A Guide To Starting A Canopy Printing Business: Opportunities & Benefits

Guide to Start

Picture this. You are at a farmer’s market on Sunday and notice two cheese stalls. One of them has maybe two or three customers, while the other has attracted a long line of people.

Both seem to have similar products to sell. However, the second stall also has a large, brightly-colored canopy with the name of the cheese brand and a speech bubble that says, “Buy two, get two.”  Which one will you go to? Almost certainly the second one.

That is the optical power a good custom canopy has, which is nothing but an overhead roof or a structure over which a metal or fabric covering is attached. Businesses use that visual power to boost their business too.

Why every business can benefit from a custom canopy

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Now that everyone is out and about again, one need not restrict themselves to online marketing alone. Participating in trade shows and expos is a great way to promote a business to a large number of interested buyers in one go.

Given how many other businesses there will be, a custom canopy can draw the attention of passers-by and give enterprises much more visibility. It does not cost that much either. If you are not convinced yet about why businesses are preferring canopy made (or sell one – in your case), here are some great reasons:

1. Eye-catching

Any trade show or fairground will have dozens of stalls, most of which look alike from a distance. There is not much businesses can do about the stall itself, but they can certainly set up an attractive custom canopy that pulls people’s gazes. Print companies can prepare canopies for these business in any size, dimension, and color palette of your choice.

2. Boosts brand awareness

A canopy does not just serve to look pretty. Businesses can choose colors and designs that reflect their brand and reinforce the image they want people to have of company.

As we all know, brand visibility is vital to stand out amidst the competition, so businesses can design their custom canopy with the same care they put into business cards or brochures? Include fun facts about your brand, or highlight special deals you are running.

It goes without saying: you should have your brand logo and/or name prominently displayed on the canopy – ideally, even your contact details so that your potential customers have no trouble approaching you when they like.

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3. Easy to install

Managing a stall at a trade fair or expo can be stressful, but your decor does not have to be. Canopies are made from lightweight material that is easy to pack up and transport to and from event venues. A canopy is also easy to set up at your stall – it takes about ten minutes, and then you can focus on connecting with your customers.

4. Durable

Everyone knows where most marketing flyers end up – in the dustbin. Rather than wasting your budget on flyers, invest in a high-quality custom canopy that will stand strong throughout your session at the trade show.

Plus, canopies are prepared using sturdy polyester material that is waterproof, fire-resistant, and can withstand the sun’s rays in an outdoor show. Get any dirt on it? Simply give it a wipe or a rinse. A good custom canopy can last you years to come.

5. Versatile

No matter where you are setting up a stall, whether a trade show, an expo, or a fairground, a canopy always helps you stand out from the crowd. It helps protect any goods you have on display and can also be a great starting point for conversations with people who may not have heard of your brand before.

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How to use your custom canopy as a marketing tool

Now that you have seen how useful a custom canopy can be, what are some good ways to incorporate one into your marketing activities? Maybe you are accustomed to doing online-only business, or perhaps you do not see the need for a stall. Here are some ideas for you to venture into offline displays and find a good use case for that canopy:

1. Have a grand opening

If you are setting up a stall for the first time, do it a big way. Promote it among your community members as a grand opening for your business. Have a large, colorful canopy with a stall full of your products and your contact information displayed. That way, everyone in your neighborhood gets to know precisely what you do.

2. Celebrate your business anniversary

Another successful year of doing business deserves to be celebrated significantly. Set up a canopy tent and offer some goodies and limited-edition items to show your customers how much you appreciate their support.

3. Join a trade show

Trade shows are fun events where customers and their families come to have a good time and shop. If they like the look of your canopy, they will come up to you immediately, and you can win them over with what you do. It is a golden opportunity to make in-person connections that last well past the actual show.

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4. Participate in a business convention

These conventions are generally more formal than trade shows, but they are a great place to connect with other businesses that could place large orders with you. A good canopy also helps you stand out from the competition – which, as everyone knows, can be pretty intense at a business convention!

5. Attend a party

Who says you cannot mix business with pleasure? The next time there is a tailgating party or festival celebration in your neighborhood, bring your custom canopy along with you and show your support as a local business. Better yet, set it up with a snack stall for all the party attendees and give them another reason to gravitate towards you. 

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How to set up a custom canopy business

It is pretty clear by now that every business, regardless of industry, can benefit from a high-quality canopy. So why not set up a custom canopy printing business of your own? Custom print designs are booming in 2022/23, and canopies, in particular, are projected to take off as in-person shows become common again.

So if you are looking to add an income stream, or bring your passion for design to life, here is how you can get started:

1. Study the science of canopy printing

Devote some time to understanding the basics of canopy design and printing techniques. Different businesses will have different requirements, so it helps if you are conversant with all the options out there.

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2. Experiment as a reseller

If you want to dabble in the canopy business, you can start by buying canopies in bulk from manufacturers and reselling them at a profit. The time investment is a lot less with this method, and you can set your prices. However, by reselling readymade pieces, you miss out on the ability to customize canopies for your buyers. 

3. Opt for a web-to-print solution

The best way to set up a custom canopy printing business is by using a web to print solution. These come with high-quality design studios equipped with myriad options to customize canopies for every possible preference.

Your end customers can create bespoke designs in your store, and you can take care of the rest – from printing to delivery. What is more, web-to-print solutions like Design’N’Buy are straightforward to use, so you can set up your business and start catering in no time.

Over to You

In this competitive world, a business needs to be as creative as possible to attract loyal customers. Canopies are a fun and effective way to draw people’s attention, which is why a custom canopy brand always finds willing patrons.

And with an intelligent web-to-print solution in your toolkit makes establishing your own profitable canopy printing business easier than ever. If you are keen to get started, consult one of our web-to-print experts today. Please write to us at [email protected] to book a call.

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