CEO discussing web-to-print at the Konica Minolta customer meet

Nidhi Agrawal, CEO – Design’N’Buy addressed the audience at Konica Minolta India customers meets in Kochi and New Delhi last week and discussed about how web to print is the future of the Printing Industry in terms of revenue generation and customer acquisition.

While Konica Minolta executives shared their future plans and new equipments with their customers along with thanking their customers for loyalty and support, Nidhi discussed latest trends of the online printing industry and customer preferences. While she acknowledged the need of printers to go online and respective ROI, she also went on to discuss how the web-to-print technology would specifically benefit the small print shops, photo labs and offset printers to add stable revenue channels to their business with consistent cash flows.

Later, in her speech while stressing on the fact that web-to-print is not for everyone, she communicated how it can be used as a differentiator to grow printing business. She ended up highlighting the success stories that showcased the advances made in the printing industry with implementation of web to print—especially over the past decade.

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