Banner Printing Industry Trends – What Can You Expect in 2023?

Top Banner Printing Trends

Print business leaders are looking to grow and adapt to meet urgent customer demands, and to develop new offerings that could help clients move in new directions.

They know they need to become more efficient, focus on costs, and improve workflow by using technology that will help them simplify and streamline processes. And many are seeking ways to become socially responsible—for the sake of their customers, their reputations and, ultimately, profit.

So, let’s look at some of these trends and try to understand what they’ll mean for banner print business over the coming months and years.

Banner printing is one among other printing types that was, is, and will remain in demand as far the businesses are considered. Banners are still in fashion and people are now taking to a new level with digitization and customization in it.

Current And Future Banner Printing Industry Statistics

Custom banners are becoming increasingly popular for promoting products and events.

The printed signage market is estimated to reach USD 41.393 billion by 2027, according to Mordor Intelligence. reports that the global digital signage market was valued at USD 24.86 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.0% from 2023 to 2030.

One of the most popular types of custom banners in the market is vinyl banners. These banners are printed with fade-resistant UV ink on durable 13 oz or 18 oz vinyl, making them a long-lasting and cost-effective option for both indoor and outdoor use.  They come in various sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. They are also easy to install, so you can have them up and ready in no time. The banners are also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged in bad weather.

Banner Printing Industry Trends for 2023

So, let’s see what to expect in the banner printing trends in the year 2023.

More Digitalization

Digital printing has eliminated the need for printing plates and other heavy setups which a traditional offset printing required. The ease of digitalization has made it easier for both the printers and the customers to get printed products without any headaches. Getting a banner designed which was a mammoth task in earlier days can now be printed within a blink of an eye. Such speed and versatility in banner printing can more be seen in 2023 because digital printing is gaining popularity day-by-day.

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On-demand Printing

Gone are the days of the traditional printing method where printing just one copy or a few were expensive and time-consuming. Today, with print-on-demand things have changed. The on-demand printing will see a significant rise in 2023 even more since they are cost-effective and efficient.

Elevated Personalization with Banner Design Software

One feature that is making any online business a success today is personalization. With the invention of effective banner design software, a customer can not only personalize a banner by making the necessary changes on his own but can also customize it in terms of size, material, finish, creating editable templates, configuring, and bulk pricing and processing the orders too, which, is going to only increase further in 2023.

The trend of personalization and customization has given the online printing business a thrust like never before; hence what more this trend has to offer will be worth waiting.

Sustainable Materials Usage and Printing

In response to growing environmental concerns, the banner printing industry is embracing sustainable practices. Businesses are shifting towards eco-friendly materials like biodegradable vinyl and fabric substrates. This trend not only reduces the environmental impact but also appeals to environmentally-conscious customers. 

Eco-Friendly Inks and Recycled Inks for Print Projects

The industry is adopting eco-friendly and recycled inks to minimize the carbon footprint of print projects. These inks are formulated to have reduced volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making them safer for both the environment and print workers. This move aligns with the broader commitment to sustainability.

Reclamation of Materials for Recycling

Print businesses are now focusing on repurposing and reclaiming materials that can be recycled. This not only reduces waste but also allows for cost savings. Companies are finding innovative ways to collect and recycle leftover materials from their print projects, contributing to a more circular economy.

The Use of White Ink Has Increased

White ink usage in banner printing has gained traction due to its versatility. It enables vibrant prints on dark or colored substrates, enhancing visual impact. This trend allows businesses to create attention-grabbing designs and expand their creative possibilities.

Increased Demand for Wall Graphics

Wall graphics have surged in popularity as businesses and individuals seek innovative ways to transform interior spaces. Whether for branding, decoration, or artistic expression, the demand for large-format, high-quality wall graphics is on the rise.

The Ongoing Digital Revolution Will Reduce Overall Print Volumes

As digital communication methods continue to evolve, there’s a shift towards online advertising and digital content delivery. This trend may lead to a reduction in traditional print volumes. Print businesses are adapting by diversifying their services and investing in digital printing technologies.

How Intelligent AI Automation Can Help Print Businesses Work Smarter

Artificial Intelligence (AI) automation is revolutionizing the banner printing industry. AI-powered tools can streamline design processes, optimize printing workflows, and enhance quality control. Automation minimizes manual intervention, reduces errors, and increases overall operational efficiency

Flexibility and sustainability

You need not wait for the print shop to open up to place your order. Online printing comes with flexibility. Banner printing can be done by anyone, anytime, and even on the go which is much needed in 2023 and so on. Also, unlike the traditional prints which lasted only a few years along with huge wastage of materials while making them, banner printing today and in the coming years will be much more sustainable. The digital prints will be more durable, causing hardly any wastage of materials.

How Does Custom Banner Design Software Impact Your Business’s Sales and Revenue?

Custom banner design software significantly impacts your wide-format business’s print orders and revenue by offering personalized customer experiences, convenient online access, and diversified offerings. Banner design software’s automated processes lead to faster turnarounds, reduced errors, and data-driven insights. This tech-driven approach provides a competitive edge, enhances customer satisfaction, and offers scalability for future growth. Ultimately, the software’s effects include higher conversion rates, increased average order values, and improved customer loyalty.

Last updated: 24 August 2023

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