All-in-One Web2Print V.4.4 Uplifted with Magento 2.4.5 and Print Shop Themes

all-in-one web2print v4.4

We are thrilled to announce the release of the latest version 4.4 of our all-in-one web2print solution, packed with several enhancements and improvements to provide a more robust and seamless e-commerce experience for our users.

Our All-In-One Web2Print software solution helps you leverage technology, people, and processes for multi-fold printing business growth. It is an ideal choice for commercial printers, B2B printers, trade printers, marketing organizations, graphics designers, in-plants, print brokers, distributors, digital and wide format printers and specialty printers to take their business online. With the understanding that web-to-print does not only benefit the printer, but also its customers, our web-to-print software simplifies the online ordering process for consumers. Configure, scale, and customize it according to your business needs and budget. It complies with the open-source eCommerce revolution and offers endless integration options with any eCommerce application, other third-party MIS, ERP, and workflow systems you may already use or decide to implement in the future.A

Are you ready to explore what has been done better in this All-in-One Web2Print latest version? This updated version includes a significant upgrade to Magento 2.4.5, enhanced file upload functionality, improved pricing options, an enhanced file upload preview page, and expanded theme selection options for customers .

Upgrading to Magento 2.4.5: Better Security, Performance, and User Experience

Magento upgrade 2.4.5

We are excited to announce that we have upgraded to Magento’s latest version, 2.4.5. This update brings a host of improvements, and performance enhancements to keep our platform up to date with industry standards and provide a seamless e-commerce experience for our users. We are confident that the new Magento version will give our users the most convenient experience possible.

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Expanded Print Shop Website Theme Selection Options for Customers

new themes for merchandise, printing and packaging
  • Pre-defined themes for different product or business types, including Sales, Print, Packaging, and Merchandise themes.
  • Diverse options catered to specific requirements, offering an enhanced and visually appealing experience.

The purpose of these print shop website templates and themes is to make it easier for individuals to establish a printing business by simplifying the initial steps. These printing company landing page templates offer a readily available structure that greatly minimizes the time and energy needed to create a strong online presence. Printers can select from a variety of pre-designed themes, personalize them to match their branding, and swiftly launch their web to print websites.

Refer to this link here to read: DesignNBuy Unveils Exciting Print Shop Webstore Templates for Merch, Packaging, and Printing Businesses

Explore Improved File Upload Functionality:

file upload functionality

1. Enhanced Global Settings for File Upload - Supported File Type Selection:

  • Admins can customize the file upload button’s UI to match their website’s brand guidelines.
  • Set the minimum acceptable DPI for uploaded artwork files to ensure print quality.
  • Configure supported file types for seamless ordering.

2. File Upload Configuration for Products:

  • Enable file upload and ordering options for specific products.
  • Set background images for realistic artwork previews.
  • Configure printing area parameters for precise artwork representation control.
  • Provide PDF guidelines and artwork instructions for clear submission guidelines.

3. Introducing Pricing Functionality for File Uploads:

  • Enhanced pricing options based on the number of pages of uploaded artwork.
  • Dynamic pricing displays on the product detail page.
  • Automated page count calculation for accurate pricing.
  • Configure file upload pricing settings for administrators.
  • Improved the custom option module for better pricing calculations.

4. Enhanced File Upload Preview Page with Pricing Display

  • Improved pricing visibility on the file upload preview page.
  • Aligned artwork instructions and text boxes for optimized space utilization.
  • Dedicated pricing section displaying total and per-page pricing.
  • Streamlined “Proceed to Checkout” button placement for a seamless user journey.

Embrace the Future of Web-to-Print with All-in-One Web2Print V.4.4 Solution

Upgrading to Magento 2.4.5

With these exciting enhancements, our All-in-One web2print software empowers businesses to provide a seamless and customized printing experience for their customers. We are excited about the possibilities this new version brings to our users, and we look forward to shape the future of web-to-print solutions and create a thriving e-commerce ecosystem. Stay ahead of the competition and embrace the latest industry standards with our upgraded platform.

To learn more about our all-in-one web-to-print solution and its updated features, book a demo now or Call us today at +1-347-647-9799 to learn more!

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