DESIGN’N’BUY Announced Appointment of Chief Operating Officer for Latin America

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Abhishek Agarwal, Director of DESIGN’N’BUY, is pleased to announce the appointment of Antonio Garrido as Chief Operating Officer for its business operations in Latin America, effective December 1, 2021.

Antonio holds a B.A. in Economics and a Master in Econometrics. He lives in Toronto, Canada, and travels extensively in the Latin American region due to the nature of the key roles he plays in several organizations he has been part of.

His business methods have been proven at the highest levels of success across Latin America, helping companies to create a plan to achieve massive results for multidimensional growth and unprecedented success.

I am very excited to be part of DESIGNNBUY and to head its expansion plan in Latin America as Chief Operating Officer. Its Web2Print product is second to none, with features that empower print shops to grow like never. DESIGNNBUY’s flexible approach will help in the necessary business model transformation to successfully face the new business landscape and challenges that the graphic industry in Latin America is facing today”.

In this newly created role at DESIGN’N’BUY, Antonio will reinforce the alignment of the company’s revenue goals and product strategy to ensure customer expectations are exceeded. When asked about the plans and strategy ahead with DESIGN’N’BUY, he had this to say:

“I have no doubt that in the very short term we will become a reference in the graphic industry in Latin America, becoming a leader in Web-to-Print technology in the region. We have cemented our position in Mexico, with solid and long-lasting partnerships with local Dealers, and we are already in in talks with Print retails leaders in South America. The sky is the limit”.

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“Since I started communication with him, Antonio has demonstrated all the qualities necessary to assume leadership of our daily operations for Latin America and I am confident that he will be able to contribute to scaling the business, while further bolstering our focus on quality and innovation,” said Nidhi Agrawal, CEO at DESIGNNBUY, INC. 

“In my 25 years’ experience in the IT industry I’ve learn to notice a leader-in-the-making when I see one. DESIGN’N’BUY, under the very accurate strategy of its CEO, is one of those companies and I want to be part of their success.”, signs-off Antonio by saying.

With support of a qualified and professional team, DESIGN’N’BUY commits to offer an excellent customer support in local time zone and language to its Spanish speaking customers.

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