The Future of Packaging: Advancements and Opportunities in the Custom Packaging

The Future of Custom Packaging and Boxes

In 2022, the global custom packaging market was valued at $42.01 billion, and it is estimated to experience growth from $43.88 billion in 2023 to a projected $63.07 billion by 2030. Yes, we are talking about the custom box and packaging industry.

You see, packaging is an all-encompassing term for any technology and design that is dedicated to protecting and enclosing all sorts of products for shipping, storage, and sales. No wonder, packaging design software solutions make an essential business aspect to brick-and-mortar companies and eCommerce stores.

Choosing the best packaging design software will enable you to brand and market yourself in a specific light. A study by Dotcom distribution reveals that 68% of consumers believe that packaging makes a brand high-end. Consumers today look for well-packaged products and don’t mind spending money on them.

In 2023, the global e-commerce packaging market is currently valued at USD 69.3 billion and is expected to achieve a substantial increase to reach USD 111.9 billion by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.0% during the forecast period. This doesn’t come as a surprise. Amazon recently started #IAmazonStoryBoxes, featuring lakhs of sellers’ stories printed on the box in BNW., an India-based online poultry, seafood, and meat seller, has always stood out with its packaging. The eCommerce business uses the caricatures of its customers on the delivery boxes. And yes, Liscious. in has received rave reviews for its unique packaging initiatives.

The Future of Custom Packaging and Boxes: Trends to Look Out For

With packaging quickly making its way into the eCommerce sphere, Read this blog on the future of custom packaging and boxes that that are revolutionizing the packaging industry.

Flexible Packaging

According to the Flexible Packaging Association, the US accounts for $135 billion of the world’s packaging industry. No wonder the flexible packaging is slowly gaining popularity because it is easier to store, handle, and uses less material.

For instance, Tetra Pak recently launched a campaign for its ‘cube-packaging solution.’ The package’s dimensions allow the six boxes to form a cube, which in turn allow more space while shipping, and also fewer materials for manufacturing. Speak about storage optimization!

Personalized Packaging

As mentioned before, personalization has become a defining factor for high sales in many eCommerce businesses. Many popular brands such as Amazon and have dipped their toes in the customization pool to increase brand awareness and increase profits.

Other companies that have taken a step further and introduced personalized packaging for their products include Frito-Lay. The chips maker introduced the “Smile with Lay’s” campaign by putting real smiles of their consumers on the package.

However, the initiative is for a social cause. For every purchase of the packet of Lays. the company donated their earnings to an international charity organization called ‘Operation Smile.’ It is a non-profit organization that provides free surgeries for children with a cleft lip.

Digital Print Packaging

Digital printing has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Why do you ask? Because it allows eCommerce companies to indulge in custom printed packaging. Personalization is the need of the hour. That is what all customers want now. And with personalization and customization options such as typesetting lid, packagers can achieve that goal.

An LPC, Inc. study states that the label-making sector found digital presses to grow by 11.9% in 2017. The conventional presses, on the other hand, declined by 8.5%. That is a considerable number in its way, and can’t be ignored in 2024.

Recycled Packaging

While the packaging is a great way to personalize, what also concerns is that it finds its way into landfill waste. Recycled packaging is the solution to creating less waste, reusing recyclable materials, and reducing the use of harmful substances in packaging.

CanO UK, for example, a canned water company, has started using aluminum cans instead of plastic to encourage sustainable packaging and reduce environmental distress. That shows that technology has improved the packaging material industry.

Advancements in paper and plastic chemistry have allowed for easy recycling, making it more convenient than ever. And since recycling has become such a big of our sustainability movement, most consumers avoid purchasing anything whose package can’t be recycled.

Transparent Packaging 

Another upcoming trend in the packaging domain is transparent and clean labeling. The idea behind this type of packaging is to provide honesty and transparency about the product to the customers. That includes mentioning all the ingredients used to manufacture the product, along with its side effects.

A Mintel study reported that more than 50% of consumers in the US had shown an interest in scanning food packages with their mobile phones to find out what the item contains. However, with clean labeling, they will get access to all the information they need to know about the product from the package itself.

The right product packaging design software can help you be a part of the trend, and make sure you remain as honest as possible without wasting too much ink.

Minimalist Packaging

Consumers in the present generation do not like to be overloaded with information – although much emphasis on both textual and visual content. However, more often than not, eCommerce brands end up putting out too much information on the package, which overwhelms the buyer.

Minimalist packaging operates on the adage that ‘less is more’. More and more people are becoming appreciative of minimalist designs and labels. Besides, minimalist packaging also reduces the use of print, color, and other materials, which is good for the environment.

Vintage Packaging

A report by 99 Designs says that vintage designs give consumers a slice of the past, and evokes a personal emotion of nostalgia. It is true, we all love a good story, but what we love even more is a story behind something that we buy.

That is what vintage packaging is all about! The said packaging tells a story of culture, traditions, and values, making it an exciting piece of history to own. No wonder, eCommerce companies are turning to the vintage packaging trend to promote not only products but also reflect the yesteryear’s values.

Over to You

The eCommerce packaging industry has transformed exceptionally in the past year, and 2024 won’t be an exception either. Thanks to technology and an increased focus on sustainability, eCommerce businesses are implementing the web to print technology to cast a more extensive audience net.

Therefore, if choosing a W2P service provider is the first task on your 2024 to-do list, the wait is over. Just leave us a comment below or contact us at [email protected]. We will get back to you within one working day, and hook you to a custom packaging design software best suited to your business requirements.

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