Design’N’Buy Expands Reach: Introducing Full Chinese Language Support in Web to Print Software

Chinese Language Support web to print software

Design’N’Buy’s commitment to global inclusivity took a leap forward with the introduction of robust Chinese language support in their web to print software. This wasn’t just about adding a new language option; it was a comprehensive solution designed to cater to the specific needs of a client with a Chinese-speaking audience.

Let’s delve deeper into how Design’N’Buy tackled this challenge and empowered their client to thrive in the Chinese market.

Understanding the Chinese Language Challenge:

Integrating Chinese language support goes beyond a simple translation. Here’s how Design’N’Buy tackled the complexities:

  • Font Compatibility: Chinese characters require specific fonts for proper display. Design’N’Buy implemented font conversion techniques to ensure all Chinese characters appeared flawlessly across the platform. This involved meticulous testing and adjustments to avoid distorted or missing characters.

  • Output Modifications: DesignNBuy’s solution addressed the way Chinese text renders on different output formats. They implemented modifications to character spacing, line breaks, and layout to guarantee a visually appealing and readable experience in print.

  • Job Sheet Transformation: Traditional job sheets often rely on symbols or abbreviations that might not translate well for Chinese users. Design’N’Buy’s team meticulously modified job sheets to include clear and concise instructions in Chinese, streamlining the order fulfillment process for the client’s team.

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Design’N’Buy Enhances User Experience with Comprehensive Chinese Integration

DesignNBuy’s approach wasn’t just about technical solutions; it focused on user experience. Here’s how they ensured a smooth experience for the client’s Chinese users:

designnbuy Chinese Language Support in web to print software

Chinese Interface:

The entire Design’N’Buy web to print platform, including the user interface, product descriptions, and design tools, was translated into Chinese. This eliminated any language obstacles for the client’s users, allowing them to navigate the platform intuitively and create designs with confidence.

Chinese Font Selection:

Design’N’Buy’s personalization software, where users create their designs, now displays all font names in Chinese. This empowered the client’s users to explore and select fonts that best suited their design needs and cultural preferences.

In Summary

Design’N’Buy‘s approach to Chinese language support goes beyond translation. It’s a testament to their dedication to providing a user-centric and culturally-sensitive experience for a global audience. This case study exemplifies how Design’N’Buy is breaking down language barriers and empowering ecommerce print businesses to reach new heights in the ever-evolving world of web to print.

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