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The season of physical events is back, and we cannot be happier about it! One cannot deny the rush of booking an exhibition booth, sorting out the marketing materials, and making arrangements to visit the event venue.

There is a good kind of pressure to make an excellent first impression on the event attendees. If you are attending a huge conference or expo, the importance of getting noticed is even greater. Events offer businesses an opportunity to connect and engage with potential new customers.

Given the short amount of time you have to captivate your audience, it is essential to decorate your exhibition booth properly. That is where a custom printed table cover can make all the difference! 

In this article, we will study what makes bespoke table cloth printing a hot favorite. We will cover following, 

Types of table cloth printing fabric

A print fabric design software can help you print your bespoke design (including motifs and patterns) on any table cloth fabric. Depending on your requirements and budget, there are several different options available to you:

1. Liquid repellent polyester

Like standard polyester, this fabric comes with a special coating that allows it to be liquid repellant. 

The feature makes it an excellent choice for food and beverage companies.

2. Outdoor canvas

canvas custom table cloth

Such table covers are made from the same sturdy material as tent canopies. These are ideal for businesses participating in outdoor events or requiring something to stand up to extra heavy use. 

The canvas fabric is fire-retardant and liquid-repellant.

3. Polyester

This is the most common table cover fabric, and it comes in various substrates and weights. Polyester is lightweight and easy to maintain. It is also durable and resistant to spills and stains. 

A web-to-print online designer can help print custom designs on polyester.

4. Spandex

spantex table cloth custom

If you are looking for a more dynamic-looking table cover, you will love spandex! It is made from elastane, a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity, or a knit stretch polyester. 

Spandex is lightweight and does not restrict movement.

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Custom printed table cloth usage in events

When you think of table covers, it is not hard to think of them nicely laid out on dining tables. But you have to think creatively if you want to use a table cloth at your trade show. 

You could design the top of the cover and its sides, transforming it into a powerful advertising tool.

A custom printed table cloth at events is used for raising brand awareness and generating customer interest. 

If you have not thought of it yet, now is the time and utilizing a web2print solution can make it happen!

Ideal custom printed table cover fabrics for events.

If you have decided to go ahead with a personalized table cover, you must first determine which fabric is apt for your requirements. 

This could depend on where you will be exhibiting – indoors or outdoors, or for what you will be using your table – placing snacks or giving demos?

Besides the sustainability factor, how often do you plan on using the custom printed table cloth? Is it just to promote a specific product? Or is the messaging perennial? What type of look n’ feel are you trying to opt for? Think, reflect, and then decide on a fabric.

Materials such as outdoor canvas and spandex are expensive. So if you do not have the budget, go with polyester instead. 

It is the perfect fabric if you want to attend many outdoor events and want something sturdy. Therefore, choose wisely.

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Benefits of using custom printed table covers

4 Benefits using custom table cloth (1)

Whether you are a startup or a well-established enterprise, you will invest in marketing materials that stand the test of time. Fortunately, custom printed table covers can help a great deal with that. 

Here’s some benefits of using custom printed table covers:

1. Affordability 

2 Lightweightedness

3. Noticeability

4. Longevity

1. Affordability

They are cost-effective compared to other advertising methods. They get the message across and increase awareness of the subject matters most valuable to you – without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Custom table covers are ideal for you if you are a business with a limited budget.

2. Lightweightedness

Because custom printed table covers do not take much space and are lightweight, they can be moved across events with much ease. 

You do not have to hire a truck space to transport the table cover when heading to the trade show. You can simply fold it or roll it up – regardless of the fabric – and keep it in your bag. That is how feasible table covers are!

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3. Noticeability

Despite how easily they can fit in storage, table covers can be seen even from a distance when in their complete form. 

Think of the custom printed table cover as your personal billboard. It does the same job as one but without the struggle and hefty investments. 

They can help you stand out from the competition and get noticed, thus increasing your interest and sales.

4. Longevity

Custom printed table covers are a long-term advertising solution. While single-use items are an excellent choice for giveaways, table covers with generic business messaging can be used repeatedly – across several years – without the fear of wear n’ tear.

Common problems using a custom printed table cover solves

A bespoke table cover makes an excellent promotional tool. However, it also eradicates common issues that businesses face while exhibiting at an event, including:

1. Hiding extra stock

2. Hiding the unevenness in display tables

3. Expanding promotional space

1. Hiding extra stock

No one likes to have their booth looking unorganized and cluttered. However, you over-prepare and keep everything – your products, freebies, brochures – with you for the day. 

Those extra boxes can be hidden beneath the custom tablecloth for a sleeker and pretty look.

2. Hiding the unevenness in display tables

The tables allotted or used in trade shows and events are functional but usually wobbly. Covering them with a personalized table cover designed using a product customizer software can help upgrade your booth’s visual appeal and make it look attractive.

3. Expanding promotional space

custom cloth marketing

Not every venue you attend would be as big as you would like. The chances of having the table, though, would still be high. 

Therefore, convert that table into a promotional board and create the brand visibility you need, even in smaller spaces.

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The best printing methods for table covers

Similar to how there are different printing style options for tablecloths, you can also have varieties in printing methods. The two most common ways to print a table cover are:

1. Screen printing

Printing workshop with printing tool and color for screen printing.

This old method prints the ink on top of the fabric. Even though it is less prevalent, screen printing is cost-effective, especially for designs with 1-color or simple motifs for printing large quantities. 

Color matching can be achieved by mixing different inks. However, it does not give long-lasting results as the ink can crack or flake off with time.

2. Dye sublimation

Dye sublimation is the preferred method in this day and age as it enables high-quality printing of colors, artwork, and images. The technique applies a CMYK 4-color process and dyes the design into the fabric.

It gives a more accurate color matching than the inks used in screen printing. Naturally, it has a longer lifespan and can be machine-washed conveniently.

Whatever you choose in the end will be defined by the complexity of your design and budget. If you have a primary logo or a tiny budget, opt for screen printing. If you do not mind splurging on quality designs, go for dye sublimation.

How to Start Table Cover Printing Business

You can start your custom table cover printing business by choosing either of the two options – depending on your requirements, expertise, and budget. 

Mind you – we are a little biased towards the second option, i.e., using an online design software to printed products. You will soon know why

1. Start as a reseller

In this reseller business model, you can buy printed table covers in bulk from wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers and resell those items to your customers at cheap rates. 

This is a very traditional retailing method and is more favored by independent online shops.

The only (and perhaps the biggest) catch is your customers will not be able to customize their designs. They will have to buy whatever you have in store for them. You can print generic messaging apt for different industries.

You can also give them several perks, such as a 15% discount on your high prices and dedicated customer service support. 

You can blind-ship the products in unbranded packaging to your customers. This option is terrific if you do not want to worry about high inventory costs.

2. Dip your toes in web2print and set up a web2print shop

If you want to become an independent custom table cover printing company that sources products, prints, and sells on its own, you must opt for web2print software

It refers to online tools used for creating high-quality printing jobs for the business.

In other words, web2print refers to the service that offers custom print products via an eCommerce storefront. 

You can partner with various print-sellers and vendors, making them accountable for inventory.

When you set up a web2print store, you give your customers access to a product designer tool. They can choose a table cover from the site, personalize the design templates – change its color, fonts, and imagery – and place an order on it – without any intermediaries.

Plus, they can use the extensive photo, clipart, and vector art library available at the design studio and get creative with their designs. 

They can also get a quote for their potential print order in real-time on your online shop and preview the final product in 3D.

On the other hand, you can solidify your operational efficiencies, push orders quickly down the production cycle, and ensure your customers get their products quickly. 

In addition, delivery tracking and customer service are some of the features you can offer on your web2print store.

Choose the right web2print solution for your table covers

Not every event you attend will be the same. Some will be held outdoors in the sun; some will be inside fancy, air-conditioned conference halls. Regardless of that, events tend to draw hoards of people. And you cannot possibly pin a tent indoors to promote your brand.

Custom printed table covers are versatile and can be used indoors and outside. They are acceptable for use at various events, so using them to promote your business makes sense!

If you see a market for selling customizable printed table covers, it might be worth deploying a web2print solution

There is nothing wrong with that! What are you waiting for? Hop on the versatile advertising bandwagon today!

Companies are getting more aggressive about how they brand themselves, and we are 100% sure they would be on the lookout to produce bespoke marketing materials during the event season. 

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*This post has been updated on Dec 2023.

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