Design’N’Buy Becomes the First Web-To-Print to Offer Full RTL Support

The Middle Eastern printing market is growing rapidly in the past few years along with eCommerce. As to believe a report by Statista, revenue in the eCommerce market amounts to US$20,744m in 2019. One of the inevitable issues faced by printing companies operating in this region as well as globally is RTL support. There are countries that use language like Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, and others that run in RTL format. For print service providers in this region, it becomes important to curb out the language barriers to serve their print customers online.

This makes it a compulsion to provide the print service providers with a web-to-print that support their native language and currency. And that’s where DESIGN’N’BUY has now enabled their flagship web-to-print solution ALL-IN-ONE DESIGNER to offer online printing store which fully supports these Right to Left languages, not only on the website but for personalization design studio also.

“Our Design Studio is not only compatible with all browsers and devices but also loads faster and is easy to use. Since we already offer localization in multiple languages and currencies, providing RTL support to our clients from the MENA region was the next plausible step for us,” says Nidhi Agarwal, CEO & Co-founder of DESIGN’N’BUY.

Our design studio can not only be configured to match the printing company’s brand colors with local RTL language support but can be set up with products to have multiple personalization options. It comes with a pre-loaded clipart gallery and allows PSPs to upload language-specific fonts and create editable design templates using the visual template builder. We also support local currency and payment gateways like PayTabs, PayFort, PayPal, Zain Cash, and FastPay Cash.

“RTL script is something that no other design tool in the market offers except for DESIGN’N’BUY. And by looking at the growth of the printing industry in the Middle East, we can assure the printers in that region are in for a treat,” adds Agarwal.

Let us throw a brief light specifically on the concept of RTL support. What exactly is it and its advantages to the online companies.

What is RTL?

RTL stands for Right to Left. It is one of the format of writing where the words start from the right and end towards left. Since the users of these languages make a huge customer base, the online printing ecosystem cannot flourish without taking them into consideration. With the help of RTL support feature in our web-to-print solution, you can now easily run your online print storefront in the following languages:

• Arabic
• Urdu
• Hebrew
• And many others

Some of the advantages of RTL supported Web-to-Print solution are:

Better Customer Interaction

The immediate advantages of using the RTL system to a web store may include better interaction of the customers from a particular region. The righteous quote, “Language removes all barriers” applies here too. The customers from these regions are able to read the contents of the web store in a much better and focused way. It helps them to choose the right product quickly thus helping the seller in making more sales.

Broader Customer Reach and Business Expansion

Most of the countries do not follow the general trend of English. For instance, Saudi Arabia is a business hub and center for new business ideas. The fact is that almost 90% of Saudi Arabian interact using Arabic. Thus, the concept of including RTL and LTR multi-lingual support features in your print store is a must if you wish your web store to grow and prosper regardless of the culture and language barrier.

Easy Personalization and Ordering

With RTL support, print consumers can choose any template and personalize it as well as create any artwork from scratch using RTL fonts, clipart, and photo uploads. The live preview and download proof feature helps them to proof-read their design before ordering.

Wrap Up

To learn more about the RTL support feature, please don’t hesitate to contact our web-to-print experts at [email protected]

Alternatively, you can also book your personalized demo directly by visiting the website. The Design’N’Buy team is forever ready to help its clientele, minimize their pain points with an all-inclusive web-to-print software solution.

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