Design’N’Buy facilitates Offineeds’ Web-to-Print Transition

offineeds case study

Through the support of Design’N’Buy, Offineeds has transformed from a brick-and-mortar corporate gifting company to a thriving online business. In this interview, Mr. Srikanth Acharya, CEO of Offineeds, provides insight into the transformative process and the role Design’N’Buy played in its success.

Understanding Offineeds

Since 18 years, Offineeds has served medium- and large-sized organizations with corporate gifting and custom merchandise. With offices in Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune, Offineeds offers a wide range of customized products, including apparel, technology gadgets, and more, all adorned with client logos. The company is based in Bangalore with additional offices in Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune.

The Digital Shift

Around 2012-2014, when the e-commerce revolution was taking hold, Offineeds recognized the digital era as the future. As a result of COVID-19, corporate gifting was further accelerated, and digital became more prevalent.

Selecting the Right Partner

Offineeds’ quest for a dependable IT partner for their digital transformation led them to the ideal choice: Design’N’Buy. What made Design’N’Buy the perfect match for Offineeds? The answer lies in their exceptional expertise, especially in handling vector files, with a particular emphasis on SVGs, the linchpin for achieving impeccable print quality. Offineeds found their needs impeccably synchronized with Design’N’Buy’s profound grasp of the intricacies involved in creating print-ready files. This synergy was pivotal in Design’N’Buy emerging as the undisputed choice, demonstrating not just competence but also a deep understanding of the nuances critical to Offineeds’ success.

A Collaborative Endeavor

As part of their partnership, Offineeds and Design’N’Buy collaborated and understood each other. Both Teams worked cooperatively to resolve issues promptly and efficiently and focused on delivering results instead of worrying about development and testing challenges.

The Ultimate Achievement

Using the Design’N’Buy partnership, Offineeds launched their website within discussed timeline thanks to DNB team and their internal team’s active participation in testing and feedback. The Offineeds and Design’N’Buy partnership is also a living proof to the advantages of having a big picture vision in IT projects. As Offineeds continues to grow in the digital realm, the partnership between Offineeds and Design’N’Buy remains strong.

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