10 Things to Consider When Developing Website for Screen and DTG T-shirt Printer

Developing a website for a print business? There are some points to be considered for your online print shop to run successfully.

T-shirt printing is trending high, and we already have different printing methods like Screen and DTG, which are making the digital printing method a hit. Printed t-shirts have become a universal love. Each one or other is flaunting t-shirts either with a creative or funny slogan or an image of their favorite movie, series, or cartoon character. The personalized way of printing has given the business of t-shirt printing a twist beyond expectation, which is why it tops the list of most preferred online businesses.

Now, the online t-shirt printing business is not as accessible it sounds. There are some techniques to be followed or practiced that makes it attractive enough for a newbie to take an interest in the t-shirt printing business and a user to buy them. Due to digitalization, the printing methods have evolved so much that today, t-shirt printing has become fast, easy, and more efficient.

Both screen printing and direct to garment (DTG) are methods of printing custom designs onto fabrics, and both technologies produce stunningly beautiful graphics, letters, and designs. But, when it comes to designing a website that offers both these T-shirt printing methods, the following are the points to be considered to make your online store more effective.

Points to Consider While Developing Website for DTG and Screen T-shirt Printer

1. Website Speed

Website speed is the first impression you ever make. Your customers, readers, and website visitors create an instant judgment about you and your business just by the speed of the website. Fast-loading websites are considered to be professional and reliable, while slow-loading ones are assumed to be unsafe, insecure, and untrustworthy. And since the digital print is a hot trend, your screen and DTG print website must be a roadrunner among others.

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2. Clean, SEO-Friendly Code

Incorporating SEO into a website has become a necessity which must be done in the designing and developing stages as it is what going to make you visible in the competitive market. It’s critical to have clean, SEO-friendly codes whether you’re developing new webpages or optimizing existing ones. For a business to become more profitable, it needs to be seen in search results whenever searches are carried out using particular keywords, which is based on the tendency of people to search according to what they are looking for, such as product or service.

Websites that do not appear on the first page of search engine results when people carry out searches can be regarded as non-existent among online users which is why you need to ensure that your site ranks highly for specific keywords so that search engines place your site higher than several others that are related to the same keywords.

3. Responsive Website

There is no limit for users in terms of devices they can access. Hence, it is important for any online print store to fit in any screen size and run on any browser, which only a responsive website can make it happen. Developing a responsive website capable of adapting to any device is the only one that can survive in today’s competitive market. Not only website but your design studio should also be responsive especially to mobile.

4. Online Design Tool for Personalization

designer tool

Everyone likes to have a personal touch to whatever products they are buying. Personally customized and printed products have become achievable only because of certain software that is specifically designed for them. For a business like a t-shirt printing, you must not even think about a website without a design tool for personalization in it as getting a personalized t-shirt printed is what people are enjoying and demanding nowadays.

5. Ready Template Options

Another essential feature that one must include in a t-shirt printing website is of ready-to-use templates option. Since not every user that visits the website is necessary to be a design expert or some may not have time to sit and customize their design, therefore, for those, simple readymade templates come to rescue. Providing a whole bunch of such templates category wise will make it easier for users to browse and get their t-shirt printed in no time.

6. Print Price Calculator

Don’t surprise a customer with a heft.  “Y” amount, in the end, is not an ideal thing to do. People like to know the cost of anything before ordering or deciding upon a product. By developing a print price calculator onto your website for Screen and DTG T-shirt Printer will allow customers to prepare themselves and plan about their purchase beforehand.

7. Faster Checkout

No one likes to wait, especially during checkout. A lengthy checkout process ultimately leads to cart abandonment. Studies show that customers even switch stores for faster checkout. A seamless checkout process means good conversions, more returns and higher sales. So, you know what to do.

8. Secure Payment Gateway

A secure instant and digital payment make the business smooth and faster as well as convenient for both ends, the customer and seller to send and receive payments without any headaches. The ability to process payment without a customer having to leave your website physically will not only give credibility to your store, but it will increase conversions as well.

9. Upload Design Option

In a t-shirt printing business, there is no limit or rules to the designs one can print. Either a customer can choose from the available readymade designs or can create their own but, what about the personal pictures? What if someone wants their image to be printed on it? Hence, an upload design option is a must. Make sure to develop an upload option in your online print website so that a customer can select an image from his/her device and get it printed on a t-shirt of choice.

10. Print – Ready output

Save your time and cost by getting print-ready outputs which you can easily get printed without any further hassle. It should support both DTG and Screen printing.  With the help of t-shirt designer solution you can download print-ready vector output files in RGB and CMYK with cut marks, and process orders easily – all under the same roof!

In a nutshell

Developing a website with all the necessities is not an easy task, but it is very much possible. All you need is a t-shirt design software and an efficient partner who can carry out the job professionally and precisely like Design’N’Buy. So, are you ready to provide customized t-shirts via a remarkably developed online store? Reach out to us now!

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