Meet Our All-In-One W2P Solution’s Storefront Page Builder

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As you know, it has always been our endeavor to keep improving our products, staying ahead of the demand curve, and delivering the best possible service to our customers.

If you follow our content, you will know that our flagship software, All-In-One Web2Print (AIOW2P) solution, has undergone many improvisations in the past few years.

The latest offering from us is the drag-and-drop storefront theme editor. Yes, that is correct! Similar to Elementor by WordPress, our new Page Builder shows you the result of the page design as you put it together – bit by bit – using various layouts and widgets.

Drag-and-drop, widgets, convenience, you name it!

Technology does not have to be necessarily complicated when it can be easy. The storefront Page Builder is equipped with intuitive menus and navigators, which can be integrated into the web-to-print shop without HTML or CSS coding knowledge.

The storefront Page Builder has a drag-and-drop feature. With access to essential widgets such as Toggle, Text Editor, Testimonial, Basic Gallery, Image Carousel, Spacer, and so on, you can create something unique without any problem.

Hassle-free storefront branding with live preview

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You can experiment with a fully DIY theme – add your branding colors and visualize the page layout before making it live. Initiate consistency across your storefront by setting color codes and typographies from the backend.

Use the preview mode across devices and navigate through the page to check what the experience will be like when the page goes live. The Page Builder enables quick live editing with instant, real-time results.

It also makes updating the web pages of the storefront easier, cultivating the nature of more efficient web2print storefront management.

Never worry about mobile-responsiveness

We understand that your target audience will not restrict itself to using only the desktop while browsing your storefront. In fact, a significant portion of your traffic can come from mobile, which is why you have to ensure your pages look good on any screen size.

Our Page Builder allows you to design more responsive web pages, giving your potential customers a better browsing experience. The page layout changes dynamically depending on the device widths through the control loading mechanism.

Independently scale up or down the preview size as and when required – enjoying complete flexibility when designing the new pages.

Customize every part of the storefront

The liberty to design your web page rests on you and no one else. You can personalize every part of the storefront, including headers and footers, from within the storefront Page Builder. In addition, it works smoothly with any add-on or plugin.

Take your printing business to the next level.

We know for sure that our Page Builder is straightforward to learn and use. Page management is a breeze. Plus, you do not have to worry about straying away from your branding. The storefront Page Builder takes care of everything.

If you want to know more about how you can take complete advantage of the tool, book a free consultation with our team. To independently explore the features, please visit the feature page on the official website or check out our YouTube channel.

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