Unique ways for T-shirt Selling Brands to cope with the “New Normal”

The world as we knew has changed and so has the cosmopolitans’ way of living. Who knew that people would attend business meetings in a formal shirt and boxer shorts? Who knew that people would work from home while wearing their comfy clothes and sipping their coffees on their couch? Yes, the world has changed, and so has the fashion industry.

The demands for formals have been replaced with leisurewear and demand for party wears has been replaced with customized tees. There has been a huge paradigm shift in the fashion industry and the changes are not just witnessed in the customer demands. Right from ordering to deliveries, the whole process of the fashion has changed and to survive this roller coaster, the t-shirt selling brands are employing various coping mechanisms.

Although people and businesses thought the world will go back to normal in a couple of months once the restrictions are eased around the world, the scenario is quite the opposite and people and businesses are now living with this “new normal”. And if you are running a t-shirt selling business, you might know that having an e-commerce platform is not enough! You would require a lot more to sustain your business. To help you get along with it, we have provided you with the following 4 essentials approaches and technologies that you must have:

T-shirt Design Software to provide product customization:

One of the biggest benefits of T-shirt selling businesses during this period is the rise in the demand for customized t-shirts. While previously customized T-shirts were renowned for its graphics and amongst people who loved to wear their opinions, the customized t-shirt industry has taken a new turn and they are now demanded from the corporate enterprises and fundraiser organizers around the world.

When you integrate a t-shirt design software with your e-commerce, you can not only serve the open market as well as the corporate enterprises, you can also create a new business model to recover the lost opportunities during the lockdown period. It is now a common practice to render your T-shirt design tool as a service to designers and enterprises so that they can create their customized t-shirt designs. T-shirt selling businesses either charge a software rental fee or they ask their clients to place a bulk printing order with them.

Apart from that, one of the biggest benefits of integrating a t-shirt designing software is that you can employ an on-demand print model and save a lot of money on your inventory cost! Instead of creating a huge inventory, you can create virtual designs and print them on-demand.

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Contact less deliveries and payment methods:

To comply with the Social Distancing norms, most of the businesses have to change their business processes. In such times when you have to inculcate trust amongst your customers, you have to change the way the orders are received, packed and delivered. While most common practice is contactless deliveries, as a responsible enterprise you must also think about contactless payment methods. Also, leverage your Social Media to push these messages and newly adopted packaging and delivery processes to these platforms to communicate with customers and create an awareness of all the precautions that you are taking as a brand towards your personnel and your customers

Omnichannel services and marketing:

Challenging times call for innovative solutions and these are the times when you need to get creative with your business processes as well as your marketing strategies. As marketing experts say, you must not leave any stone unturned but in these cases when there are only limited options left, you must try and utilize all the available channels. For instance, there is one brand that introduced online ordering and offline pickups to solve the congestion problems. Apart from that, many utilized their Applications to push notifications to their customers about the areas in store that had congestion or were packed to maximum capacity.

Even your t-shirt design software can help you create omnichannel marketing and services! An ideal t-shirt design tool comes with immense personalization and sharing options where customers can order from any device and share their purchases directly on social media!

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In-store precautions:

While the restrictions are eased and businesses around the world are resuming their offline stores, the COVID-19 virus is still imminent all across the globe. Thus, for the safety of your staff and your customers, you must have all the necessary precautions across the store. Right from 6ft distanced counters to use of PPEs for the staff along with periodic store sanitization is imperative. Also, you can use your t-shirt design software to create designs and t-shirts for staff for Coronavirus communication.

With these precautions and strategies, your t-shirt business will have a fair chance of not just surviving but growing. Till the world gets back to being a Coronavirus free place, businesses will have to cope with these new normal and strive during these challenging times.

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