Design‘N’Buy offers integration of Odoo ERP with its web to print solutions

Design’N’Buy now offers integration of its web-to-print solution with Odoo ERP, an open source ERP platform adopted by many businesses around the world.

Design’N’Buy has always capitalized on open source software to offer highly scalable and customized business solutions to printers and personalized product businesses, and integration with Odoo ERP is natural to its business model.

Integration of its web-to-print solution with Odoo ERP now helps online store owners to use one fully integrated centralized application to automate their business processes and avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple disintegrated systems. With easy integration of web to print solution with Odoo helps in easy synchronization of products, categories, order status updates, customers, tax & payment status and a lot more.

Design’N’Buy, over the years has earned a reputation of successfully offering customized web to print solution to its customers and this integration adds another feather in their cap. For all the players in the print industry that are looking for a complete online business solution with ERP features and web-to-print, Design’N’Buy now has the most precise solution to offer. The integrated solution is more powerful and perfect for those who want to manage their multiple online stores and physical shops altogether. The open source solution allows you to unify your e-commerce print stores and other sales channels with ease with centralized access and management capabilities.

The integration comes with complete data sync of its web to print solution with Odoo ERP, and some important aspects are:

  • Bidirectional product, category and order status update sync
  • Customer and real time order sync
  • Real time inventory sync of Magento configurable products as Odoo variants
  • Tax, payment &shipping carrier mapping
  • Compatible with Odoo POS, inventory will automatic sync at both ends Magento and Odoo while order/delivery at Magento or POS

To know more about this new integration and the benefits of having fully integrated ERP and web-to-print solution, please connect with our sales team. Until then, we’ll keep exploring the open source solutions to offer easy, adoptable and expandable business solutions.

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