America. It has opened up a whole new horizon of opportunities for printing companies like yourself.

No consumer of today wants to commit to large minimum orders, and printeriors is no exception. That approach doesn’t work, especially in personalized products where the customization level is higher, but the quantity required is lower.

This is also a boon for printers and manufacturers who don’t want to hold large amounts of pre-printed stock. It’s a total waste of money and doesn’t contribute much to the annual revenues of the business.

Moreover, that enables the consumers more flexibility to place an order on decor items and wall coverings in a quantity of their choice.

A Step Towards Environment-Friendliness

The digital textile printing technology has evolved so much that its environmental footprint is getting smaller by the day. That’s a plus for consumers who are eco-conscious and prefer their printeriors to be durable and not become a landfill after a few years.

The printeriors technology eliminates the environmentally damaging run-off from traditional pigment dyes and instead uses colors that have little to no adverse impact on the environment. That’s an attractive value proposition for consumers who do not want to have anything damaging in the confines of their offices or homes.

Wrapping Up

With the advent of printeriors, Design’N’Buy expects to see the local printing and interior design communities to experiment with printeriors to develop authentic and fresh prints. If your printing company is branching out to offer bespoke capabilities, then we can help you set up a fully-responsive, mobile-ready storefront with a solid admin panel and plenty of features.

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