7 Little Changes That’ll Make A Big Difference To Your Online Printing Business

As a printer, you will agree that to ensure significant business growth in the future, you must incorporate new service offerings to meet the ever-demanding customers. That’s a simple rule of running a successful business – one that you must abide by.

It is your responsibility to keep an eye on technological breakthroughs and evaluate and improvise strategies that can help scale your operations. Without further ado, let us discuss seven little changes that can turnaround your printing company for the better:

Personalization tool

In this age and time, nothing is more attractive than the ability to personalize something. A good web-to-print storefront is one that offers its customers the option to customize a product seamlessly even if it just a business card or a t-shirt.

And if the option to personalized is available on mobile, it even gets better. Uploading images from the mobile device for editing gets much more accessible. A customer can do that anywhere he is. The purchase cycle becomes much faster.

A design tool on mobile takes care of all personalization needs on desktop and mobile is icing on the cake for your customers.

Personalization tool

Design’N’Buy believes you can sell any product if it is personalized using a well-designed Web-to-Print software. If your printing company wants to expand its product portfolio with personalized printing, don’t hesitate to contact us for a customized W2P solution.

Storefront performance

As a printing company that thrives on sales coming from the online store, I am sure that its speed does concern you. And honestly, it should. You are losing out on business if your web-to-print storefront’s performance is not up to the mark.

There could be many reasons why a storefront is typically slow; some of which include:

a) When images uploaded on the site are larger than what the screen can display. That brings down the speed at which they load once the page is clicked.

b) When multiple existing libraries are used to code a website which in turn increases the volume of JavaScript used

c) When CSS expands over, and it slows down the dynamic content on the site

Did you know consumers don’t spend more than three seconds on an average on a website if their browsing experience isn’t all that great?

Moreover, not every customer of yours uses a high-end device to browse through your storefront. The number of users with low-end devices is growing at a rapid pace than high-end device users.

Therefore during speed performance testing, you have to make sure your storefront is optimized for all types of device users – tablet, mobile, and desktop.

Ready-to-use templates

Give ready-made design templates on a platter to your customers, and they are never going to look for any alternatives. No, seriously. It is not always possible for your customers to have an in-house designer or full-fledged design team to do the job.

Sometimes, all they need is a ready-made template that can be immediately printed on a flyer, t-shirt, banner, mug or any product they are looking to customize. Offer the same service on mobile as well so that your customers can edit artwork and place the order on-the-go.

Any design help is a big help and can that can help you boost your sales for sure.

Paid marketing

While businesses view organic marketing as a necessity to boost sales and grow, they are also now investing in paid ads. If you already have active social media accounts of your printing business, that’s great.

Up the game by running paid ads on Google and Facebook. See – it’s highly unlikely for a consumer to buy anything on his first visit to your website, it’s important to keep showing ads to him on various places. Google ads can help you achieve that visibility.

Facebook, on the other hand, is the most widely used social media channel which is bound to get you excellent traction. It’s best not to put all eggs in one basket but mix’n’match. Do keyword research and identify the kinds of ads your competitors are running.

Create a strategy and make it a habit to analyze your ads periodically because they cost money.
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Easy checkout and payment process

Did you know more than half of the consumers bounce off a website at the checkout point because they found a hidden shipping cost? Don’t be surprised when I tell you that 63% of customers think it is inconvenient to have limited payment options.

All this leads to a poor shopping experience – one that will stop the customers from buying from you in the future. Therefore make sure your checkout and payment processes are accessible and user-friendly.

If you charge for shipping, ensure the cost becomes visible when the customer selects the product instead of when he or she is about to place an order. On the other hand, offer a variety of payment options including credit/debit cards, Card On Delivery (COD) and services like PayPal or PayTM.

Customer support

The saying “the customer is king” holds more accurate than ever in this age and time. Customers are spoiled for choice. One poor shopping experience with you can instigate them to switch sides and hop on to a competitor.

Moreover, there could be times when they are unreasonable, but you should do your best to reason with them instead of refuting their concerns or ignoring them altogether.

Therefore, offering 24/7 customer support should be the #1 priority of your printing business. Implement a ticket system and deal with customer queries on email, phone and online chat.

Don’t let differences in geographical locations or time zones hamper the customer service of your business.

Get a rating and feedback from customers

rating and feedback from customers

Of course! Constant improvement is the key to business growth. No one can give more honest advice than your customers. After all – they are the ones who navigate their way through your online store and avail your services.

Therefore, take feedback from them – after every purchase, periodically, whenever deemed convenient. You could request them to leave a review on Google.

The rating shows up every time someone looks up your business on the Google search engine. And if they are good, more consumers would like to do business with you.

Then there are other portals like TruePilot and Salesforce Customer Portal where the customer can leave a review. Such portals can be integrated into your storefront which means the reviews are visible on your website and can be read by potential customers.

Over to you

Running a business has its fair bit of challenges but incorporating small changes from time to time can make all the difference! And if you are looking for assistance in any of the aspects as mentioned above, we at Design’N’Buycan help.

Just write to us at [email protected] or fill up the Contact Us form and a member of our staff will get back to you at the earliest to understand your requirements.

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