6 Ways Having Graphic Design Templates In Your Web-to-Print Storefront Can Boost Print Orders

Do you remember the time when designing t-shirts prints was hard? We don’t – because it was that long ago! Today, there are templates for everything and anything under the sun. Many products can be custom-designed and printed from footwear, trophies, and pens to flyers, wallpapers, and brochures.

This new fad has given birth to hyper-personalization, which means individual customers can arrange for custom printed products without the hassle of bulk ordering or purchasing. Likewise, businesses can get printed products of their choice without spending a considerable sum of money on branding.

So, if your web-to-print storefront has been thinking about having graphic design templates, then you must. Because that will help you boost sales in six ways:

1. Easy-to-use and hassle-free

When you give your customers templates to customize, you provide them with the power to create something in the process, but not from scratch. This not only saves them the headache of conceptualizing a design but also enables them to choose a template of their liking.

Whether it is greeting cards, tags, envelopes, business cards or menus, posters, and t-shirts, your customers can personalize graphic design templates their way without compromising the authenticity of the artwork and quality of products.

When they know your graphic design templates are easy-to-use, they are bound to return to you – thus ensuring higher sales.

2. Provides consistency and uniformity

Standardization of logos, colors, and font styles is a vital part of a brand as this helps consumers relate with the brand. Can you imagine Coca Cola without its iconic red color and font type? It is impossible! The same ideology applies to such a scenario as well.

Graphic design templates help maintain branding basics such as layout, colors, fonts, and sizes. And if a business starts from scratch without a big budget, using online design templates could be an ideal solution – for they don’t have to spend time in doing the hard work.

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Your customers can choose from an array of marketing-centric materials such as banners, flyers, posters, t-shirts, and photo mugs and customize them with their branding. Moreover, if they belong to different industries such as real estate, construction, hospitality, they can find templates about them.

3. Better brand control

For businesses with big teams where brand control could be weaker, you can enable them to practice supervision during personalization.

Your customers can assign admin access as per convenience from the backend, which means not all employees will have the same level of flexibility to customize. They can protect any part of the design from team edits with advanced template locking.

Let them control what their employees can see, access, and upload in your web-to-print storefront. That provides a safe environment for such businesses to carry on tasks without compromising on brand identity.

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4. Increased flexibility

Believe it or not – online design templates increase flexibility. The reasons for the same are many. They are easy to update and ensure consistency across products, especially if they are for a business. For instance, marketing materials need to be consistent.

Unlike working with a design studio that could charge extra for making any changes, you don’t have to worry about meeting technological or instructional requirements and your clients’ needs when you customize graphic design templates.

Similarly, when personalizing greeting cards, photo books, or rack cards, your customers can have various options to tinker with. And let us not forget the extensive library of photos, fonts, and clipart that are at their disposal.

Because the templates can be easily customized, tracked, and updated, they become an obvious choice for your customers, thus boosting your sales. The ease of personalization is certainly a boon when it comes to having online design templates on your web-to-print storefront.

5. Saves time and money

Imagine if a business, in any industry, wants to get its brand identity in place, complete with business cards, brochures, letterheads, and more. But they cannot because they don’t have enough budget to hire an in-house designer or outsource to a design studio.

That is where online design templates can be handy. When a web-to-print storefront like you offers multiple templates for various marketing materials, along with an extensive library of photos, clipart, and fonts, you become an obvious choice for such businesses.

Their teams can come online together and customize the materials, using the same colors, fonts, and logos with increased brand controls. This not only saves them time but also becomes an economical choice for them to brand their identity.

6. Reduction in errors

Having web-to-print design templates ready-for-print means your customers don’t have to waste time building templates from scratch. They can customize the templates according to their needs and use them over and over again.

Our web-to-print design templates also develop proper trim, bleed and cut margins, which means the customers know exactly what the printed product will look like.

Plus, once the order is placed, your sales team has full control to check if the product in question is adequately designed and free of errors. Your customers can also save the design and come back after a day to review it, and fix any errors.

Everything does happen in real-time; however, that does not mean decisions have to be taken instantly.

Over to you

Graphic design templates offer affordable, customizable, and quality results for both individuals and businesses. So, it doesn’t matter what your customer base looks like at the moment. You have the potential to expand it and ensure your sales keep on increasing.

We at DesignRiver.co specialize in offering an array of templates for multiple industries and occasions. Whether you are an individual looking to print custom greeting cards or photo books, a business that wants to communicate effectively about COVID-19, or a startup that wants to exercise brand control, DesignRiver’s templates are for you!

Check out our collection of brilliant web-to-print design templates. And if you need any help, please get in touch with our customer representative team at +1-347-647-9799.

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