Printers, Get Productive & Utilize COVID-19 Quarantine Duration for Setting up Your Web-to-Print Storefront

Businesses are shut, roads are deserted, people are under lockdown, the economy is crashing, the devastating impact of the deadly global pandemic – COVID-19 is much more than we think. But, amidst all the melancholy and fear, staying positive and being productive is the least we can do staying home. Unlike other industries, print is also facing a big challenge the guide to keep going which is we are going to discuss here.

Printers who are offline have now realised the importance of taking the business online as they are badly hit and 100% closed while on other side printers who are already online are taking orders from their web-to-print storefront and delivering orders to the clients.

We at Design’N’Buy observed that the number of requests to take the print business online has increased and people want to unitize this quarantine period in exploring and implementing web-to-print.

We have listed steps below how printers can utilize their quarantine period in the technology which makes your business 24X7 available:

1. Research & come up with a plan

Start with a market study and decide what kind of web-to-print store you want to open up. Which print product is in trend or what customers are demanding the most? Is there a scope of the print product you are planning to sell? Which area of print do you want to offer whether it is a t-shirt, photo-album, banner, digital fabric printing or any other? Plan what features and tools you would want in your store? Once you are clear about your motive you can move ahead easily.

2. Decide upon software and its provider

The next big and the most important step in order to set up a fully-functional web-to-print storefront is to find the right web-to-print software and an eligible provider of it. Your half of the job will be done once you get that as a complete web-to-print software is equipped with all that is required to deliver unique and innovative printing solutions to the customers. And the one who makes it capable enough is the web-to-print solution provider who knows all the tricks and tips to develop it as such. Hence, you can start hunting for one such during your lockdown days.

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3. Move on to storefront design and functionality

You are all set, now, the next step is to make the storefront presentable. Get your storefront customized according to your needs. You can either make use of the themes that are available in the storefront software or customize them with your company’s colours, images, logos as well as product descriptions and make it more appealing. Also, along with the design of your storefront, check upon its usability as well. Make sure your storefront is easy for shoppers to navigate and place orders, the payment and shipping options are clear and secure, and everything is in order for customers to understand it with ease.

4. Get ready to launch

Your storefront is designed and developed with a complete web-to-print software solution and now its time to make it available to your audience. After running a few tests and personally satisfied with your storefront, launch it your target audience and let them know via marketing and promotions. Some web-to-print software providers also offer hosting servers and domain names as well hence; check with them for the launch of your storefront. ‘

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5. Time to reach out to your audience

Once your storefront is alive, the next step you must take is to let your target customers know about your existence. You can make the most out of your quarantine period by publishing relevant content and educating people about your business, marketing on social media platforms that you are open for business, offering attractive first-time offers, chatting with customers etc. and thus connect to the audience while staying at home.


Whether you are starting small or large, the reliability and quality of your web to print store matters a lot which depends upon the company you are hiring for a web-to-print software solution hence, you must carry the hunt for a web to print service and store providers very carefully.

Design’N’Buy is known for its complete web to print solution in the name of All-in-one Designer using which already many businesses are benefiting and you too can enjoy the fruit of it once you get in touch. So, if you have decided to build your personalized print online business from scratch and want to serve your customers by offering them exactly what they are looking for, reach out to the professionals at Design N Buy while you are at quarantine and contribute to the print market while staying safe.

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