5 No-Cost Ways to Increase Your Print Sales by Over 20%

A terrifying fact is that most print shops don’t make it past the 5-year mark. Well, don’t freak out there’s a solution to every problem and here too with some tactics, you can cross that 5-year dead-end towards a never-ending success.

For any business, continuous growth is necessary for survival. Also, there are ups and downs no matter what business it is and how one is running it whether online or offline. The problem arises when there is a frequent or same decline happening which determines the critical state of your business. The print sector is one such field where there is a great risk of fall if not kept a constant watch over it.

Unlike other sectors, the print industry is still underestimated while it is blooming due to the digital sweep of technologies which have taken it to a whole new level. Still, fearing the growth of it, many hesitate to get into the print business being skeptical about the future and the returns.

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Well, fluctuation in sales is natural in any business; hence we have curated some tricks that will help you increase your print sales by over 20% without any extra investment! Sounds interesting? Let’s get deep into it.

New Things in New Ways, or Same Old Things in Old Ways?

When it comes to sales, one of the common mistakes we all do is to keep on applying the same old sales techniques which now even our clients are aware of; which is why the prospects no longer react so well to the sales approach and gradually, we end up losing our sales game.

In sales, you got to take risks. Repeating the same sales tactics won’t bring you new ones. You need to up your sales strategy which is a detailed plan of best practices and processes to increase your sales. Now, you may think you would be required to invest more to spice up your sales well guess what? There are ways through which you can revive it with no-cost!

1. Inspect Your Sales Resource

Sales begin with you, therefore, check whether you are using your sales resources well or not? By resources we mean your sales and customer service team. Are they working up-to-the-mark? Who speaks to your customers most often? With whom are your customers most open? In fact, your customer service staff can make a great sales team if they interact well. Since they directly communicate with customers, the sales target can easily be achieved and maintained with their constant effort. Train them if necessary, discuss and share new ideas to encourage sales.

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2. Increase Sales Through Existing Customers

In the greed of new sales, we often forget our existing customers which causes a great downfall of sales. Always give priority to your existing customers. They are interested in you and are already acquiring your products or services which symbolizes their trust in you. Therefore, keep on doing great for them to enjoy continued sales.

Also, pay attention to the behavior of your existing customers. Keep an eye on their purchase behavior – what they like, where they are facing difficulty so that you can serve them accordingly. You can also enrich your relationship with them by personalising their service or recommending things as per their behaviour.

Also, try running regular sales and marketing promotions either monthly or quarterly basis in order to reward your prevailing customers. It will keep them engaged and they will also let others know about your promotions which means more sales.

Last but not least, always ask for feedback, as their opinion and reviews will help you improve and get ready for new sales.

3. Boost Sales with New Clients

Turning a prospect into a client is not easy, but you can achieve that transformation by:

  • Carrying a content audit. Check whether the content of your site is serving the purpose or not. If not, update it with informative content about your print product/services so that the new clients can get you well.
  • Creating packages, deals and bundles of your products or services for the ease of use for your customers. If one goes with another, combine it so your customers will feel like they are getting more for their money which will make them come back to you again
  • Marketing about your offerings. Shout out on social media, share blogs, let your prospective clients know about you and your products/services to connect with you better

4. Improve Sales Through Printing Software

Implementing web2print software onto your online print store will itself do all the major work of acquiring sales as they are power-packed with all the features one need for management, marketing, promotion, customer experience, etc.

Web-to-print is a time saver. It cuts the need for third-party marketing or design teams, as well as the responsibilities of the store owners which will give you more time to focus on your sales and improve them in the best possible way.

Web2print software is very user-friendly that even novice users will understand, plus, it also gives very much handy features like pre-made and editable templates, secure import/export and social media sharing options, flexible editing options, live pricing and previews, library with various clip arts and fonts, and much more which will keep users engaged as well as attract new ones, all ultimately resulting into a good score for your sales.

5. Other Methods to Spice Up your Sales

Don’t let go of your leads. Nurture them as there are chances of them turning into long-lasting clients. Follow-up or make use of e-mail marketing which is an effective way to catch hold of leads.

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Offer free demos and trails to help check themselves how your print solution works and how much it will benefit them. It will also give them a clear idea of about exactly how much time or money they could save from your offering.

Make use of Call to Action as much as possible. An effective CTA on a landing page, product description or homepage can cause conversions to a great extent.


We have provided you with the maximum no-cost ways through which you can enhance your sales, however, don’t try to implement all of them at once and create a mess. Check what works for you and keep changing your tactics.

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