Maximizing Black Friday & Cyber Monday : A Guide to Prepare Your Online Print Shop for BFCM 2023

Black Friday preparetion for online print store

Is your Web to Print storefront ready to boost your customer’s spending on Black Friday this year? If not, check out this guide to help your Web2Print e-commerce storefront plan for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023. 

We’ll share some strategies you can implement to drive more sales and increase lead conversion.

Black Friday Cyber Monday: What Does this Mean for Print Service Providers?

The term Black Friday originated in 1950 and was used by the Philadelphia police department. It referred to the chaos during seasonal sales when police officers had to work long shifts because of additional traffic and crowds.

Today, online holiday shopping has completely changed the perspective of Black Friday. People now prefer to shop online from the comfort of their homes. 

That can be an excellent advantage for the print-on-demand industry as they don’t need to keep a physical inventory. Also, they won’t have to worry about running out of stock.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have been increasing dramatically for many years. 

When Is Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023?

The Black Friday 2023 will take place on 24th November, and  Cyber Monday 2023 will follow on 27th November in the US. 

But as an owner of a web to print store, you must start preparations for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023.

1. Start Early

black friday banner

Start as early as possible to make the most of this year’s biggest shopping event by marketing your offers. 

Load your advertisements on your social media channels. Permit customers to customize their own designs through an online designer tool. 

This will grab your potential customer’s attention. Moreover, re-market your offers in BFCM through targeted offers. 

This way, your business won’t be new to your audience.

2. Spread the Net Wide

Other than advertising through posters, billboards and flyers also leverage digital marketing and social channels. The digital audience is getting bigger. So, use organic and paid social media, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google ads, emails, and SMS to capture their interest.

3. Look Beyond Discounts Alone


Offering low prices to consumers is not the only path to a business’s success. Try to influence your customers by increasing the value of your products and services in their minds. 

Highlight the quality, aesthetics, and convenience of your products. 

Ensure to offer them excellent print customization offers by allowing them the use of graphic software with editable design templates to create unique designs. 

Provide promotional and seasonal offers and free delivery for orders over a specific limit.

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4. Focus On the Lead Generation Before BFCM Begins

Before BFCM begins, capture as many leads as possible through email marketing, loyalty programs, and giveaways. 

Another way to attract qualified leads is through Black Friday pop-up deals on sites offering users sign-up options.

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5. Conduct Regular Load Testing

website speed check

Load test your website for concurrent users serving your website during and off-business hours. 

This will help you avoid potential bottlenecks during the BFCM. 

If you’ve got data of the previous Black Friday event, then it’s even better. You can use that information to run tests and establish benchmarks. 

You’ll also learn if there are any optimizations to be made to the website.

6. Feature Discounts On Your Online Storefront and Pre-Launch Page

Your customers should be able to find your discount deals on your web to print designer store as well as pre-launch pages. To gain competitive ground, advertise your deals in the days and weeks close to the BFCM event. 

The pre-launch pages make it easy to tease customers with deals, capture their contact info, and promote future sales.

Add the DesignO BigCommerce App to your Bigcommerce site and grow your print store in minutes.

7. Engage with Multichannel Influencers

influencer marketing

Throw in some influencers in the mix as they can widen your outreach. But just don’t stop at Instagram influencers. Also, engage TikTok influencers as they have an engagement rate that outshines any social channels.

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8. Offer Product Bundling & Upsells

black friday deals

Product bundling and upselling are brilliant tactics to add value to the orders and generate more revenue. 

In the days leading to BFCM, you can offer customers mixed bundle discounts which are more popular and effective. 

Customers can buy products individually in mixed bundling. By taking a data-driven approach to launch specific landing pages, you can recommend products to customers they’re likely to love. This will help you upsell and get rid of excess inventory items.

9. Offer Personalization

Collect user data from your website visitors and subscribers and create personalized emails with recommended products. Consumers love the chance to develop products with their hands.  So, offer personalization on your web to print site by adding an online design tool. It will help customers create and edit the designs of their choice. Provide potential customers with the right products at the right time

10. Avoid Human Error

As the saying goes, ‘to err is human. 90% of data breaches are caused by human errors. You may accidentally delete or edit a design category. 

So, preparing before a little mistake is blown out of context and generates a data disaster is wise. If you can bear a bit of extra cost, hiring an experienced graphic editor will help.

11. Use Retargeting to Convert Abandoned Customers

Rather than replacing a customer who has shown interest in your products with a new one, why not retarget the former? 

You may face cart abandonment issues during the shopping frenzy of BFCM, so a retargeting strategy will derive more sales. 

You can create customer segmentation and send top deals to loyal customers. Furthermore, send an email with discounts to customers if a cart abandonment issue occurs. 

Also, use social media ads to gently remind customers who’ve viewed the deals but didn’t purchase.

Feel Confident Enough? Are You Ready for BFCM Sales in 2023?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday mark the busiest shopping days on the calendar. It provides an excellent advantage for your print-on-demand store as you don’t require an inventory, and the stock will never run out. 

A targeted strategy, ad campaigns, and email & social media marketing in the weeks leading to BFCM ensure increased lead conversion and revenue. 

Also, to make your website more inviting for customers, integrate an online design tool from Design’N’Buy into your web to print software to offer personalization. It will attract a large audience as they will be able to customize their own designs. 

Last updated 19th Sep, 2023

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