Provide Personalized Services with an Online Design Tool on the Salesforce Commerce Store

Salesforce integration with DNB design tool

Are you worried about the limitations of your Salesforce Commerce Cloud store? Use a product customizer to deliver a personalized customer experience.

E-commerce sales have been picking pace over the last decade. According to Statista, online E-commerce sales, which amounted to 4.9 trillion worldwide, are expected to increase by 50% within the next four years.

Consumers prefer online purchases because the process is more straightforward, saving them time scrolling through the entire market. So, as an online digital print company, you can expect your sales to reach new heights. But this is only possible if you make the shopping process more personalized for your customers.

What is personalization?

Personalization is the key to increasing your consumer base and turning potential customers into revenue-generating leads. It involves altering an available or producing a new custom-made product according to the customers’ desire. 

A more popular personalization method is where customers use an online design tool to create the designs of their choice.

Why is it important?

Consumers pay more for a personalized product. This is because personalization gives a ‘sense of ownership to consumers. People want something that clearly states it’s theirs. The product doesn’t have to be a luxury item. It just needs to be accepted by the customer with enthusiasm.

Companies like Nike also empower customers to design products or upload any design of their liking. It’s because of E-commerce platforms that personalized products have gained more popularity.

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud – one of the most crucial eCommerce platforms

For something to be popular, it should be available in a large number. This is where E-commerce stores have made it possible to get customized products effortlessly.

Online stores use the latest technology to offer the best to their customers.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) is one such E-commerce platform that can scale a business and launch it into the digital world.

It is a cloud-based platform with various value-added features such as AI that help business owners to recommend customer-preferred products.

SFCC optimizes the shopping process by being compatible with all smart devices.

What is a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Product Configurator?

Salesforce integration with DNB design tool

A Salesforce Commerce Product Configurator is an online designer tool that gives customers the freedom to upload their own designs or edit read-made templates. They can change a product’s size, style, fonts, and colors to their liking.

A configurator provides 3D and AR visuals of a product, meaning shoppers can view and design the products in real-time. 

E-commerce store owners can also use that tool to customize and change the look of their storefront.

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Benefits of online design tool on the Salesforce Commerce Store

Integrating an online design tool with your SFCC platform can drive more traffic, increase conversion rate and boost sales. Here are some of the benefits that this tool can offer:

  1. Convenient and easy ordering
  2. Preservation of digital files and order history
  3. Cost-Effectiveness
  4. Return reduction
  5. Flexible printing methods
  6. Omnichannel approach
  7. Quick turnaround

1. Convenient and easy ordering

The design tool is intuitive and provides various options to edit. Knowing how to use it is unnecessary as it can effectively stop the customers from making a mistake.

It streamlines the process and allows the customers to interact with the products in real-time before they make a purchase. Moreover, consumers don’t have to spend time browsing the inventory as the tool matches them with their preferred products. Hence, customers can easily design and order it.

2. Preservation of digital files and order history

Once a custom design and orders a product, they don’t need to redesign. They can reorder from the ready-made file of their previous order. Also, they don’t have to ask for a separate print of each design.

The design tool will enable printing all designs in one go. When customers create a design the tool also picks up their preferences. You can use this data to design your next campaign.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

cost saving

It can be time-consuming to run a web-to-print store without a designer tool. You can create 3D visuals for each customer, and photography is expensive.

Moreover, customers who cannot see their customized products in real-time are less likely to buy from your store.

That’s where the product configurator can come in handy.

4. Return reduction

The design tool makes it possible for customers to get what they desire. This can reduce returns. With complex products, the tool has integrated logic that ensures minimal chances of error. Thus, making sure that the customer will always get the right product

5. Flexible printing methods

flexible printing methods

Choosing a suitable printing method is crucial to the success of your printing business. The design tool gives you unlimited configuration options. So, you can set multiple colors, fonts, styles, and sizes for the same product.

You can also define settings for print-ready files, set rules for each design, and create templates for editable products. So, your customers won’t have to customize products from scratch.

6. Omnichannel approach

The design tool works for an online store and combines physical and online shopping through multiple channels.

It allows the customers to design from multiple devices anytime and anywhere. The increased mobility also gives freedom to sales reps in helping customers make purchase decisions.

7. Quick turnaround

According to Shopify, 3D and AR visuals are known to increase conversion rates for a website by up to 250%.

Another research shows that 67% of consumers give more importance to high-quality product visuals than descriptions and ratings.

Hence, the product design tool has all the visual elements to drive a quick turnaround.

How to Integrate With DesignO And Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

If you already have an E-commerce, you can integrate DesignO Web to Print with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. DesignO is an easy-to-use online design tool that can manage print and order workflow without hassle.

It is a mobile-responsive tool that fully automates your printing process with 3D-rich visuals. This tool will centralize your pre-press work and reduce production costs. Many popular platforms such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce are already integrated with DesignO.


Being a print E-commerce store owner, personalization is the key to your success if you want to scale your business. Empowering your customers to upload their own designs or personalize the read-made templates will give them a sense of ownership.

This can increase your store’s conversion rate and boost your sales. If you want to leverage the power of product personalization on your existing Salesforce Commerce Cloud store, try the DesignO tool from Design’N’Buy. It is the perfect tool to create bespoke customized designs regarding 3D and AR visuals, branding, and budget.

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