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Friday, May 18, 2012

It is unfortunate to inform that some unethical bodies have copied our copyright website contents in illegal manner and trying to sell our products in false name from the fake websites. In order to prevent getting cheated, kindly read this carefully.

Beware of cheats!!

Recently we came to know that some unethical bodies are distracting our clients using fake websites.

Beware! To avoid confusion, always trust the e-mails or calls that come from our domain or information mentioned on our official website.

We have no third-party representatives who are authorized to sell our products. So, watch out for such fake representatives and fake authorization mails. Talk to us directly in case of confusion.

It is advisable not to believe anyone who claims themselves as our resellers or representatives.

Exchange money only with the authorized agents after receiving right invoice.

The Design’n’Buy is in no way responsible for any loss that occurs due to false information.

Note that we do not have any representatives or mediators.