WooCommerce – People’s Choice for Global Print eCommerce Business

The most trending topic in Web2Print Industry will always be, “What’s next?” The world of creativity thrives and drives on upcoming trends and innovation. Enterprises around the world are trying to bring something new to the table and they have hopped on the bandwagon of Innovation to attract new potential customers.

The Era of Personalisation:

So if we are to talk about the recent trend that has infiltrated not just the Web2Print Industry but the entire eCommerce world, that trend is “Personalized Customer Experiences”! Right from marketing to sales to product offerings, every aspect of the business is being personalised to its core. Because of the increased lead conversion ratio and boosted brand presence, Personalisation has become the need of the hour for both businesses as well as the customers.

For instance, in a survey it was revealed that 59% of consumers confessed that personalized experiences influences their buying decision and 80% of shoppers prefer to buy from ecommerce platforms that offers personalized experiences. (Source) Since all the Web2Print software solutions are based on product personalisation, enterprises are now pairing those solutions with Ecommerce platforms that facilitates seamless integration of Web2Print plugins and those who offer Personalisation in all the other aspects of business as well!

The Web2Print Business Success mantra:

Thus, it is essential that if a person is planning to initiate a Web2Print Business, then being savvy business acumen they will always choose a Web2Print solution that offers maximum customisations at minimal efforts and they will choose an eCommerce platform that offers optimum Personalisation opportunities at minimal efforts and cost.

Because of such market trends and customer expectations, the eCommerce platform that has gained maximum traction from enterprises and Web2Print solution providers because of its compatibility, flexibility, and affordability and personalisation opportunities is WooCommerce.

Introduction to WooCommerce:

To put is simply, WooCommerce is a flexible, open-source eCommerce platform built on WordPress. While the word Open Source intrigues many, but the platform’s availability for free is not the only reason WooCommerce product designer is preferred in the Web2Print Industry. The reason why it has become a People’s Choice in the Global Print Ecommerce businesses is because of its seamless on-boarding, enhanced features and personalisation opportunities.

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To help you make an informed decision, our Technical Experts have used their cumulative domain experience of decades and prepared the list of features that makes WooCommerce, an ideal ecommerce platform for any Web2Print Business who wish to cater Personalised Customer Experiences.

Features of WooCommerce that makes it the best platform to cater Personalised Customer Experiences:

1.      Personalised Marketing and Omni-channel marketing:

With the use of Free and Paid extensions, an enterprise can setup an ideal personalised marketing campaign right from the WooCommerce platform. Any print business needs to reach their customers with their customisation product offerings and they also need to brag about their recent accomplishments on Social Media!

With WooCommerce, one can use free Facebook and Google Ads plugins and publish directly from WooCommerce platform. WooCommerce also provides free Mailchimp plugin and send bulk mails of your Design offerings right from WooCommerce.

Apart from that, you can easily setup automated follow-ups and create real-time Google product and review feeds with WooCommerce paid plugins. So, whether you need to reach new customers or brag about your accomplished Design projects, WooCommerce offers one stop solution for all your Marketing Requirements.

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2.      Payment Personalisation:

Even though WooCommerce is a free platform, it offers wide range of payment options. The best features that they offer for Web2Print Business is that they can install plugins that minimise the risk of Fraud. Apart from that, there are also payment options available for automated subscriptions which are really important for a Print eCommerce who wish to sell their product and templates as a package to their end customers.

3.      Content Personalisation:

For any design business who wish to cater to the Global audience, it is essential that they “Think Global but act Local”. Especially for businesses that cater native design services to their clients, WooCommerce provides multi-lingual content personalisation features where businesses can create personalised sites in regional languages for their multiple target locations. This feature helps you earn legit credibility amongst your customers who belong to different cultures and nationalities.

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4.      Product Personalisation:

While the product personalisation in Web2Print business is unmatched, there are certain other things that they need from the eCommerce platforms. For instance, what if a business wants to cross-sell a Digital Service of Subscription along with Physical Banner print designs? With WooCommerce, businesses can create personalised Product Bundles and offer them to their customers. WooCommerce also allows wide range of product variants showcase and that is the best thing for a business that deals in Designs!

For instance, a printing shop’s on WordPress/WooCommerce can cater entirely custom-built product customisation options on the front end to their customers. WooCommerce allows for up to 15 customisations per product (colors, uploading own designs, quantities etc) which all have unique pricing which compounds per quantity. So, if you wish to leave no stone unturned at least possible cost, WooCommerce serves as the best platform for a Web2Print business.

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5.      Price Customization:

Last but not the least, any service provider and marketer would wish to integrate price differentiation for different services and WooCommerce provides most effective ways to do that! Right from compound pricing and discounts for bulk orders to multi currency payments, WooCommerce has a wide range of Price Matrix plugins that can help any business to integrate customised and personalised pricing options for their customers. This helps a Web2Print business to create customised pricing models for their customers according to their requirements without any friction.

Parting words:

Personalisation is the cornerstone of any eCommerce business and it is revolutionizing the way people buy and sell online. Enterprises from around the world are planning to become data driven in order to analyse customer behaviour and use the insights to offer personalised products and services! And if you are planning to cater Print eCommerce services to the global audience, personalisation plays a vital role in your success.

Being a globally renowned Web2Print software solution provider, we are known amongst our peers and contemporaries for our customised and personalised Design Solutions at affordable rates. Similarly, WooCommerce product designer as an eCommerce platform is also advancing on the principles of compatibility with affordability for their customers. And after successfully delivering Web2Print solutions on WooCommerce to our clients, we too advice all the enterprises who wish to make a mark in Print eCommerce business must go forward with WooCommerce for optimum Return on Investments.

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