How To Prepare Your T-Shirt Print Shop For The Holiday Season 2023

12 marketing tips for custom tee business

Want to increase your t shirt printing shop holiday sales?

The holidays or the festive season is the best time for E-commerce businesses to attract new customers, retarget old ones and share gift ideas, or promotions.

It may be the toughest time to get your offers noticed by consumers if you design custom t-shirts. But by implementing some seasonal marketing strategies you can ensure that your products are always on the consumers’ minds.

In this article, we’ll share some tips on how you can increase your custom tshirt sales as an owner of a web-to-print storefront during the holiday season.

Clothing is the leading online product when it comes to E-commerce sales. Between 2018 and 2019 59% of US shoppers purchased clothing online.

Another global report shows that the custom t-shirt market was $3.9 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.9% between 2022 and 2030. These statistics indicate how much online custom t-shirts are in demand.

Holiday Season: What You Need to Know & When to Start?


An Analysis by Adobe Digital Insights shows that in 2021, the online spending for holidays broke the previous year’s record. It showed a two-year growth of 32% year-over-year.  In the US alone, online sales reached $188.2 billion in the months of November and December.

This shows that after covid more consumers prefer to shop online because they like to get a more safe and personalized holiday shopping experience. As the holiday season draws near so does the competition in the online space.

So, you need to take some steps to provide a satisfactory customer experience. You also need to manage the web traffic and take advantage of the boost in potential customers. A well-prepared holiday marketing tips will not only generate more revenue but will also get you, loyal customers.

12 Holiday Marketing Tips To Skyrocket Sales in 2023: Selling T-Shirts, Hoodies, and More

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Elevate your 2023 holiday sales with these 12 expert marketing tips. Whether you’re selling t-shirts, hoodies, or more, these strategies will help you succeed during the festive season. Here are some steps you can take to boost the online sales for custom printed t-shirts at your Web2Print e-commerce storefront:

1.     Present Products to Buyers Early

2.     Optimize your website

3.     Market early

4.     Decorate Your Tshirt Store with a Holiday Design

5.     Focus On Increasing Your Average Order Value

6.     Consider what your consumers want

7.     Plan out your promotions

8.     Explore brand-based marketing tactics

9.     Look into your logistics

10. Think Mobile-First

11. Consider More Flexible Return Policy

12. Live Chats and Customer Service

1. Present Products to Buyers Early

Expose your top-selling products to online shoppers early on before the festive season begins. If you present them in front of every visitor even if they won’t buy them they will check them once.

You can display the top-selling products on your website’s landing pages, and footers to make them easily accessible. Also, create dedicated content around those products and pitch them through emails.

2. Optimize your website

Make the navigation and the checkout process easier for your visitors. So, you won’t have to face cart abandonment issues. 

If your website is not optimized 61% of users won’t return ever.  Don’t forget to integrate t-shirt design software into your website for a more customized design experience.

3. Market early

Build a customer base by marketing early because if the holiday season begins it will be difficult for your to target your audience.

So collect audience from social media platforms through ads or marketing campaigns, and offer free subscriptions, and memberships in the beginning.

You can also empower them to use the online designer tool to create custom designs. This is a great marketing strategy as people want to have a tailored experience.

4. Decorate Your T-shirt Print Shop with a Holiday-Themed Promotional Images And Mockups

holiday theme website

As retailers decorate their shops for a festive season, you can also give your t-shirt website a unique look to attract more customers. Change the fonts, and use graphics and themes with t-shirt design tool for your website’s home and other web pages.

5. Focus On Increasing Your Average Order Value

custom tshirt cross selling

To increase your average order value you can offer custom t-shirts in bundles. 

Also, offer the bundles to your visitors at a lower price than they would pay for an individual t-shirt. 

Don’t forget to provide limited-time promotions, and to create minimum orders.

6. Consider what your consumers want

Give your customers a more personalized experience through an online t-shirt design software integrated with your store..

So, they can choose their own designs or edit the given templates by changing fonts, colors, style, and size of their choosing.

Looking for Holiday Templates? Click here to choose from the Inspiration Library

7. Plan out your promotions

Schedule your marketing promotions and choose channels where you want to run your ads. Engage current and potential clients through sales, coupons, and discount offers.

Only leverage those channels that matter. Furthermore, you can also host an in-person or online holiday event to interact with your audience.

8. Explore brand-based marketing tactics

Strategic brand marketing sets you apart from your competition and increases customer loyalty. 

You can tell your brand story and share your struggles and success story to improve the overall appeal of your business. 

Use your brand fonts and logos consistently in videos and blogs. So people can remember you.

9. Look into your logistics

Decrease your shipping price during the holiday season. Otherwise, you may face cart abandonment issues. Or you can also offer free shipping only during the festive season.

Promote your free shipping event on social media channels. You can also add the shipping price to the product cost or set a price limit on free shipping.

Want to learn more about the: A Comprehensive Instagram Marketing Guide For Print Service Providers? Read this article.

10. Think Mobile-First

People like an easy and compact shopping experience. In fact, in 2016, more than half of the online sales were completed through mobile phones. So, don’t ignore mobile users.

Provide them with a great shopping experience by optimizing your website for mobile phones. Also, ensure it loads fast and is responsive. Don’t add excess content on web pages to keep them mobile-friendly.

If you have a Shopify store, learn more about DesignO Shopify Product Designer

11. Consider More Flexible Return Policy

If sales are increased during a festive season, so do the returns. Thus you need to smoothen out your return policy if they are not at the moment. 

Make the return process easier for your customers. Mention the return deadline clearly on every product page.

12. Live Chats and Customer Service

love custom tee

The more customers shop during a holiday season, the more issues pop up. So, don’t overlook them. Indeed, you can’t keep everyone happy, but if you provide excellent service to your visitors, 93% of them will visit again.

You can decrease your average response rate, add a live chat option to your website, and provide omnichannel customer service.

Boost Your Customised T-shirt Sales During a Holiday Season 2023

The holiday season brings with it a rush of shopping craze. If you are running a custom t-shirt print store, take advantage of this opportunity to boost your sales. But first, you need to plan strategically.

Promote your products through social media channels, use flexible return policies, and provide satisfactory customer service. Optimize your website, and smooth out the navigation and checkout process.

Use an online t-shirt design tool from Design’N’Buy to decorate your website and empower customers to create their own designs. This will give them a personalized shopping experience.

The more the tailored shopping experience you will provide your customers, the more likely your brand will stand out among your competitors.

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