South America For The Win: We’re Locking Hands With Chile-Based bLogik

partnership with bLogic

We are obsessed with helping our clients offer new print solutions, capture a larger audience and drive higher revenues. Therefore, it was not surprising when we decided to partner with Chile-based bLogik and empower them with our outstanding web2print solution.

bLogik is a company that specializes in processes and technologies for providing personalized documentation and solutions for optimizing the productivity levels of professional printers. So yes, it is a great business move for us. But if you recall, this is not our first rodeo in South America.

Last year in September, we successfully ventured into Ecuador and Colombia, helping printing companies enthrall their end-users. Nevertheless, we would still consider the bLogik partnership a fantastic achievement — one that our whole team will celebrate!

We are very much looking forward to setting up an easy-to-operate web-to-print storefront for bLogik’s customers so that the latter can place print orders hassle-free.

Ever since the pandemic began, the print industry has been on a roller coaster ride. Only in the past few months has it found some stability as the world limps back to normalcy faster than ever due to the vaccination drives.

Therefore, we want to grab this opportunity to enable a much-needed evolution of the print industry in South America. We are 100% positive this partnership will be beneficial (and long-lasting) for all those involved.

We want to help bLogik spruce up its offerings and operations so that they gain a competitive edge and are able to impress their customers with exceptional service. The print industry is in jeopardy because the world has gone online.

Yet, some choose to break the glass ceiling and thrive. bLogik is one of them, and we are all for it! According to their General Manager Jaime Ramírez Paredes, our software has robust capabilities, thus making it a dynamic tool for printers to succeed in product merchandising, a growing market in South America.

Given bLogik is an expert in multiple areas, including digital marketing, Customer Communications Management (CCM), and omnichannel communications, having a web-to-print solution will only help them offer competitive solutions to customers when the demand is more and supply is limited.

Considered pioneers in cross-media communications, bLogik delivers personalized sites, print marketing, and email support to its customer base. Interestingly, they are also experts in handling web platforms for promoting photo books and other shot-based prints.

Moreover, bLogik was among the first companies in South America to add web-to-print services to its portfolio a decade ago. Therefore, they deserve all the help they can help to always be the go-to choice for all communication needs.

As you know, our web-to-print solution offers smooth integrations with many market-leading eCommerce platforms and plugins. Its advanced capability will empower bLogik to provide our customers with an efficient, seamless, and low-cost transition into the world of eCommerce.

We are undoubtedly the apparent choice for integrated online product designers for online printers. Our clients appreciate us for our technology and support, and we are looking to offer the same to bLogik. For inquiries regarding web2print, please email at or visit for more details.