Online Brochure Designing and Print Service: A Growth Idea for Print Businesses

Digitization is here and with it, digital products and services are replacing the traditional products and way of doing things. Brochure designing and print service are among such which is revolutionizing and is becoming the easiest and desirable idea for print businesses today.

Brochure Designing and Printing

With businesses becoming competitive, the marketing game is on fire and people are finding new and intriguing ways to outshine among others. Though online marketing tools are stealing the show, printed material still remains one of the best ways to get the word out of your brand or company. Brochures, being an integral part of the traditional printed marketing collateral, is still in huge demand but with a twist.

There are a number of reasons why a well-designed brochure is one of the most effective and versatile marketing tools, used to inform customers of their services or products.

To list out a few:

  1. Brochures are very much pocket-friendly compared to advertisements in magazines and newspapers. Where an advertisement space costs a lot which usually businesses share to cut down the expenses, brochures, on the other hand, help you get noticed among the competition uniquely without causing any dent to your marketing budget.
  2. Brochures are easy to circulate and can be distributed in a variety of ways, attached to wide circulating material or directly at malls, events and supermarkets etc. to get the word across.
  3. They are proven to attract more attention than anything within a short period of time with captivating visual effects, loads of product-specific information, colours, designs, patterns and texts, than content such as email on a screen, simply because it’s tangible and can be read without stress to the eyes.
  4. Brochures focus entirely on the business and its offerings, thereby getting the undivided attention of all potential customers who browse through them and they can be referred anytime unlike advertisement which can be forgotten.

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Now let’s understand some of the current challenges of brochure designing and printing 

1. Size and margin accuracy & modification

Some ready-to-print brochure templates do not give users the freedom to modify the size and margins as one wants. They come with limitations which makes it difficult to design brochures uniquely.

2. Designing time

Certain graphic designers take quite a time to design brochure and then to get it printed, consumes even more time which is why some of them quit the idea of designing a brochure at all. Also, one has to be depended on the graphic designer to make even a small change in the design each time.

3. High cost

Some brochure designing companies or designers charge a lot than the market value and fearing such an expensive affair, many companies consider brochure designing as nothing but a waste of time.

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4. Brand consistency

Maintaining brand consistency in business is very much important to send out a uniform marketing message and keep a strong identity across all franchise partners. With a designer, you may have to provide both extra time and money to design your brochure that reflects your brand in line with your other marketing tools.

5. To and fro of communication

With a printer and designer hired separately, there is a good chance of a lot of to and fro communication to happen before you get the final product. Things can even go wrong due to miscommunication as well which you would not want at all.

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How to overcome the challenges?

One simple solution is available today which can easily overcome all the above and other challenges without any extra investment of time and money, and it is none other than brochure design software

The advanced brochure maker tool comes with various features that allow its users to configure brochures with different types of brochure folds and the sizes, for example, half-fold, tri-fold, z-fold, gate fold etc. with the live pricing calculator. It will not only give easy print ordering experience to your end-customers but will also allow them to choose from brochures with print-ready artwork upload or personalize any design template with easy-to-use online brochure maker software.

In short, from the texture of the paper to the finishing effects, a brochure can be designed, personalized, and printed as one wants with the help of online brochure maker tool.

Wrapping up

With such an easy and handy brochure design software in the market, a lot of entrepreneurs have been inspired to get started with an online brochure designing and printing service which is indeed easy and productive in today’s market.

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