What can you learn from the Success of the Top 5 Wholesale Trade Printers of the USA?

The wholesale trade printing industry has evolved extensively in the past couple of years.  From manual processes to digitization the industry has seen it all. As per IBIS World, the market size of the printing industry in the USA is predicted to become $75.1 billion in 2020 in terms of revenue. That’s gigantic, isn’t it?

It’s tedious for any printing business to cope up with such a dynamic environment that’s brimming with new trends all the time. Instead of reinventing the wheel, why not look at the trade printing brands that have excelled in this niche and take inspiration from them?

printing industry in the USA


In this article, I’ve analyzed what you can learn from the top 5 wholesale trade printers who are dominating the USA market.

1. 4over


4over is a US-based printing service provider that offers commercial and job printing alternatives such as flyers, bags, business cards, booklets, signs, and banners to name some. What the brand did phenomenally well was launching a specific package printing segment offering short-run and economical product packaging lines to cope up with extensive customer demand.

The primary products that were introduced in this packaging segment were:

a. A variety of point-of-sale/promotional offerings

b. Different paper board box styles

c. An assortment of labels and stickers that goes with the above offerings

Besides, the printing giant made the entire packaging line of superior quality bright white stocks that aren’t easily found anywhere else in the industry. As a result, 4over saw immense growth in its packaging bottom line in quite a short span.

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2. Rent A Press

Rent A Press

Rent A Press is one of the leading trade printing service providers in the US offering products such as customized greeting cards, notepads, magnets, letterheads, postcards, rack cards and sell sheets.

The turning point for the brand came in 2016 when it announced to launch economical online trade printing services at Graph Expo. With this smart move, they made a mark in the graphic communications niche and garnered the target market’s attention along with positive responses from the key industry influencers.

Some of the major products introduced by the brand were tri-fold brochures, booklets, flyers, notepads, double-sided business cards, postcards, yard signs and presentation folders. Over time, Rent A Press has received praise for coming up with such a competitive as well as transparent pricing structure that helped them in gaining exposure to their brand.

3. Zoo Printing

Zoo Printing

Zoo Printing is known as the wholesale trade printing partner with the best customer support in the industry. Along with great customer service, the best quality at the lowest prices with the fastest turnaround time are the three key pillars of the brand.

From design online to direct mail, email loyalty program and business cards, Zoo Printing can fulfill all your printing requirements. The trade printing brand focuses on retaining the existing user base as much as they do on acquiring new ones. They got an upper edge over their competition by adding free delivery locations to their business model, allowing customers to save on the shipment fees.

Additionally, they offered weekly coupons that allowed them to build relationships with a targeted audience by offering them the best prices and better discounts. A clever move, right?

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4. Color Trade Print

Color Trade Print

Since its inception in 2006, Color Trade Print is known to be offering economical wholesale trade printing services across the USA. They leverage comprehensive software solutions to create customized banners, business cards, posters, and brown cards. They have a variety of templates available that can be used to create customized products and prints.

In a cluttered market, the brand managed to acquire clients by offering lucrative offers, limited-time coupons, promo codes, etc. that brought them into the radar of the targeted audience. Such offers helped them in connecting with a prospective audience and converting them into users.

Color Trade Print integrated free deliveries, free returns and special discounts for the email signups to their customers which proved to be a boon for them in the long-run.

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5. ColorFX


ColorFX is an award-winning wholesale trade printing service provider popular in the US for its mobile-friendly website and seamless customer support. Tailored calendars, catalogs, and CD/DVD covers are their specialties along with expertise in the folding carton packaging and roll labels.

Deals of the day, special prices, limited-period offers are the primary marketing weapons used by the brand to stay ahead of the curve. Adding personalization to their products, direct emailing and the seamless shipping and tracking services have proved to be the USP for ColorFX.

Throughout these years ColorFX has maintained the quality standards by implementing the best resources and technologies at the roots. The brand has maintained a loyal customer base which is growing by leaps and bounds with every passing year.

The Final Say:

Considering the success stories of these five key players, it will be about survival of the fittest in the wholesale trade printing landscape. The agile ones will stay ahead of the curve. Following the strategies used by these top 5 wholesale trade printers in the USA will allow the trade printing entrepreneurs to blend quality with creativity to serve more targeted customers in the market and elevate the bottom line of their business going forward.

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