Flexible Packaging Pouches: A Business Roadmap for Meeting Soaring Demand


Are you looking for the latest packaging trend to integrate with your web2print packaging design software? Pouches are the latest trend in the print packaging business.

To meet the evolving need of manufacturers and the general public, flexible web-to-pack technology can provide a viable solution. The demand for pouches in packaging solutions is on the rise. 

report on pouch market

According to the statistics, the global pouch market is expected to grow at a 5.3% CAGR to increase from $50.5 billion in 2022 to $84.6 billion in 2032. Future Market Insights states that industries such as food and beverages, home care, and cosmetics are fueling pouch sales. 

So how can you upscale your web to print business and attract more customers by adding pouches in your catalog?

Types of Packaging Pouches

types of pouches

There are many popular pouch packaging trends on the rise. The most renowned one is stand-up pouches. But they may not be the best product to sell regarding your print business needs

Therefore we will explain to you the different types of flexible pouches available in the market and why some of them are better suited for specific products.

Stand up pouches

standing pouch packaging

Stand-up pouches are the most well-known version of flexible pouches. The forecasts state that between 2022 and 2032, they will account for 85% of the global pouch packaging market. 

As the name suggests, they come in a stand-up design with a tear-off top. They feature a plastic zip lock below the tear-off top, allowing you to reseal them again once you open the pouches. 

For liquid packaging stand, up pouches include a plastic cap above. The base is oval-shaped, allowing the pouch to stand on a flat surface. If you are looking for flexible and environment-friendly packaging, these pouches are easy to customize. They can be printed in full-color range with graphics.

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Gusseted pouches

coffee pouch packaging

Gusseted pouches are a variety of stand-up pouches. They come in a semi-oval-shaped design with indents on both sides. The base is a rectangle or square, allowing them to stand in a different way than stand-up pouches. 

The seal is also different. The tops of the pouches are pushed together, folded, and glued. These pouches can be resealed again by folding. The two tabs at the top can be pushed over the folds to secure the pouches. 

Some gusseted pouches feature plastic circular valves allowing the scent to escape and preventing the air from entering the pouches. They are a good fit for your business if you produce packaging for food products like coffee. 

These pouches ensure that the customers can scent the products. They also keep the product fresh for a long time.

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Pillow pouches

pillow pouch packaging

Pillow pouches are the most affordable and straightforward pouches type available for packaging small servings of products like chips, crackers, or snacks. They come in sealable and non-sealable varieties. 

The pouches feature heat seals at the tops and a center seal with a flap that runs vertically at the back of the pouch. Many pillow pouches come with a die-cut oval shape on the top seal, allowing retailers to hang them on pegs.

Customers can open the top seal by pulling the vertical flap in opposite directions. Pillow pouches are suitable for your business if you want to produce affordable, proven, and well-recognized packaging.

What are the primary material options for pouch packaging, and how does the choice of material impact product packaging and preservation?

Pouches are typically produced from different materials such as plastic film, aluminum foil, paper, etc. It is forecasted that foil pouches are going to take the lead in the pouch packaging market. Retailers are determined to take care of the hygiene and safety of their products. 

As pouches are usually used for food and healthcare items, it is necessary to guarantee the safety of these products. Foil pouches prevent the growth of bacteria. 

Therefore, there is a high demand for them to mitigate the risk of contamination. Furthermore, they allow for more creativity, such as gold embossed designs. 

Paper pouch packaging is also gaining momentum in the global pouch market due to the consumers’ demand for sustainable packaging. Paper is 100% recyclable and has no environmental effects. 

Moreover, it is affordable for printing businesses to produce paper packaging because the materials are cheaper than plastics. 

For products that are heavy or prone to corrode due to outer elements, plastic pouches provide durability. Plastic is chemical resistant and is not prone to tearing.

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Diverse Industries That Make Use of Packaging Pouches

Top industries that are using pouches for their products include:

  • Food and beverage.
  • Personal care and cosmetics.
  • Pet food.
  • Chemicals.
  • Industrial products.
  • Auto parts manufacturers.

Reasons for increasing demand for pouch packaging

There are several reasons behind the increasing demand for a pouch packaging. Here they are:


Pouch packaging comes with various seals, from zips to tear-offs and closeable spouts. The sealability of pouches allows the convenience of use. The seal keeps the product secure and fresh, and customers can reseal the pouches for reuse.

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puches on shelf

Due to the pouches being lightweight and flexible, they take less space on shelves and are easy to carry and store. As they weigh less, they are affordable to transport and distribute.


The pouches offer a large surface area for design, product details, graphics, safety warnings, and eye-catching product branding. With the help of box packaging design software, customers can also create their own custom designs.

Wide range of materials

Pouch packaging offers a wide variety of materials to choose from. To protect food items, food-grade and non-reactive barrier films can be used. The exterior layer of pouches can be made from traditional plastics or laminated paper. 

Or specialty layers can be introduced to prevent them from moisture, contamination, and other outer elements.


Pouches use significantly less material for production. Eco-friendly options such as rice or laminated papers contribute to producing eco-friendly packaging.

How can PSPs use pouch packaging on their web to print stores and impress customers?

In today’s world, staying competitive by using innovative packaging options is the key to success for  Print Service Providers. Hence, they need to adopt some reasonable solutions to attract customers.

Adopt a sustainable packaging solution

More and more consumers prefer sustainable packaging. It contributes to the world’s waste reduction plans and is affordable to produce. Thankfully, the print industry was the first to implement eco-friendly print production. 

If the PSPs adopt this solution, they will have various sustainable options for producing pouch packaging. They can use paper, switch to soy or vegetable-based inks and invest in packaging box design software.

Invest in a Online Product Designer Tool

pouch packaging design tool

Personalization can attract more customers and increase the ROI of the print business. If the PSPs integrate a product designer with their packaging design software, they can provide customization offers to their customers. 

With different design options and a catalog of editable templates, customers can edit the pouch design, change fonts and colors, and add graphics. They can also upload their own designs for pouch packaging customization.

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How to upscale your packaging business by adding custom packaging pouches to your catalog?


For any business, it becomes essential to add new items to its product line to meet the growing demand of customers. However, it can raise various challenges, such as scaling products but maintaining brand consistency simultaneously. 

In such cases, if you add pouch packaging to your catalog, you can produce a wide range of sizes, from small sachets to bulk pouches. This will allow your product line to grow with your business. 

As pouch packaging is flexible, it can be customized in any size or material, balancing the need of your business and consumers.

How DesignNBuy Packaging Design Software Can Transform Your Print Packaging Business

Most print business owners think that providing personalized packaging will not be affordable for their business. But it’s a misconception. If you can use one platform for managing orders, payments, marketing, shipping, and custom design production, Design’N’Buy has the perfect web-to-print solution

It permits your customers to create their own designs and view products in 3D previews. Here’s how Design’N’Buy product packaging design software can help you achieve business growth:

Order personalized packaging

More and more consumers prefer sustainable packaging. It contributes to the world’s waste reduction plans and is affordable to produce. Thankfully, the print industry was the first to implement eco-friendly print production. 

If the PSPs adopt this solution, they will have various sustainable options for producing pouch packaging. They can use paper, switch to soy or vegetable-based inks and invest in packaging box design software.

Create mockups

Customers can use design tools such as a mockup generator to create designs, change shapes and download mockups of their designed pouches. Once satisfied with their models, customers can send them for print through a digital print-ready file.

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Live 3D preview

Customers can preview their packaging design in a live 360-degree rotating view. This will ensure that they are getting the exact product they are viewing.

Live pricing based on material, type, and design

The pouch packaging design software enables your customers to customize the product entirely. They will get live quotations based on the material used, quantity, design, type, and desired finish.

Ready 3D models are available and can make custom models as well

The packaging design software is easy to use and offers a comprehensive catalog of editable 3D models of packaging products. Customers can choose a model to further customize it according to their needs

Over to you to unlocking custom packaging pouches business potential

The flexible pouch packaging market is growing due to the increasing trend of adopting sustainable and lightweight packaging designs. 

Moreover, pouches can be produced in custom designs, sizes, and a wide variety of materials. Print businesses can leverage these benefits to increase their customer outreach, upscale business, and generate more revenue. 

Design’N’Buy helps print businesses to scale globally by providing a custom pouch packaging solution that understands consumer behavior and works according to their needs. It automates workflow, reduces production and labor costs, and offers unlimited personalization for consumers.

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