Design’N’Buy Takes DesignO to the Next Level With its Latest Version 1.6

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Exciting updates in the UI, easy font addition, and much more, Design’N’Buy rolls out the latest version of its flagship online designer toolDesignO 1.6

In an exciting development for the e-commerce industry, we have announced the release of the latest version of our popular online design tool, DesignO 1.6. This new version comes with a range of features that are set to revolutionize the way people design and customize products online.

DesignO is our online design tool that allows users to create stunning designs quickly and easily without any prior design experience. The tool is designed for both beginners and professionals, and it offers a wide range of features that cater to different design needs.

Since we keep updating our web-to-print software according to the need of the users, once again we have released the latest version of DesignO – 1.6 with many new features which will make the design process and web to print management even easier and more intuitive.

One of the standout features of DesignO is its user-friendly interface which already is simple and easy to use, making it accessible to even the most inexperienced users, and in the latest version of DesignO, a few more additions have been introduced to it to make it more effective.

Communication dashboard for quick and easy messaging

message box UI

Firstly, a Message Module which is an intuitive and user-friendly message dashboard that simplifies both internal and external communication has been added.

Efficient asset management with grid style UI

GRID UI for Asset Management has been introduced, which is a streamlined format that will enable printers to quickly access all crucial information and manage various assets like templates, images, clipart, background, and more with easy-to-use filtering and search features.

Color management and color pallets are now easier to manage

colors management UI

Lastly, to further simplify the color management process, we have added the new Color Page UI in DesignO 1.6 which will provide a simple and efficient way to manage color palettes and the colors configured in each palette. With this update, creating and editing color schemes will be way easier than ever.

Modern & Creative Large Library of Digital Assets


The upgraded DesignO also has 3000+ clipart in 50+ categories, 100+ new fonts, and 100+ editable text art in its latest version 1.6 which is a jackpot for design lovers. 

Improved file upload & order feature

Even its file upload functionality has been improved with multiple file upload enable and disable features, an option to configure DPI settings, and UI improvement in the backend. 

Packaging output with Hexa color code

Last but not least, the color code or hexa in the output PDF file in packaging products has also been introduced which altogether will take the designing experience with DesignO to a whole new level.

Importing fonts made easier

DesignO1.6 also has some other amazing updates like simplified font addition where just by adding a TTF file, users can add any required font easily without the need for attaching different file formats. In this new feature of DesignO, the system will automatically generate files like WOFF and JS, making it easier for users to apply the desired fonts, reducing the printer’s efforts in adding the font library by half.

Enhancements to HotFolder

In addition, DesignO 1.6 has an exciting upgrade in the Hotfolder configuration within the production profile which will allow users to configure multiple Hot folders based on their product files and printing machine requirements. This upgrade will be a game-changer for those printers that have multiple product lines and warehouses for the printing process and need to manage them centrally. With this upgrade, managing production will undoubtedly become more efficient, saving time and effort.

"We're thrilled to announce the release of DesignO 1.6," said Nidhi Agrawal, CEO of Design'N'Buy. "The new version of our design tool includes features that we believe will simplify the process of creating personalized products online. We're confident that this new version will be a game-changer for e-commerce businesses."

Summing Up

Design’N’Buy has been at the forefront of the online design industry for over a decade, providing innovative solutions to businesses across the globe. With the release of DesignO 1.6, we are once again pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of online design.

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