Win More B2B Corporate Customers For Your Printing Business With A Self-Service Web-To-Print Storefront

Today, having uniquely designed marketing materials, trophies, uniforms, t-shirts, and so on is the domain of B2C and B2B both. Individuals and businesses have recognized the importance of having their distinctive designs on sales brochures, corporate gifts, and decorative items.

In this regard, an online print store software solution has a lot to offer to them, including but not restricted to buying convenience, vendor and payment options, and affordability.

Before we share the best practices of winning more B2B companies for your printing business, let us first understand the pain points faced by corporate customers:

1. Lack of brand consistency

Many B2B companies struggle to define the specific elements that define their brand. Be it their logo, taglines, or the colors they use in their business presentations, many B2B companies often end up using inconsistent themes or poorly designed graphics.

That makes it difficult for them to maintain a consistent brand image, which hampers the ease with which their potential customers can recognize them, both online and offline.

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2. The costly artwork creation process

While most corporate houses have their marketing teams to plan, create, and distribute marketing materials, not all have proficient in-house designers. They are thus compelled to work with external designers, many of whom may charge extremely high rates per project.

At the same time, hiring a full-time designer comes with its costs. Many B2B companies, without sufficiently large budgets, may thus resort to stock designs, which involve compromising on originality and authenticity.

3. Considerable delay in order fulfillment

B2B companies often spend a lot of time defining their design requirements and searching for appropriate freelance designers or design studios to fulfill them. Marketing teams may often have a hard time reaching a consensus on their needs and explaining the same to external parties. All of this leads to delay in proceeding with the final orders for printing.

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4. Management and coordination with printers and designers

Once the design requirements have been defined and shared, the next headache is to coordinate with the designer to ensure timely delivery and to work with the printer to ensure high-quality final products.

Designers often delay their submissions or share incorrect designs that need to be sent back for rework. Again, printers often have their delays or create other issues in terms of not using the correct sizes or materials as requested by the client. That could cause the artwork creation process to take longer than usual and hence not yield excellent results.

Mainly if the requirement is a bulk order or if there are tight deadlines involved, such management becomes difficult for the in-house marketing team.

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Benefits of Web2Print Storefront Software for Corporate Customers

As you can see above: there is a demand that your printing business can fulfil. However, for that, you have to be tech-forward. And one sure shot way to be technologically progressive is by deploying an online print store software solution, benefits of which include:

1. Quick sharing of real-time quotations

A web-to-print solution removes the need for repeated phone calls and mail trails in quotation sharing. B2B companies can upload their requirements, including the number of items, type of materials, different sizes required, and get an instant quote that also includes the estimated delivery date. This allows B2B companies to make quick purchase decisions.

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2. An easy artwork approval process

An online solution allows them to easily upload any pre-designed artwork they have or make use of the stock templates available within the html5 product designer. There is no need to have lengthy conversations with the designers and printers to explain requirements.

The order specifics are mentioned clearly in the system. Once the B2B companies approve the artwork proof, the printing work can start immediately.

3. Easy order placement

An online product design software comes with easy-to-navigate storefronts, a wide range of ready-to-print, customizable templates, and a self-checkout process that allows consumers to place orders as needed quickly. This smoothens the shopping experience and also removes the need to talk to multiple sales reps, which could be frustrating or time-consuming.

4. Smooth inventory and order management

A web2print storefront software allows orders to be added to queues and tracked quickly with minimal human intervention. Shipment and delivery are transparent. It is also easy for B2B companies to cancel any orders or place repeat orders at any time.

In this day and age, if you are not connecting and communicating with your potential customers, are you even doing a great job?

Web-to-print technology gives you an excellent opportunity for improving your corporate client outreach:

1. Quicker production through automation

When it comes to corporate clients, the faster a design can be printed in large volumes, the better. Having their web-to-print software solution makes the production extremely easy, as orders can be placed online with just a few clicks.

2. Uniformity in branding content

Brand consistency is a must for businesses of all kinds. A web-to-print software solution allows a corporate client to save their brand templates, logos, banners, and other materials for access at any time, while also guaranteeing consistent print quality.

They can also easily customize their designs with the help of ready-to-print templates on the html5 product designer. Most software solutions come with an extensive photo, vector art and font library for users to choose from.

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3. Cost-effectiveness

A web-to-print software solution makes it easy and cheap to print designs at any time. Once a design has been uploaded, the dimensions can be changed whenever needed and printed. This is far more cost-effective than relying on different printers to work on different materials. Plus, they can print as many or as few copies as they wish, which keeps costs within the check.

4. Time-saving and waste-reducing

A web2print storefront software enables a one-stop-shop for all that a customer may need. Orders can be placed and tracked with a few clicks, and designs are easy to alter. That leads to less errors in the artwork itself.

Moreover, corporate clients can print the exact quantities they need at the exact times they need them. This reduces wastage considerably as compared to traditional printing options, which often require a minimum quantity to be ordered.

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5. Opportunity to work on a branded corporate storefront

An online product design software allows design and print vendors to have their storefront on the platform. This is an excellent opportunity for them to showcase their brand before a new set of corporate customers, which incentivizes them to sign up under the umbrella of your online printing business.

6. Maximize printing efficiencies and workflows

A web-to-print software solution includes a single admin panel through which all orders can be tracked at once. The systematic back end system also allows for the corporate customer to coordinate with all external vendors for faster order delivery. This allows for workflows to be streamlined, automated, and made efficiently.

Over to you

A web-to-print software solution can tap into a massive audience of B2B companies that are hungry for a convenient, straightforward shopping experience. And you can enable that for them with the help of W2P technology!

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