Now Invite Graphic Designers To Sell Their Designs On Your Web-to-Print Storefront With Our Graphic Designer Marketplace Module

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It is no surprise that attractive designs are at the center of any successful printing business. Whether you are selling t-shirts or mugs, you must have beautiful graphics for your target audience to choose from. Otherwise, what is the point of running a web-to-print store? 

Keeping that in mind, we are incredibly thrilled to announce that we have recently rolled out a web-to-print graphic designer marketplace module to enable you to offer fresh and trendy print-ready design templates to your end customers.

With the module, you are free to register as many graphic designers and creative artists as possible on your web-to-print storefront who, in turn, design a creative, set a price to it, and display it on the site after getting appropriate approvals from the admin.

If the end customer chooses a design and places an order, the designer earns a commission from the sale. While they make money on your site, you get fabulous designs to sell. Everyone wins thanks to our web-to-print graphic designer marketplace module.

So, if you have a syndicate of freelance creative artists and designers in mind that can produce beautiful artwork for your storefront quickly and innovatively, you must use our module. Not convinced? Here are its various benefits:

1. Pick only the talented ones for your business

Just because any graphic designer can register on your website does not mean everyone gets to sell. You have complete control over the registration requests and can select those people who are good at what they do.

The module lays much emphasis on maintaining quality. Once you have a bulk of artists in your arsenal, you can list them all on a single page and let the end customers choose the most suitable person for the project.

They can browse through the individual designer’s catalog, pick and edit an apt template for the job, and place an order rather swiftly.

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2. Give a personal profile and portfolio to manage

add designers

Every graphic designer who registers on your storefront gets a complete profile on their own, which they can manage from the backend. The page consists of a brief bio about the designer, their photo, and the designs they have created and sold on your website.

3. Efficiently handle all transactions

The creative artists happen just to sell their designs. The responsibility of processing the orders, ensuring the transactions have gone through, and shipping and delivery are carried out on time is solely on you. It is your printing website, after all!

4. Rate and review the designers

designs review

Our web-to-print graphic designer marketplace module allows your end customers to rate and review the artists and designs. This helps you showcase the favorites on the top (of your homepage or category pages) and drive higher sales.

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5. Enable smart product tagging on the designs

Before the creative artists publish a design, they can assign it strategically to multiple product categories to make it easy for end customers to find what they are searching for.

For instance, if a design can be printed on a business card, label, sticker, or t-shirt, the designer can tag accordingly so that the designs are displayed across the selected product categories. This also allows them to find design options based on keywords.

6. Curate easily due to the Design Studio

Our web-to-print graphic designer marketplace module enables them to add, edit or delete designs. They can also upload a design in a predefined format or create one from scratch using our uber easy Design Studio.

Once they publish the design, you or your admin gets notified for you to approve or reject the design, thus maintaining quality artwork on the storefront.

7. Creative artists have the liberty to set their commissions

commission redemption

Besides, they can send you a request to redeem their earnings as and when required. You can then make the payments through a suitable method. Our web-to-print graphic designer marketplace module makes sourcing great designs easy.

You see, there is only so much an expensive media library can offer you. Not to forget, that can get extremely costly in the long run if you have to keep refreshing the library for variety and freshness. But with this option, you gain access to exciting designs all year round!

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8. Empower the designers to do good work

Well, if there are designers who are excellent at what they do but need an outlet to earn a quick buck, then our module can help. Apart from setting up their profile and creating awesome designs, they do not have to do anything. That is the beauty of our module.

9. Optimize your growth strategy properly

Our module makes managing creative artists on your storefront easy and risk-free. In addition, it gives you access to review reports on earnings based on individual creative artists, designs, print products, and so on. The analytics allow you to optimize your strategy and stay updated with the network’s sales and customer buying patterns.

Over to you

Given our vast experience, we can confidently say we understand the exact requirements of the print industry. That is why we decided to go ahead and build something like this module.

The web-to-print graphic designer marketplace module consists of all the must-have features that make it easy to adopt for everyone, including graphic designers and end customers.

If you want to know more about our module, contact the team at [email protected] or fill out the form on the website.

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