Best Selling Print on Demand Products for Your Online Print Shop This Holiday Season

Best Selling Print on Demand Products

As the holiday season fast approaches, the gift-giving frenzy is set to hit a peak, and print companies need to step up and meet the extra demand with unique, useful offerings. This holiday season to be jolly after all!

The holiday shopping season stands as a crucial period for web to print storefront owners. Get creative and explore unique personalized products that can quickly sell out from your inventory! By implementing a well-thought-out strategy, you have the opportunity to grab the interest of online shoppers, effectively promote your top selling print on demand products, and significantly increase your earnings as you wrap up the year

At Design’N’Buy, it is always our endeavor to equip printing businesses like yours with the right technology. That is because you can then provide your customers with necessary templates resulting in desired print products.

The Most Trending Print on Demand Products to Sell This Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season presents a prime opportunity to boost your profits in the print-on-demand business. So, what are the most profitable print-on-demand products to highlight during the holiday shopping season? Here are some of the best pod products to sell to highlight during this festive season.

1. Photobook

Offer print-ready template designs for photo books

Even in the era of smartphone photos, people love the feeling of flipping through a physical book with all their favorite photos. Your customers are no exception.

Offer print-ready template designs for photo books around different themes, such as Christmas parties, NYE get-togethers, birthdays, and more.

Also, include size options for your customers to accommodate both large and small photo collections using the photo album design software.

2. Personalised merchandise

Any product becomes instantly more impressive if it features a photo with an unforgettable memory. Offer your customers the option to add their favorite pictures to pillowcases, mugs, tote bags, book sleeves, laptop cases, and any other product of their choice using the online designer tool. This is also an excellent option for corporate gifts.

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3. Vinyl banners

eye-catching banners

Small business stores (e.g., selling groceries) continue to rely on eye-catching banners that can be set up outside the retail space to attract customers. That is one target market that needs physical advertising materials to bump up their holiday sales.

Therefore, using your banner design software solution, you can offer high-quality vinyl banner designs that can withstand the elements and showcase the business’ branding most appealingly. Let them customize the banner designs however they like!

In addition, be sure to give them ample size options so that those with varying amounts of available space can have banners to pick from.

4. Flyers and posters

well-designed flyer

The quickest way to catch a passer-by’s attention is with a well-designed flyer. Using poster design software, provide templates and designs on your web to print storefronts for customers to choose from to promote their new businesses, upcoming concerts, charity drives, or other events. That way, you can also give them options to choose from when choosing the paper quality and texture.

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5. Greeting cards

Most holiday season gifts are incomplete without a friendly card addressing the recipient by name and wishing them well. Greeting cards also make for great add-ons to a shopping cart. So, encourage your customers to personalize and purchase greeting cards of their choice.

Using a greeting card software solution, not only can you offer some great festival designs but also provide different options, such as foldout cards, pop-up cards, or single-sided cards, and allow customers to fill in text and graphics as they like.

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6. Leggings

Leggings appeal to both fitness enthusiasts and loungewear lovers, so your potential customer base is enormous. Be sure to offer them in different styles so that each customer group has something unique to look at on your web-to-print storefront.

Both printed and monochrome options work well for leggings, and you can experiment with color palettes synonymous with Christmas. Everyone loves to indulge in festivals! So, ensure you create a favorable environment for that on your web to print storefront.

7. Wall art

Wall art

People are always looking for something to spruce up their home decor with, and wall art mounted in a sleek frame is a perennial favorite. It is the ideal way for a customer to express their individuality, be it with some memorable quotes or a caricature of themselves with their friends or family. This is the time to be jolly!

Besides the basics, make sure you throw in some wall art templates on your web-to-print storefront around the Christmas theme. In fact, the more options, the better it is!

8. Bags

There is a bag for every kind of customer out there, and you can quickly gain a lot of buyers by choosing the right style of bag to sell. Since bags tend to be more expensive than leggings or t-shirts, your print products should use high-quality materials.

If you offer premium Christmas or New Year designs, they might feel even more inclined to purchase from you. Plus, their use is perennial. Depending upon the size, they can be used for grocery shopping or a fun night out!

Therefore, make sure your web to print storefront provides ample options for your customers to personalize from. Let them make a statement with your products this holiday season!

9. Stickers

Stickers are the perfect product for upselling. They are cheap, versatile, and can be made in designs to match any other product on your website. An excellent way to sell them is by offering them as an add-on when the customer is checking out with a purchase.

By attracting their interest with a sticker now, you can even motivate them to make their sticker collection from your designs using the sticker design tool.

10. Phone cases

mobile cover design

Like stickers, phone cases are ideal for upselling. They tend to be cheap and perform a function that any customer can benefit from – protecting a smartphone from cracks and scratches. But they are also used as an accessory!

Offer durable cases in different sizes and match the designs to other products on your website to create a collection on your web to print storefront. Of course, keep lots of Christmas and New Year options to drive more sales.

This way, your customers who choose your phone case will be tempted to look at the other products in the collection, thus driving more sales for your printing business.

Best Selling Print On Demand Products For The Holidays And Maximize On Holiday Sales

While many industries are struggling right now, print on demand continues to grow year over year. Your online print shop’s s success this holiday season depends on your level of preparation and how many trending print on demand products you have in your catalog. Regardless of your online print store’s niche, offering these print on demand products can elevate your online presence. If your web to print storefront can offer templates for popular customizable products, that is nothing like it!

So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a product design tool for your website, head to for more or sign up for a personalized demo.

Last updated: 11th Sep, 2023.

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