Holiday Packaging Boxes: Tips for Packaging Printers on Selling Custom Packaging Boxes

holiday Packaging guide

As a packaging printer, is your printing facility ready to handle the mass trend of customization for the upcoming Halloween, Thanksgiving and holiday season in 2023? 

In case you need a crash course on the rise of custom boxes, check this article to get up to speed and be prepared.

2023 Holiday Packaging to Win More Customers

holiday packaging

Are you wondering how holiday packaging can help your business this holiday season? It’s that time of the year again, when the air is filled with excitement and joy as the holiday season is upon us. After a long drawn battle against COVID-19, this one is ever so special as it brings families and friends together, and give them a chance to spend some deserved quality time.

Amidst all of this, one thing that is sure to take precedent is the hype around gifts as an expression of love.

With gifts flowing from every corner, the demand to make one’s gift stand out over others is going to be greater than ever, and there’s nothing better than custom boxes to help with this.

These forms of packaging help create a special bond between people, as the consideration, love and thought shine through and leave a lasting impression.

The ability to express your feelings in a truly special way is the best way of letting their loved ones know how much they matter.

2023 Holiday-themed Packaging Trends

halloween boxes

How do you stand out from the crowd in 2023?  There are many different ways in which a box can be uniquely customized to truly stand out and yet seamlessly gel with the festive themes.

Some of the key things that people look for, when looking at designing their very own custom box are listed below:

  • Unique Shapes and sizes basis the gift they have planned
  • Thematic Colours and designs for a special look to match the occasion
  • Personalized Text that conveys a heartfelt message

Imagine those Halloween boxes with a packaging that is so unique, it will be the recipient’s favourite before the box is even opened. Sounds like a winner right?

Well then it is definitely worth considering being prepared for the holiday season with a custom box packaging design capability to facilitate this.

The option to allow people to design packaging box online will add that extra zing to the process of getting the best gifts for their special ones.

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Why packaging industry should be ready for custom boxes


As any packaging printer would claim, they thrive when they are up to speed as far as their customer’s demands are concerned. 

The evolving trends and preferences have constantly played a role in the printing industry having to adapt to the changing needs.

It is no different with the advent of personalization, and as a result, the industry as a whole is moving towards allowing customers to design packaging box online as per their convenience.

You may be wondering why customization is the new ‘in-thing’?

Below are a few reasons why:

  • Customization helps in breaking the clutter
  • Stand above the competition – Be it competing professionally against a range of brands offering a similar product as theirs, or wanting your gift to stand out during the long awaited family reunion
  • Following the festive trends – Having Halloween boxes with frightening graphics or a pumpkin-shaped box is sure to garner the coveted eyeballs

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Popular Holiday Packaging Boxes

spooky packaging

One way of truly bringing out the Halloween flavour is through a customized Halloween box that represents the very essence of it – A spooky pumpkin!

thanksgiving packaging

This beautiful Thanksgiving box truly has a joyous warmth to it, and represents this festive season to perfection, doesn’t it?

A great representation of Christmas through packaging, this well-designed custom box intricately ignites the spirit of Christmas with a tinge of joy. 

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How can Packaging Printers offer Personalized Custom Boxes to their Customers?

web to pack tool

As a packaging printer looking to capitalize on this, the first question that will come to your mind is how to procure an ideal online box design software for your Web-to-Print storefront folded into a comprehensive design software.

An ideal software is a one that is:

  • Robust to handle traffic, especially during peak hours
  • Stable to function easily across multiple functions and integrate with your website platform
  • Offers an end to end solution with regards to customisation and designing
  • Allows placing orders for customers with a seamless experience
  • Provides a convenient overview to the business owner of traffic, customer journey as well as order status

Keeping the above factors in mind, it is imperative for packaging experts to invest in the best packaging design software in the market that offers a range of advantages as listed above, for all kinds of printers, especially packaging printers.  

One such software to consider is the All-In-One Web2Print software which leverages technology at its core and offers end to end printing solutions through a seamless integration to any website hosting platform, user-friendly navigation and a detailed admin panel giving control from start to end of an order journey, all of it at an easily affordable price.

Additionally, for those printers that are looking for a specific packaging box design software, there is DesignNBuy’s Web-To-Pack solution, which lets a prospective customer design a packaging box online. 

Unlike a professional tool that demands education, it offers a range of editable templates that are specific to occasions, making custom boxes feel like a breeze, and can be applied on shapes and sizes of a wide range of packaging boxes as well.

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Advantages of Integrating Online Packaging Design Software on Your Web to Print Storefront

There are many cases where a packaging printer already has a website offering packaging boxes, but wants to go big on customization to capture audiences seeking personalized Halloween boxes.

In such cases there are many dedicated design tool, like the DesignO tool by DesignNBuy, for print packaging businesses.

The benefits of such online box design software’s are:

  • Pure plug and play software for easy integration to existing websites
  • Easy to use for designing and printing personalised artwork for any product, including custom boxes
  • Final artwork file can be conveniently downloaded as a digital file for printing

Boost Your Holiday Sales with Holiday Packaging Boxes

With the era of gifting well and truly back, packaging printers are bound to turn their attention to personalized box packaging designs so that they stand above the herd with their offerings and aim to become the go-to for any and every one planning to adopt this unique way of gifting.

This makes it crucial for them to consider investing in the best packaging design software available in the market for the upcoming season, as a great user experience will go a long way in spreading a good word of mouth, something that plays a key role in helping becoming a preferred option.

Having the right design software can transform not only the experience but also the final outcome that supersedes all expectation.

On that note, before we sign-off, we should all take a moment to appreciate the packaging printers around the world who work tirelessly to ensure that the smiles are wider with every gift that is planned, and even wider on those that receive the gifts.

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