PrintPack 2022 – Design’N’Buy Summarizing 5 Days Visit to India’s Largest Printing Show

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India has been a target market of the world when it comes to Printing and packaging industries and our team at Design’N’Buy got to experience the zeal and growth of these industries first-hand being a part of the PrintPack exhibition.

Not only is the market prone towards growth, their understanding and open-mindedness towards print technology gave us an insight that Indian Printers are walking toe-to-toe with the world print leaders.

The energy of the exhibition was evident from the very first day as what we expected to be an ice-breaking session, day one turned out to be a day of indulging in in-depth industry discussions about the ever-evolving print technology with the respective industry experts.

Talking about his experience at PrintPack 2022, Umang Chotai, a web to Print Expert at Design’N’Buy said that “While representing Design’N’Buy at PrinPack it felt amazing to see that Indian printers are exploring the web-to-print market and accept that web to print solutions no more an additional service but a fundamental offering that is essential if one has a sustainable growth planned for their print business.”

Sharing his experience about customer interactions at Print Pack, he said that “While interacting with one of the potential clients at PrintPack it was amazing to see that the customer not only understood the need of Web to print but had clear vision that he wanted his solution to automate the print design and act as a sales representative that provides a 24/7 sales window to the business.”

Attending PrintPack has given our team a clear vision into where the Indian print market is heading. The insights we got were gathered by connecting with other contemporary businesses in the supply chain and interacting with various print businesses.

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Sharing one such experiences with our now valuable customer Sanjeevi ji, Manish from Design’N’Buy said that, “Sanjeevi ji wanted a web-to-print solution that can automate their processes and remove all the gaps and also help the customers have an online platform where they can select the products and customize it from the platform itself.” 

Further talking about how Sanjeevi ji was happy with Design’N’Buy web-to-print solution, Manish said that, “Sanjeevi ji was happy how the customization capabilities of Web-to-print eradicated the need to get on a call, make customers understand the design customizations and employ administrative resources which made the process long and tedious.”

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Summarising our 5 days visit at PrintPack would be a much larger narration but to put it in a nutshell, we would say that interacting face-to-face with industry giants and understanding their vision gave us a distinct insight about the Print Industry. 

While we had the privilege of meaningful connections, we also are proud to say that team Design’N’Buy created a buzz around our booth and with appropriate planning and strategy were able to gain the right traction from the exhibition.

Without any hesitation, we can say that the PrintPack event was a huge success and that it would be the talk of the town for a while. 

Were you able to meet us at PrintPack? If yes, do share your experiences in the comments!

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